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    Ford Freestar, F-150 crash test ratings

    My husband e-mailed me this, and in turn I kindly pointed out the "Forrester" error in the second graf. WASHINGTON (AP) _ Ford Motor Co.'s new F-150 pickup and Freestar minivan earned top ratings in high-speed crash tests by the insurance industry, a big improvement for the redesigned pickup...
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    Snow-covered vehicle warning-type story
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    Need QUICK vehicle help!

    We need to replace our Villager immediately - as in the coming week. It's such a long, depressing story, but the Reader's Digest version is that we found out last week it needs major front end work and has electrical issues. Don't you just love it when you go in for an oil change and the sky...
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    Ford Focus C-MAX did pretty well overseas

    The URL won't work, for some reason, but this comes from Car Pages UK site: At a news conference in Athens, Greece, Euro-NCAP awarded the Ford Focus C-MAX its first-ever 4-star child protection rating. The Ford Focus C-MAX was also awarded a 4-star overall safety rating for occupant protection...
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    Bumper crash test story

    WASHINGTON (AP) _ Midsize sport utility vehicles fared poorly in bumper crash tests performed by the insurance industry, including several that needed more than $2,000 in repairs following 5 mph collisions. ¶ The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated nine vehicles in results released...
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    Slew of Britax Companion photos

    Finally - I know! My SIL and I couldn't get together until last weekend, and then we went from my in-laws' to Oklahoma for a few days. But we're home now and I can catch my breath before I have to start cooking later tonight. Anyway - here are some pics. Here's a frontal shot of the Companion...
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    Who wants one of these for Christmas?

    Interesting! ¶ MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ It's every motorist's fantasy to be able to make a red traffic light turn green without so much as easing off the accelerator. That naughty dream may now be coming true, with perilous implications. ¶ The very technology that has for years allowed fire...
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    If someone has a Husky and a tape measure

    Would you mind measuring for me? I would like to know the width, in inches, as it would sit between the seat belt anchor points. I gifted our Husky away to someone who needed it more and now I may be kicking myself! Neither of my younger children like to ride in the Laptop, which is now in the...
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    I would love to see pics of ...

    ... everyone's children. I hope it's okay for me (1) to ask this and (2) to ask it in this forum? :o) Since our own children are probably a huge reason why we're so passionate about child passenger safety, let's enjoy looking at everyone's reasons for driving/riding safely! Here are our three...
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    Anyone checked out the Ford Freestar in person?

    The reviews I'm reading seem to indicate that it's done what Honda, Toyota and Nissan have done with the fold-flat third row, front crumple zone, etc. and even improved upon some things, like the interior design, but that the gas mileage isn't good at all. I can't remember if there were other...
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    Anyone seen the Combi Avatar yet?

    It's hard to tell if they're shipping or still in back-order. Any word? Do we know yet where they'll be carried? The Combi web site has retailer links for strollers (to chains like BRU and USA Baby, among others) but I haven't seen anything on brick and mortar stores that will have the...
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    Interesting story on alt. airline child restraints Tamie - dashing off to tuck children into bed and sorry if this isn't the right forum for this post!
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    If you were buying based solely on safety

    for a family of five, what would your top three choices be (any category, any criteria ...) Point and click is much easier than typing right now, so I'm using my down-time to research our next vehicle. :) Tamie - 1-handed but feeling better
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    Retrofitting loop style tether anchors

    Can these type anchors be retrofitted? I'm trying to help someone with an install (Julie hooked us up, actually! :) ) and she drives a '97 Chevy Silverado extended cab pickup. The LATCH manual has info for the '01-'03 models and indicates they use these type TA's, but there is no previous info...
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    Useful life of integrated child seats

    Taking this question to the top here .... If a safety-conscious parent was considering a used Volvo wagon with an integrated child restraint, is there a useful life span for the built-in seat? Tamie
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    Increased rollover risk?

    I'm deferring to our much more highly researched physics and engineering professionals for this question from a parent: "Is there an increased rollover risk in an SUV when cargo is carried on the top luggage rack? Does it matter if a bulk carrier is used as opposed to smaller pieces distributed...
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    I don't quite "get" the Pontiac headrests

    I've been thinking about these Pontiac headrests for the past few days, after really looking at one in the loading line at my son's school. If the purpose of a head rest is to provide support for the back of the head in case of impact, how can an automaker design a headrest that looks like a...

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