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  1. Defrost

    '98 Chevy S-10 Blazer

    My bff and her boyfriend have a '98 Chevy S-10 Blazer that he is just about to get running. Their other vehicle is a bench-seat Ford Ranger with lap-only belt in the center. Together, they have 5 children, but only three are with them all the time. Boyfriend says the Blazer is a 4-seater. I...
  2. Defrost

    Selling a car

    School me on how to sell a giant piece of junk that runs really well. I know there are things I can do to increase the odds of getting what I'm asking, but I don't want to go overboard and put more into it than we're going to get back, yk? I cleaned it out, that's a start. What about having it...
  3. Defrost

    Small car suggestions

    Dh has decided to replace his car, the Golf I posted about earlier this week that needs a new transmission. Price range is around 10K. Fuel economy is important but 30mpg highway is acceptable. It must seat five, but we've only got one kid in a booster at this point and he VERY rarely drives...
  4. Defrost

    Cost to fix transmission?

    Dh's car is an '01 VW Golf TDI (diesel) and the automatic transmission needs fixed. Dh got the estimate today and the part alone is $2500. That's a low-mileage refurbished part, not even new. :eek: Does that sound right? I know that VWs tend to have high cost for repairs, but that just seems...
  5. Defrost

    Free Graco Snugride Covers, FFS

    I have two ugly rear-adjust Snugride covers, with the canopy fabric. Only ONE has the plastic inserts for the canopy, though. They're in fairly good shape and have been washed, but they're old so there's some fading and minor stains. They'd work best as back-up covers. The one on the right is...
  6. Defrost

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    I don't think it would be possible to get it too close in a hatchback because you've got the length of the vehicle seat between regardless of the angle. Nearly every SUV/minivan/hatchback I've seen has the factory-installed TA's straight down. :confused:
  7. Defrost

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    Okay, I'm getting confused by the "more than" and "less than" degrees, because the language is the opposite of "closer to" and "farther than," and "more than 45 degrees" is actually a lower number... Here's the instructions so everyone can see what we're talking about.. It specifically states...
  8. Defrost

    I've Just Had An Inspiration

    Okay, so one of the problems we see with misuse is parents just forgetting stuff, right? Like, they buy a carseat that has an infant insert, and it needs to be removed at ~whatever~ weight/height/age, but by the time that comes around, any parent who's not obsessed with carseats forgets. Or they...
  9. Defrost

    Tippy ProBooster

    I've finally experienced the tippy ProBooster problem. It was empty, in the 3rd row of my Mazda 5, and not buckled in. :whistle: I went around a corner too fast, and it fell right over. I was :ROTFLMAO: thinking "I've figured out the problem! You guys just need to slow down on those turns!"...
  10. Defrost

    Lovely little monsters

    I saw two today! One I got to take home, the other unfortunately I had to let the parents leave with because I didn't have a replacement for it. I'm meeting her on Tuesday to trade out, though. :D So, the one I brought home is a Cosco Designer 22, circa 2001. I'm pretty sure it's been...
  11. Defrost

    Diesel engine won't start in the cold

    Anyone have any suggestions? Dh's car ('01 VW Golf TDI) hasn't been starting lately. It's been below freezing here for... I dunno, at least a month. When he's home, the car goes in the garage, which is unattached and unheated. He can get it to start by putting a space heater under it...
  12. Defrost

    Free FFS: Husky/Regent recline bar & foam

    Anyone interested? Recline bar for Husky or Regent, comfort foam, and EPS foam. You must pay shipping; Paypal's fine. I can deliver to the Boise, ID area for free. ;) I've actually got the entire seat, expires in April - no cover. Costs about $100 to ship the whole thing, though, but I'm...
  13. Defrost

    My very brief ProBooster review (with pics)

    So, I'm officially in LOVE with the ProBooster. It fits beautifully in my 3rd row - better than the Start, even. It's also taller than the Start, has anyone else noticed? Not by a whole lot, but Fighter's about to outgrow the Start by height, but he's still got about an inch in the...
  14. Defrost

    I High-Centered My Car Yesterday

    :doh: :doh: :doh: It was a long, tiring, stressful day. I won't go into the details of how I did it, because it was just stupidity. There was a curb, a really wide one, and my poor car ended up straddling it. The two young men in the car behind me, and my dh, helped me push it back off the...
  15. Defrost

    Saw a Nania today

    Aren't they expired? I've never seen one IRL, and this was in our local WM parking lot. It was weird!
  16. Defrost

    Short LATCH strap on Evenflo infant seat?

    I had a private check last week and the LATCH strap on the base was really, really short. Fortunately we weren't doing a LATCH install (no LATCH in the vehicle) but I told the mom she should call Evenflo about it. I couldn't even store the strap properly & mom decided to remove it. (I know, I...
  17. Defrost

    FS: Hand-Embroidered Husky Cover

    Macha's getting a ProBooster sometime in the next two weeks. (Her Husky expires in Feb.) Some of you may remember that I hand-embroidered her denim cover to make it more "girly" for her, so it's up for grabs once the new booster comes in. Comes with the cover & belly pad, plus black shoulder...
  18. Defrost

    Free FFS: Asthma Inhaler Spacers

    Still have one up for grabs! I have two of these; they are used with asthma rescue inhalers (typically recommended for children using inhalers.) They look exactly the ones in this picture: They were used very briefly (about a month) last...
  19. Defrost

    Apparently I don't have enough boosters

    ARGH! My dad just came by to pick up the kids. He didn't have the booster seat for my youngest (9 but very small for her age.) They have two, but he'd left them both in the garage. He tried to talk me into letting her go without "just for the ride to our house, it's only five minutes, I'll...
  20. Defrost

    Free FFS: Anyone interested in a Husky w/denim cover?

    Still available; shipping issue - see post 17. This isn't my Husky, it's my friend's. Her son is riding in a booster now and no longer needs the Husky. She was going to just throw it away but it's still got some life in it so I offered to take it and see if there was any interest in it first...

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