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    Freak car seat failure

    I was in a very low-speed (parking lot) crash ~2 weeks ago (not my fault, yay!). I had Charlie in a Recaro Start and Sammy in a Graco Nautilus with the old buckle. I'm so depressed to lose my old buckle, I'll never buy another graco seat until they fix their buckle. Alas. The belts didn't even...
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    Radian XTSL

    Tan, 2009 something or other DOM. Local trade only (I'm in CT). I don't really even care what I trade it for, I just want it gone. Open to almost anything, car seat or not.
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    My FR85 has a new home

    The third row of my Mazda 5. Fits like a dream, gives him PLENTY of legroom (actually even more than his Monarch) and installed relatively easily. I LOVE it back there. The belt comes out in front of it, so the LBP doesn't hold it back like it might otherwise, but it is SOLID and fits better...
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    Shuffle with me

    Charlie- 6y3m, ~52 pounds, booster or harness Sammy- 2y11m, ~37 pounds, ff Seats- Oobr, TB, monarch, true fit, gn, fr85, signo g2, mr65, xtsl Cars- 2010 Mazda cx9 (main), 2010 Mazda 5, 2007 Subaru outback, 2001 Nissan altima 4d (tt, no la) Charlie can be in any booster, the gn, the fr85...
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    Two seats for small car with poor crash ratings

    Car- 2001 Nissan Altima, 4 door. 3 tethers, no anchors. Kids- 2y11m 37 pounds/ 39 inches 6y3m 52 pounds/ 44 inches Older child can safely ride in a booster if necessary. Money is no object. Occasional in town use only.
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    Booster for Subaru Outback

    I want to move Charlie into a booster in our third vehicle. He'll remain harnessed in a GN and FR85 in the other vehicles. I've put him in a HB TB in that car and the fit is perfect, but it's a complete pain to buckle. I need something EASY to buckle in that vehicle. I can buy another harness...
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    Check out this belt fit!

    Holy carp, batman! 6 years, 50ish pounds, backless turbo. It fits him better than the HB does. This is third row, Mazda 5. He's going to be using this back there occasionally.
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    Turning for good, today

    2y10m, 36 pounds. I'm turning him around. Not because he's outgrown it, not because it's too hard, not because I'm bored. But he WON'T STOP UNBUCKLING. We can't stop him, because we can't SEE it. And he's still too young to really reason with. He doesn't do it (or, well, he hasn't yet done it)...
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    2y3m. I wanted to make it to may, but February it is. He's 34 pounds, and I've grown to hate the ma with him. If there were a higher weight convertible out there that I liked FF, I'd give it a go. But since he is going to be FF by June anyway, I'm not doing it. I might be able to trade my MA...
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    OnSide Air at TRU for $60 and free shipping

    You could, realistically, get two for under $100 if you order today and use PP as your payment. I'm tempted to, just so I can say I did it!
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    Are there any convertibles that you think of as exclusively RF or FF?

    Like, you know they *can* go the other way, but you really don't think they should or you wouldn't use them that way? For me, the Radian is basically a FF only seat, due both to the extreme recline RF and the install difficulties and how much room it takes up RF. Also, the Coccoro, while cute as...
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    Do you think this seat is outgrown?

    I can't tell. Sam rode in Charlie's seat ONCE, at a campsite last week (and eek, I didn't have to move the straps at all). Now he wants in Charlie's seat all the time. Charlie thought he could use logic with a toddler by showing him that he can't sit there, because Charlie won't fit in...
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    I'm buying a booster tomorrow

    I'm actually going to do it. :eek: I've decided, for now, to get him a TB. I feel weird about it, because it's such a bargain basement seat, but I think it's the best choice. I keep thinking "but I can afford to spend more than $40 on a seat! Buy buy buy!" But the PWSG didn't do a good job on...
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    Sambone has his own MR now

    AJ scored one for $49 on BF, so I put it in her van tonight. Sam likes it very much in the house, hopefully that moves to the car. He didn't want to get into it earlier, until I said it had a cupholder, then he high tailed it to drop his toys into it. He can buckle himself in it, which he...
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    Booster or laptop?

    Child is 5 years old, 48 pounds, 43 inches. Main use for this seat would be the front seat of a 2008 Ford F-150. Captain's chairs, airbag off. I don't own a booster, can get basically anything (but the PWSG doesn't fit him well). The only thing I don't like about the laptop is that it doesn't...
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    New convertible, or stick it out until FF?

    Sam is currently in a signo G2 and a MA. He's got pretty much no legroom in the Signo, but he's fine in the MA. He's only got ~6 months of RF left, so I'd really rather not buy another convertible. I can move the signo to my car and give him a bit more room (my seats recline more) or buy him...
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    Removing center armrest

    Can anyone see any potential safety implications in this scenario? And not just a "it hasn't been tested" excuse. My friend bought a TF for her car (98 accord), and knew beforehand how difficult it would be to access the harness adjuster. Well, it's HARD. And while SHE can do it, and will, her...
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    Good (enough) car seat usage on Discovery Health

    On "my kid is smarter than me." 8 year old girl in a GN harnessed. In the center, straps above her shoulders and tight enough. Chest clip is either extremely low or removed, I'm thinking removed. Other than that, though, it's great! Best I've seen on a Discovery channel show.
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    Rear facing

    You're doin' it wrong
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    RF convertible for 2 door Altima

    Ridiculous backseat. Car is 2008 with deep buckets and leather seats. Installs of anything are difficult. Driver is a very big guy. I could probably fit a variety of seats, but they have to be able to get her IN the seat. Anything with deep sides is out. A radian would be the easiest to load...

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