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    Avenue for $35.99 at Kmart

    Here is the link:
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    Momentum 65 on sale for $159.99 @BRU (+ other seats on sale)

    BRU Sale Jul. 2-22, includes: -Momentum 65: $159.99 -Frontier 85: $229.99 -KeyFit30: $149.99 and other seats on sale (snugride 35, nautilus, myride...etc). It's the first time I have seen the Momentum 65 on sale though.
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    Free Jumbo Pack of Diapers with first order @

    Get a free jumbo pack of diapers with first order @ enter code: PTGJUN10 $49 minimum total order New customers only- some restrictions may apply- expires: 11/30/10
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    OnBoard 35 for $57.78!!!

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    This is what a cheap French seat looks like...

    This is what you get in France for about the same price as an Avenue: It's a convertible car seat for use from birth to about 4 and a half years old:{D12627F7-A3C4-42F6-AF58-44D508FA6403}#goToTab6 Isn't it much nicer than...
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    What's the story about new Safety First seats??

    A few posts have recently mentionned that Safety First is coming out with new seats soon...I guess maybe I missed a thread or something but I have no idea what they are talking about...What seats are coming out? and when? Thanks!:)
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    Radian question- Is this normal???

    So I received my radian today from It came in a box and inside the box is the radian wrapped in plastic (although top part of plastic is open, it's kind of a plastic pouch). The base is not in the plastic, maybe it came out of the plastic, I don't know- anyway- with the base, there...
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    So surprised: I love the Avenue!!!

    Well, I had an Avenue that I bought a while ago as a spare, I never got to use it until today and I thought that I would hate it (issues with harness...etc). Well, turns out I LOVE it!!! It is perfect!!! Fits perfectly in the middle seat of my car, super tight install, harness is easy to...
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    Do headwings really make a difference in side impact collisions?

    Hi, Trying to decide whether or not I should get the radian XTSL or just a regular radian (65SL or 80SL). Are there any studies that show that headwings provide more protection in side impact collisions? Any reasons why you think headwings make a difference? Thanks!
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    Help me choose between 2 options

    These are the 2 options for after baby outgrows the infant seat, please help me choose 1: Option 1: Get a radian as the main/everyday seat and an Avenue for travel (I find the radian way too heavy for travel); Option 2 Get the CCO and use it as a main seat and as a travel seat. When baby...
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    How long will the CCO last?

    So I am thinking I might want a CCO, but a little concerned that it might not last long enough to make the expense worth it...I am not sure...Will it last the typical kid until 3-4 years old? Thanks!
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    Question about side impact testing

    From what I understand, and correct me if I am wrong, there are no standards for side impact testing so when a car seat manufacturer says that its seats are side impact tested, it does not mean much because we don't know how they tested their seats and what the results were, and even if we knew...
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    Car Seat Advice from a baby store associate....

    So I was at the baby store the other day looking at car seats and this is what I witnessed: A customer is looking at convertible car seats. In walks the store associate. - Customer: "I need a car seat. Which one is the best car seat?" - Store Assoc: "Britax is THE BEST" - Customer pointing at...
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    Do you LOVE your radian?

    So I have been recommended a radian car seat. It does have a lot of great features such as really high height/weight limits RF, but I am thinking that maybe it isn't the right seat for me because the more posts I read on this forum, the more I find that although very nice in theory, the radian...
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    How much safer is RF tethering (v. no RF tethering)?

    Hi, I am trying to decide which convertible car seat to get and I am confused as to how important it is in terms of safety that I get a seat that allows RF tethering. People are telling me that they would never buy a RF seat that does not allow RF tethering but they do not really give me a good...

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