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    Convertible for nearly 3 year old (ERF)

    My third (and last) child will be three years old in February, which is the same month her Truefit Premiere expires (sad!). I would like to keep her RF until she is four. So I need a new seat for my 2015 Sedona that will work well for ERF and then be comfortable for FF for a couple years. It...
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    HBB with widest interior space

    We (yippee!) bought a 2015 Kia Sedona yesterday. After cramming the kids into 3 across in an Outback for the last two years, this is very exciting. I need to get my eldest DD a new HBB for the Kia. She is 6.5 years old, 52 inches tall, and 18.5 inches seated to her shoulders. She's tall and...
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    2015 Kia Sedona vs. 4th gen Honda Odyssey

    We are starting to do some research on a minivan purchase, hoping to buy late summer/early fall. We are primarily interested in the redesigned Kia Sedona or a used Odyssey (2013 or 2014 maybe). I know most seem to gravitate toward the Odyssey for a variety of good reasons. My third (and...
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    Mazda5 cheap carseat help

    I am posting for a friend who emailed me with some questions. She is moving to the States next week and will be buying a Mazda 5. She has three boys and will need a carseat for each of them, but needs them to be very affordable as money is very tight right now. The boys are 10 months, 3, and...
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    No back booster for daily ride for new 6 year old? (ugh, 3-across)

    First, a brag: DS turns four tomorrow (and just hit 40 lbs) and we turned him FF facing tonight. :( I am sad that he's not RF anymore, but we made it a year longer than with my eldest. :dance: I'm wondering if the way we have our seats set up now sounds okay for my eldest DD, and if there...
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    DD hates her Frontier straps - help!

    DD has been in her new Frontier 90 for two months now. I have her in harness mode even though she could be boostered (she uses a Parkway in DH's car and does just fine) because we are 3-across in my car. She likes the Frontier, except that she continues to say that the straps are really...
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    HBB Booster for 3-across with Radians

    Which HBB is most likely to fit well in an Outback, 3-across, outboard, next to a RF Radian? My current set-up is in my signature; just thinking ahead to six months from now when I'll turn DS forward (around his 4th birthday) and move the baby to the center spot RF in her Radian. I'll try to...
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    HBB advice

    I need to replace DD's seat in DH's 2001 Toyota Corolla, and we think she's okay to try a HBB now. She is 5y1m, but is very tall (size 6 pants and 7/8 shirts) and generally very obedient and easy, so I think she'll sit the way she should for a booster. She would be in it probably just...
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    FF Radian and shoulders at top harness slot

    So I have been thinking that my daughter still has 2.5 or 3 inches to go before she outgrows her FF Radian (by top of ears to the top of the shell), but I just read a thread from a few months ago where some were saying that they don't feel comfortable keeping their kids harnessed in a Radian...
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    Angle Adjuster

    I can't seem to find an Angle Adjuster for the Radian available on line anywhere right now. I'd like to get one ASAP. Where I should look?
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    Seat for nearly 5 year old (harness vs. booster?)

    I just realized that my DD has outgrown the seat she is in when she rides in my husband's car. She is going to be 5 years old in a few weeks and is big for her age - she's 53 lbs. and wears a size 6 pants and 7/8 shirt. In my car she is FF in a Radian and has plenty of room still to go in...
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    Outback with RF Radian??

    We have a 2005 Subaru Outback. We have a Radian 65 in there FF and it fits beautifully (for my nearly-5 year old). We tried a couple years ago to get it in RF and couldn't, but now that we have three kids it would be nice if we could manage to get it to work. That was before there were angle...
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    Secondary seat rec that is good for traveling

    First, let me say that I have spent a number of hours reading this forum over the last three years and have never posted. But you all have already helped me a lot. So thanks! I have two kids (DD will be 3 in August and DS will be 1 in August) who are on the bigger side. DD is 39 lbs and...

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