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  1. Holly

    I found a way to get a new Graco Connext booster!

    I ended up buying a Connext booster sort of by accident when they were on clearance when they were discontinued. At the time, I was driving a neighbor boy to school with my kids and I made him use a booster but he would never buckle it in when he got out, so with the Connext on clearance, it...
  2. Holly

    In Search Of Harmony Cruz, Olympian, or Graco Connext

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a Harmony Cruz, Olympian, or Graco Connext booster. Shipping would be to 84015. Thanks!
  3. Holly

    Planetbox newly designed website and new BAGS!

    I had asked Planetbox earlier in the summer if they would be coming out with any new products before school starts because if so, I'd wait to order my son's lunch box until closer to school starting. They said there were some exciting things going on behind the scenes so to stay tuned. I...
  4. Holly

    Children's Place clearance!

    Right now on the Children's Place website they have a lot of clearance stuff that is an additional 40% off once you add it to your cart. Then you can get another 25% off with the code 25DEAL8 and free shipping through the 14th (Tuesday). There are some great deals! I got some boys jeans for...
  5. Holly

    Target toy clearance summer 2015!

    It's that time of year again, 70% off toys! Judging by the pattern of the last few years, I estimate that 70% off day will be July 23rd. My two local stores have some things at 30% off and some are at 50%. There are a ton of great deals this year. Electronic zoomer dogs (the big ones that are...
  6. Holly

    For Sale Cloth diapers and wet bags

    I just have some extra stuff to get rid of. I have bought too much and can't keep it all. First I have 4 Thirsties One size pocket diapers. Bought used about a month ago and used twice. I'd describe them in VGUC. No stains or smells and the elastic, snaps, and pul are great! The fleece inners...
  7. Holly

    In Search Of Radian strap covers and/or belly pad in Coastal blue or Granite

    This is a long shot, but I'm looking for strap covers and/or a belly pad for the radian in either Coastal blue or granite. I just got a Coastal blue cover that doesn't have strap covers or a belly pad. I'd love to buy some that will match!
  8. Holly

    Which seats are as narrow as a radian?

    Or almost as narrow? I have a friend who needs to fit a harnessed seat between two boosters. She estimates she has about 18 inches to work with. Something cheaper than a radian would be the best. I thought of the Sure Ride, it's supposed to be 18.5 inches wide. Or the Harmony Defender. When are...
  9. Holly

    Anyone heard of the InTrust 35 infant seat by Bright Starts?

    I was looking up something else on the Bright Starts website and came across this car seat coming soon. It looks pretty cool. As far as I know, Bright Starts (KidsII brand) hasn't made car seats before. I wonder if they will start making convertibles and boosters too...
  10. Holly

    Target toy clearance July 2014!

    The toy clearance is coming up! Some things are 30% and some at 50% already. There are a few things I want so far. We'll be in San Diego the day they hit 70% off. Anyone near there know if they have the same 70% off day? It's usually the last Thursday in July.
  11. Holly

    For Sale Pumpin' Pals super sheild flanges

    I got these for $30 on Amazon about a week before I had the baby. I didn't nurse for long and I've only used them for about 3 days. They are supposed to fit on any pump, they fit perfectly on my Medela Harmony manual pump. $15 shipped
  12. Holly

    What are the best links to show kids about boosters?

    I want to show my oldest kids some links that show the 5 step test and why boosters are necessary. It will be easier for them to understand if they see it for themselves rather than just me telling them what I know. I thought of the 5 step test that is on the car seat blog. What else is good?
  13. Holly

    Top tether not staying tight anymore

    I moved my son's radian yesterday, he kept bugging my newborn so we switched kids around. Ever since then, my top tether won't lock up and stay tight. I messed with it for a while and I can't get it to stay. I'm going to email Diono to see what they say. Has this ever happened to you? Is there...
  14. Holly

    Hungry Hungry Hippos game only $1.49 at Target TODAY ONLY! 3/20 There is a manufacturer's coupon plus a Target cartwheel coupon (that expires today) that will bring the price down to $1.49!
  15. Holly

    Should I booster train my 5 year old?

    So, I'm having a baby in about 5 weeks. I have no idea who he'll be with at the time, a relative or neighbor probably depending on when I go into labor. He just turned 5 last month and he's 37 lbs. Never been in a booster before. I planned to keep him harnessed until age 6. I think he'd do ok...
  16. Holly

    Anyone interested in custom inserts?

    First, is it ok to post this here? Does it need to be moved? I wasn't sure where to post it. A co-op I'm in will be running an order for custom inserts if there gets to be enough interest that we can meet the minimum order amount. The host of the co-op is actually a tech from here (Briteliteus)...
  17. Holly

    Balance bikes $50-$60 on Kids Woot today! :)
  18. Holly

    Target toy clearance July 2013!

    Who is getting excited for the Toy clearance this month? I went and checked out both my local stores, one on Saturday and the other today. There are SO MANY awesome toys on clearance this time! I want so much stuff! Things are at 30% and some 50% right now and they aren't in a big clearance...
  19. Holly

    Topsider or Affix narrower than Literider?

    I'm on my phone and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. We have a Literider as a spare. I need to put all 3 kids in my 3rd row tomorrow. I can use the literider in the middle but it's tough. Would I be able to fit a Top sider or an affix in there easier? Are they more narrow?
  20. Holly

    Epic Mickey 2 for wii $10!

    Best buy has Epic Mickey 2 for the wii on sale for $10 right now. Free store pickup or free shipping.

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