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  1. TXDani

    For Sale Canon T1i with 3 lenses, SD card and more!

    ****SOLD**** Like new Canon T1i bundle with lots of extras! T1i body EF-S 18-55mm lens EF-S 55-250mm lens EF 50mm lens 1:1.8 4GB SD card Battery and charger Strap All manuals and cords I will also throw in a copy of Understanding Exposure for free! I am not sure how to price this yet so if...
  2. TXDani

    Diono/Radian in Range Rover?

    ETA: Or a Foonf! Forgot that's pretty narrow which is what I need. Has anyone ever installed a Diono or Radian in a current generation Range Rover? I think they are pretty much all the same backseat wise back to 2002? Forward or rear facing either way. Thanks!
  3. TXDani

    In Search Of Baby Jogger City Mini

    I am looking for a black Baby Jogger City Mini. I can get one brand new for $249 so used I am thinking up to about $150 depending on year/condition...anything more than that and I would rather buy new. :)
  4. TXDani

    4 passanger backseats

    My husband is shopping for a new truck and it made me think of something since they have such wide backseats. Why don't any cars have 4 seat-belts across the back? Like in the truck he is getting (Ford F350) the backseat is certainly wide enough. Are there regulations that keep manufacturers...
  5. TXDani

    Anyone ever had Recaro replace a cover?

    My ProRide cover is such a mess...there are big spots of missing black velvety parts of the cover all over it. If Brecken eats a cracker and drops tears off a big piece of the cover. I swear if I look at it wrong it flakes off. It is rediculous how easily this cover loses its top...
  6. TXDani

    In Search Of Ju Ju Be Be Set Cobalt Blossoms

    Does anyone have a Be Set that they are looking to sell in Colbalt Blossoms? :)
  7. TXDani

    For Sale or Trade Bugaboo Cameleon

    I am sure this is a long shot but I really don't want to go the E-Bay route with this so I figured I would toss it on here before listing there. I have a 2011 Bugaboo Cameleon Special Edition-All Black LINK that is in like new condition. I paid $1095 for it in Feb/March 2011 and it took me a...
  8. TXDani

    Need seat suggestions for nephew

    My sister is going back to work next week and my mom will be watching her son one day a week. He is 3.5 and about 40lbs...average height but I can have her measure. So she needs a ff seat for my moms car. The easier to install the better because my mom will probably have to remove the seat now...
  9. TXDani

    Help me find a great everyday stroller

    I need a new "everyday" stroller to keep in the back of my car. It is for my "baby" who is turning 1 next month. :( I have a MB Urban and a Bugaboo Cameleon that I can toss in my car when I have plans and know what will fit best with our plans. But I no longer what to keep a big stroller in...
  10. TXDani

    Ok I finally have a reason to hate my Peg Perego!

    Someone please tell me what the he!l PP was thinking when they made this base for the Primo Viaggio! I have never ran into this problem before in the 7 months I have used this seat, but when I dealt with it today, I can't figure out how it made it to the market like this. I went to install the...
  11. TXDani

    Recaro ProBooster vs. Vivo

    I am currently turning my black car into a blacked out Recaro dream machine.:love: I have a midnight ProSport for my 4 year old. A midnight ProRide arriving tomorrow for my baby. And now just for the sake of everything matching I want to get my 6 year old a Recaro in midnight also. So the...
  12. TXDani

    Coccoro in a Yukon/Suburban/Tahoe?

    Has anyone ever installed a Coccoro in the captains seats in a Yukon/Suburban/Tahoe? Or in the third row of any of these vehicles? We are leaving in two weeks for a trip driving from Tx to Or and I want to get a Coccoro before we leave but I don't want to waste my time if it doesn't install...
  13. TXDani

    Which seat for a 40lb, 4 year old?

    I am buying my 4.5 year old a new HWH seat in the next couple of days. We have had a Frontier and like the seat just fine but I am thinking of trying something new. So I have it down to the Frontier 85 or a Recaro ProSport. He is tall but all his height is in his legs. And just hit 40lbs a...
  14. TXDani

    Hannah Andersson at Costco

    I am IN LOVE with the Hannah Andersson jammies my Costco has. They are only $11 or $16 a pair...can't remember exactly If they are your thing it is a great deal since they are $25 online. They are the Organic cotton Night Night baby sleepers.
  15. TXDani

    For Sale Diaper bags- Skip Hop and Kate Spade

    I was cleaning out the closet and came across these two bags. I am charging my camera battery and will have pictures up as soon as it has some juice in it. (I need money in PayPal so don't hesitate to make me an offer:D) Kate Spade black nylon drawstring top diaper bag in EUC. I only used...
  16. TXDani

    For Sale Zebra MA cover set

    SOLD!! Two issues on the seat are these worn spots...about the size of or smaller than a pencil eraser. They are located near where the childs knees are.
  17. TXDani

    Anyone want a 30% off Gap coupon?

    I have an online or in store coupon to the Gap for 30% off that is good through tomorrow Jan 26th. Let me know if you want it as I won't be using it.
  18. TXDani

    Would you go no-back for this 6 yo?

    Typically I am fine at looking at the data and making decisions for my children that I am confident in...but in this case I need help.:o My son is 6...he weighs around 65lbs and is 49" tall. He has been in a HBB for about a year on a daily basis and does a fine job of sitting how he is...
  19. TXDani

    Does Graco Zarafa work for a boy?

    I am looking at a pack n play in Zarafa and the price is cheap and it looks so cute. I know it is orange and brown...but can't tell if it is girly. Anyone seen this in real life and think it would work for a boy? We use the PnP until well into 3 years old for travelling so I don't want...
  20. TXDani

    Silly booster question

    When this baby arrives I am going to have to move my 6 year old son to the third row of my Yukon XL. He is in a booster (Compass B5-something or other) and loves it because it is camouflage. But in the third row 65% of the time when he buckles he accidentally locks the seatbelt and then has to...

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