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  1. Victorious4

    Question Narrowest AND easiest to buckle backless booster

    40+ lbs 5 yr old weekend daycare kid with excellent impulse control needs to ride to/from my house center of 3rd row in 2012 Odyssey between 3 yr old in Britax Frontier Clicktight and 1 yr old RF Graco Contender (also daycare kids; my own children are using the 2nd row) Budget is ideally $25...
  2. Victorious4

    Beginning our preowned minivan search

    Our options obviously depend on what's available within a certain mile radius but I'm curious to receive feedback regarding YES WAY or NO WAY NO HOW opinions in terms of the real life practicality for ease of fitting/using 5 safety seats for various kids ranging in age from 0-6+ (the only...
  3. Victorious4

    Question Choosing stroller for all terrain jogging

    In my early postpartum days we will start off slow and easy strolling along a flat, paved waterfront trail... But when I say ALL TERRAIN that's exactly what I mean. . . I need a comfy, affordable, lightweight stroller that will be durable long term for jogging off trail through our backyard...
  4. Victorious4

    Question Insights for child care

    I currently babysit kids ages 6 months to 4 yrs. We are soon trading in our '09 Subaru Forester for maybe a '13 Toyota Sienna (also looking at preowned Honda Odysseys) and the work/school schedule changes of my daycare families are such that I will need to transport 2-3 of these kids in my...
  5. Victorious4

    Question 40# RF spare seat?

    I really hate searching with my phone & trying to compare results against eachother on it is just superdiduperly frustrating :eek: so ... please help me figure out which convertible will keep the babysaurus safest in alternate vehicles? Affordability is a huge factor, lightweight & ease of...
  6. Victorious4

    Radian + Oobr *or* Radian vs. TFP vs. TA65?

    How easily does the XTSL fit next to the Clek Oobr? between Oobr & backless Turbo? specifically, in '06 Ford Taurus? Hoping big sis will be able to buckle herself outboard with baby in the center.... Otherwise, curious about Truefit Premier or Evenflo Triumph Advance 65 (perhaps with Ride Safer...
  7. Victorious4

    Considering convertibles....

    I'm starting to consider convertibles for daddysaurus' 2008 Silverado as well :question: he, of course, loves the idea of getting a Recaro but I don't see the ProRide (?) @ . . . can anyone tell me how harness height compares on all...
  8. Victorious4

    Question Long torso'd newborn in Keyfit30

    Babysaurus is only 5 days old (8 lbs 9 oz, 21.5" at birth) & the shoulder straps easily slip off ... this seems to be happening because we're using the first slots which appear to be well below his armpits? I haven't fit a real live newborn in a seat for almost a decade, since before I...
  9. Victorious4

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    Good question. I have no idea what the standard bolt looks like under the aesthetic covering of most vehicles, but the 86Y we had included a tether kit that was rated to higher weight limit than is standard in most vehicles. The dealership installed it for me after Ford sent them approval...
  10. Victorious4

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    It's common in trucks since straight down is kinda all there is. This was deemed acceptable by both manufacturers for using our 86Y in a F250 about 6 yrs ago. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org ~ please disregard typos!
  11. Victorious4

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    :2thumbsup: :yeahthat::question: Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org ~ please disregard typos!
  12. Victorious4

    Question Keyfit and/or Coccoro in Silverado, plus Radian in Taurus

    We're hoping to buy a 2008 Chevy Silverado (extended cab) & I hear the Coccoro might fit RF in the rear? It isn't available anywhere locally that I can find to try out when we get to test driving trucks, so hopefully someone here has tried it? Also, until we can afford a Coccoro, will the...
  13. Victorious4

    Did you revert your kid back to RF after riding FF?

    I'd love to hear your story! How old did you turn FF? Why? How old did you switch back to RF? Why? How did your kid behave RF the first time? How did behavior change FF? Behavior change after RF again? What did you do about these behaviors? Please feel free to add any other details...
  14. Victorious4

    Question '08 Chevy Silverado centet seatbelt?

    Is it still a lap-only belt? (regular cab, no backseat) Does the passenger side airbag disable? Curious because the daddysaurus is looking to buy a work truck, but might have both kids once in a while & babysaurus can't go RF center.
  15. Victorious4

    Question Stroller comparison help

    It appears that both the Kolcraft Universal 2 & Baby Trend Snap-n-Go fit the Chicco Keyfit? The Kolcraft seems to be rated slightly higher, but costs a bit less so I'm leaning that way. Is there any big reason I might prefer the Snap-n-Go instead? :confused: We will most likely carry baby for...
  16. Victorious4

    Question Deals on Chicco Keyfit or Graco Snugride 35

    especially the travel systems? Yay for wealthy older relatives! Babysaurus' great-grandparents offered to buy whichever carseat/travel system I want :D
  17. Victorious4

    Question Oobr vs. Monterey

    I've used the search feature, but my phone internet just isn't that cooperative. DD still had growing room in her Monterey but had an incredibly nasty pukage experience in it :sick: I just could not get the smell out & since I'm one of those pregnant ladies who has "morning" sickness my entire...
  18. Victorious4

    Can I get the skinny on infant seats?

    Anyone willing to oblige with some info on the differences between Graco Snugride 32 vs. SafeSeat Step 1? :thanx!: I'm pretty sure I'm choosing between these seats, but I'm open to other infant-only ideas that are easy on the budget & easy to use, can also be installed baseless.... I've got a...
  19. Victorious4

    In Search Of dire need of Lg. IMMI petbuckle *OR* cargo/doggy barrier or for Volvo V70 (very low income household)

    Not much more to say. 2 single mom families living below the poverty limit while in college. They have large breed dogs for protection (both have abusive exes). These single moms share this station wagon. Their large breed puppies need to visit the free dog park to behave properly at home...
  20. Victorious4

    Question Spare booster for tall kid with anxiety/sensory issues

    For use in Mercury Milan (DOM unknown) with 2 other kids, one in a booster (not sure which brand or model). Here's what we need: -- back is difficult to detach -- headrest adjusts quite tall very easily -- easy to use with locking shoulder belt retractor engaged Here's what we want: --...

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