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  1. _juune

    EuroNCAP now tests using Q6 and Q10 dummies

    Thought I'd share :o -- as of 2016 EuroNCAP uses dummies representing bigger/older children in their crash tests, up to now it was a Q1.5 and a Q3 [obviously in either a RF or a FF harnessed seat], now it's a Q6 in a HBB and a Q10 in a LBB. First test results have arrived; Toyota Prius and...
  2. _juune

    Would a Graco Connext work on a narrow-ish and very bucketed seat?

    What the title says. Would a Graco Connext work on a narrow-ish and very bucketed seat? I'm assuming that the USA Connext is the same as the one we are getting in Europe. It has appeared in online stores but nobody seems carry it locally at least for now, so can't try it. With bucketed I mean...
  3. _juune

    Which car seat standard does South Korea use?

    Which car seat standard does South Korea use? Just curious. I thought it was one of ECE R44 countries, but then I stumbled upon Joie's Korean page, and it has this seat with fexible isofix attachments. R44 I think only allows rigid isofix so it can't be a R44 seat? :confused: Of course I don't...
  4. _juune

    HBB for a Volvo S60 2004? [continued] [picture-heavy]

    Here's my previous post. In short the situation is like this: DD is 5. I have a MaxiCosi RodiFix, which seems to provide good lap belt fit but is not as supportive when DD falls asleep, she does stay upright but leans to one side away from the seatbelt leaving it far out on her shoulder, I think...
  5. _juune

    [A not so smart] question about boosters

    Seat belt buckle stalks in the car are short and rigid [Volvo S60]. For the rear centre seat, if a booster seat [I'm thinking mainly backless] is wider than the distance between the buckles that means the booster is not suitable for the position, right? :o It would not be ok to place the booster...
  6. _juune

    HBB for a Volvo S60 2004?

    I know it's a long shot but still -- I have a year 2004 Volvo S60, I do think they are not that different in Europe [where I am] and in the USA -- and I'm looking for a HBB. Of those HBBs that have "clones" both in the USA and Europe, what seats work well with forward leaning non-removable...
  7. _juune

    Just for fun -- new Euro RF seat

    Just for fun. There's this new RF-only seat coming to Europe. What's interesting is that it has no plastic shell, instead it's a metal frame holding a foam seat. I like most of the features, like the high weight limit but still installable with isofix because the seat itself is very lightweight...
  8. _juune

    Identify a seat?

    A used Britax Boulevard (?) listing popped up in my local "craiglist" type portal. The thing is, I'm in [Eastern] Europe :D Can anyone tell how old that seat might be, and what are the RF/FF limits [height/weight/cm from the top rules]? I'm well aware of the "beware used seats"; if the price...
  9. _juune

    Shoulder belt fit question

    I have here read many times that shoulder belt close to the neck is a comfort issue only and not dangerous [I'm talking both booster riders and adult passengers]. Is there any linkable resource about this? I have an acquaintance who is concerned that a shoulder belt positioned close to the neck...
  10. _juune

    Axkid Kidzofix isofix failure

    I don't think it has been posted here so I'll share what's on Axkid's facebook page: "Due to the bad results in ADAC test today we want to clarify which Isofix connectors that has this problems and how you identify them. You will also find a number on the back of the seat. If that number is...
  11. _juune

    "Side impact rotation" feature on a booster seat

    I have this iziUp fix booster seat sitting in my cupboard for when DD is bigger and older [DD's 3.5 years now]. The seat was given to me for free [it's brand new], therefore it's kinda "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" situation. It's a very, very nice seat comfort and feel-wise. The thing...
  12. _juune

    Question Inglesina Marco Polo car seat

    Do you have the isofix iziCombi, or the belted one? If it's the isofix one, read here under the "How can the seat angle be adjusted if the car seat is too steep?" and "My child’s head rolls forward when it is sleeping. How do I solve this problem?". The basic idea is to to push the child seat...
  13. _juune

    How to convince mom not to put 11 month old in a weird booster seat?

    I'm in Europe. This mom on the message board has this Chicco 3max seat from her older child [can't find a decent link in English]. She writes the seat is 8 years old. Aaaand the seat is certified for use with seat belt as a booster from 9 kg(!). No word in the manual about for how many years...
  14. _juune

    Kind&Jugend 2012 pics?

    Now this is kinda silly :D There's the big Euro baby stuff fair called Kind&Jugend going on right now in Germany and I was wondering if somebody knows of good coverage, photo gallery or the like. Because new car-seats are bound to be there. And I'm curious about them :p Google hasn't yielded...
  15. _juune

    Car seat misuse (loose harness)

    I tried to search but to no avail -- does anybody know of some visual material [like pics or crash-test-like or rendered video] of what could happen if harness is too loose on child? I remember pics on winter coat thread, but that's not really what I wanted. Thanks!
  16. _juune

    Question Car seats and seat belts extenders

    I'm aware that seat belt extenders are not allowed to be used with car seats; quick google search turns that up easily. I can imagine several problems, like not fitting physically, buckle crunch, not being tested like that, etc. The question is -- how do I explain/argument to somebody why can't...

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