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  1. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Double strollers that are compatible with the B-Safe?

    I need a double stroller that is compatible with the Britax B-Safe infant seat. Is the Phil and Ted Sport compatible? What about the BJCM?
  2. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Pics of my 5.5 year old RFing in a Peg

    She is 5 1/2 years, weighs 39.5lbs, stands 43.3" tall with a 15.5" torso. Unistalled. She has lots of room in her shoulder and hip area as well as a decent amount of leg support. Holy leg room, Batman! On the second from the highest harness slot, with about an inch and a half til the...
  3. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Peg convertible highest harness slot for RFing?

    I have flipped through the poorly written manual multiple times and I don't see where it disallows the use of the highest harness setting for RFing. Anyone know what section or page it states this?
  4. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Any word on exactly when the Foonf is coming out?

    I know they said Summer, but I wanted to know if there was a more exact date.
  5. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Any good Maestro deals?

    I'm looking for a smokin deal on a new Maestro. If you know of anything, can you please let me know? Thanks!
  6. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Which stroller(s) would you buy

    to use with your Chicco Keyfit infant seat? I asked in another thread which strollers were compatible, but now I'm wondering which ones you would prefer. I'm asking for my friend who would like a jogging stroller as well as an everyday, run a errand stroller. She was thinking about a snap n...
  7. JerseyGirl'sMama

    What strollers go with Keyfit?

    I need to know which daily use and jogging strollers work with the Keyfit. Does anyone have a list or a link?
  8. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Link for used carseat pricing?

    Does anybody know the equation or have a link for figuring out how much to charge for a used CR?
  9. JerseyGirl'sMama

    To re-harness a 4 year old?

    I am helping a friend of a friend on FB. She has a 4 yr old, 44lb child who is in a TB. She is considering re-harnessing. We've discussed maturity (sitting in position) and belt fit, but what else would you discuss with her? Do you have a favorite video or link you'd send? She seems...
  10. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Weight restrictions on boosters with LATCH?

    Without reading all eight manuals, can anybody tell me if these boosters allow LATCH without weight restrictions? Clek Oobr Britax Parkway SGL SK/Diono Monterey Cybex X-Fix First Years Pathway Evenflo Secure Kid 300 Graco Nautilus (in booster mode) Britax Frontier (in booster mode)
  11. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Name those carseats

    Does anybody remember the sitcom 'Full House' from the nineties? I used to love that show. I just found this video on Youtube that has the opening theme song from all 8 episodes. The beginning of each one (except season 8) shows the family riding in a car across the Golden Gate Bridge. I see...
  12. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Which booster seats have LATCH?

    Is there a handy list or HBBs that are allowed to be secured with the lower anchors while the child is riding in them?
  13. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Requesting pics of RPS in booster mode

    Rep if you post pics of your kiddo in booster mode in the ProSPORT with stats. Thanks!
  14. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Ugh. Pria, Pria, Pria.

    I just got back from BRU where I found a Pria 70. I was hoping this seat would work out for us, but it didn't. There were a few things I really liked, but more that I didn't. :thumbsdown: DS is 26 months old and 29lbs. We have a 2007 Acura MDX. I loved the way DS fit in the seat. It was...
  15. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Who here has a Pria70?

    Are they out yet at stores to play with in person? And is there a tech discount available for it?
  16. JerseyGirl'sMama

    BRU BF ad

    Has the Nautilus for $99.
  17. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Can too tight be harmful?

    DD is 4.75 years old and rides harnessed in a ProSport. The last couple of weeks she has been driving me bonkers with her incessant 'it's not tight enough! I can move around!!' bit. She grabs the adjuster strap and wrenches on it while seated. She does it almost the entire ride. I've tried...
  18. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Quick Smart Seat Question

    Manual says seat is outgrown rear-facing when head is less than 1" above top of head support. I just want to make sure that means moveable head rest not the shell of the seat.
  19. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Summer Infant Prodigy - Mini Review

    I recently got a chance to play with the Summer Infant Prodigy at Babies 'R Us. I took measurements which can be found here. The first thing I noticed was the infant insert padding which is required for use under 11lbs. The lower insert is very thick and shallow. I've never seen anything...
  20. JerseyGirl'sMama

    Quick - at BRU playing with the Prodigy

    What do you want me to check out and take pictures of?

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