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    In Search Of SK Radian 65 cover

    Any color, its for a girl, but GN is fine. Doesnt have to be EUC, GUC is fine
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    Question Dodge Avenger and a Frontier

    Anyone try a Frontier 85 outboard in a newer Avenger? I am looking at a 2011, couldnt try my seat out because my 4 yr old was very done with car shopping. Didnt get to test drive it yet, but hope to in the next few days, if I can get rid of the awful bug I have before they sell it. The rear...
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    I ordered it

    My BJCE, from Wayfair, it should be here today!!!! I got a 2011 for $255, couldnt pass that up. Now to stalk the door for the FedEx guy. DH gave me "the look" but I told him we will be able to resell it next yr for at least $200, that made him smile
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    I want purple!!!

    But every purple stroller has a 45-50lb weight limit. Does anyone know can I get skins for the Baby Jogger City Elite? The closer it comes to buying day the less I want a black or red stroller and I definatly dont want sand.
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    Frontier in a Caliber

    I am starting my car shopping adventure (just starting to look and eliminate really, hope to buy before.July.) I found a 2008 Dodge Caliber and think I might like it. However, does anyone know how a Frontier would fit, I prefer outboard, in one? I didnt have the seat with me when i went...
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    2011 vs 2012 BJCE

    Are there any major differences between the 2011 & 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite? I think thats the one I have settled on, and both years are the same price on Amazon. I like the solid black better then the striped 2011 and was planning on buying a liner that I like. Why cant they have it in...
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    Question BJCM

    How does the BJCM do on uneven sidewalks? I found a good price online for a 2011 black and fushia one, $149, which is less then the Cybex Onyx I wanted. I have been doing more and more walking and am finding out just how bad the.sidewalks around here are. I cant afford a BOB and havent found...
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    Cybex Callisto

    Does anyone know how it folds? Flat vs umbrella? No one has them around me but I was going to call around and see if any of the BRU near my sister in MD have any Cybex strollers in purple potion and use the trade in, and I have rewards, to get it. If I can get a good deal on the Callisto I...
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    Wayfair has Baby Jogger City Elites on clearence for $200!
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    Rental help

    I rented a car for the weekend and got a Mazda CX-9 with leather seats. I just want to double check, of course the manual isnt in the car amd I am mobile and cant get the manual on my phone. What is the LATCH limit? I thought it was 40lbs but just want to double check. Is LATCH allowed...
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    Zooper twist?

    Has anyone tried one? I really want a Cybex Onyx, but someone is selling a Zooper Twist in Craigslist for $50. The pictures of it are immaculate, its beige and brown and I see no signs of wear aside from the little on the wheels. Its like a 40 min drive for me so I dont want to just go look...
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    Target has Frontiers for $202 in a few colors and $215 for other colors and free shipping
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    Cybex Stroller?

    Does anyone have a Cybex stroller? I saw the Onyx Black in purple potion. Im looking for something smaller then my Chicco Cortina, but with a higher weight limit. I was thinking Maclaren, but I love this purple potion!
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    Recaro question

    My DD is 2 1/2 years old, 41 inches tall, 42 lbs and a 14 inch torso. I need a second car seat for her and have been looking at the combo seats. Right now she is in a classic Marthon, which she loves, and it is the only seat I have that fits her. I don't own a car, I borrow my moms 2000 Ford...

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