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  1. amyd

    Mazda CX5?

    Anyone drive one? Installed 3 car seats in one?
  2. amyd

    Just for giggles...G4 Britax RF Tethered Aussie Captain's Chair

    So had a chance to install G4 Britax in my Mazda 5 this morning. The tether *just* reached to install it Aussie style. Like 2" of slack left over. This was in my captain's chair.
  3. amyd

    Graco lowering UAS limits retroactively?

    Has anyone else heard this? Saw it mentioned on a FB group that Graco was lowering their UAS limit to 40lbs retroactively.
  4. amyd

    For Sale Boy's Hanna Amdersson Sweater size 90

    From 2010 holiday collection, worn just a few times, no stains or holes that I can find. $15 shipped to the US, $8+actual ship within Canada. Sf/pf home
  5. amyd

    For Sale Graco Nautilus

    Long shot, but does anyone in the Maritimes need a Nauti? It's Dawson, was carried by Walmart. Hoping to get $100. Can't imagine it would be worth shipping anywhere. Made in 2011 so Kijiji won't let me list it but it is compliant. I'm in NB but I can get it to NS fairly easily.
  6. amyd

    For Sale 12 m MEC Fleece Suit

    Car Seat Safe!! Comes with matching hat. Smoke/pet free home. $10+actual ship ( I'm in Canada).
  7. amyd

    Convertible rec for "obese*" 9 month old

    *Obese in quotes because not my word, but the diagnosis the child has been given. Not sure on exact stats but has outgrown infant seat so 22lbs+. This will be a seat given away by our coalition. Typically I get Tributes or Sceneras but I'm thinking I should probably spring for something more...
  8. amyd

    Dorel dual level line seats

    Anyone know if they must be installed to the more upright line when the child is over 22lbs? Had a mom last week asking me this. Child is 23lbs, but she prefers to keep it more reclined because he is quite young still and sleeps a lot in the car.
  9. amyd

    Anyone have this issue with Peg infant seat?

    I have an awful time pushing the buttons on the handle to change the handle position. Is this common or am I just not doing it right? I have to wiggle the handle around a bunch in order to get them to even push in at all. I've taken to leaving it in the car because the handle is so difficult...
  10. amyd

    How do you feel about this booster fit?

    I don't know if I care for the lap belt fit. Thoughts?
  11. amyd

    How much bigger (folded) is a Pliko Switch than a P3?

    Anyone know? My P3 just fits in my car behind my third row. I'm wondering if a Switch would fit or if it would be too long.
  12. amyd

    Anyone ever order from Babyrama?

    I'm having a hard time finding the infant seat I want in stock anywhere. I've never heard of Babyrama but they appear to have it. Anyone ever order from them or shop in their B&M store (it's in Ajax, ON)?
  13. amyd

    Uppababy infant seat?

    Anyone else see this seat in last week's Modern Family? It didn't look familiar to me so I'm assuming it must be a rebranding of a seat we don't have in Canada.
  14. amyd

    Re: infant seat- Am I being ridiculous? (tell me, I can take it)

    Re: infant seat- Am I being ridiculous? (tell me, I can take it) So baby #3 is on the way (and it's a girl:love:). I have a 2008 DOM Safeseat that I acquired brand new in 2011 (Graco sent it as a replacement for a 2007 Safeseat that I already owned). I used it for DS2. But the base is the...
  15. amyd

    For Sale or Trade Chandler My Ride 65 Cover

    In very good used condition. Includes infant insert, strap covers, etc. This is an American cover so labeling is in English/Spanish, but fits the Canadian seats as well. I'd like to get $35ppd or trade for a Nautilus cover in a colour other than brown/tan. Pics to come tomorrow in the daylight.
  16. amyd

    HBB for Mazda 5 3rd row

    I can't believe I'm thinking about a booster:eek: Just wondering what's worked well for your kiddos in the third row of a 5. I have a Monterey but it's a Diono one with the dumb belt guides that don't let the belt retract and the head restraint doesn't let the booster sit flush with the seat...
  17. amyd

    News CRST Course in SouthEast NB

    This 3 day course will be held Sept 6-8 at the Riverview Fire & Rescue. There is no cost to the participants. For more info or to register, email Amy at
  18. amyd

    Primo Viaggio 30/30

    When would one expect an average sized baby to outgrow this seat? For reference, my boys have both been around 22lbs at a year and J still fits in the SR32 by height now at 16 months.
  19. amyd

    Will a P3 fit behind my third row?

    I have a Mazda 5. Please tell me yes. There's a super cheap one on Kijiji.
  20. amyd

    2011 vs 2012 BJCM

    Any reason other than price that I want a 2012 instead of a 2011? I have a 2010 double that I added the PE boards to but the 2011's come standard with those, I think?

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