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    Question Infant and Child Car seats for '95 Toyota T100

    Unfortunately, the seats available 10 years ago are unlikely to be ones available today, or there may be newer ones that work. Please start a new thread with details such as child age, height, and weight and trim level.
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    Chicco MyFit - worth the 5"?

    My understanding is that a child still fits FF if the crotch strap is not underneath them, they fit width-wise, and their ears are below the top of the seat. The 1" rule is generally for rear-facing seats, as the crash dynamics are different.
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    5pt harness/booster transition

    Britax allows up to 63" height in harness mode for their harness-to-booster seats. There may be others, but that's the one I thought of and confirmed it.
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    5pt harness/booster transition

    Hi, I'm in CT too! Any 5 point harness counts, whether it's a convertible or combination seat, so no worries there. Also, maturity and behavior has to be considered when switching to a belt-positioning booster. The child needs to be able to sit in the correct position for the entire ride even...
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    2014 Subaru Forester 3 across

    I can't find it now, but in a recent thread someone mentioned making an appointment to try seats. I believe it was either Target or WalMart, but I'm not sure which. There may be a way, as there isn't overlap in the seat belts according to pictures I can find online, but it will likely be...
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    Anyone have a Chicco MyFit cleartex in a 2012 Chevy Malibu

    If the head restraint is removable and can be replaced safely as needed, I wouldn't worry about removing it. If it cannot be replaced as it originally was, I would try another seat. I found Britax combination seats worked in a Corrolla with stationary, forward-leaning head restraints.
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    Car Seat for Grand Jeep Cherokee

    We're happy to help! Are you planning for a newborn, or can you tell us the age/weight/height of your child? In the meantime, you can check out the community's general recommendations here:
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    Car seats in jeeps

    It sounds to me like you're asking about installing a harnessed seat or booster in a side jump seat. No child restraint allows installation on this type of seat. It also appears that Florida requires proper use of child car seats, so it would be illegal to go against the instructions...
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    5 kids in ‘18 VW Tiguan

    That appears to be the same generation as the 2019 that someone recently asked about. The answer there was that there is too much seat belt overlap with other belts and with lower anchors for three across to be possible. I wish there was better news...
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    How Does This Look?

    How old/tall/heavy is your child? When do you expect they'd be ready for a booster? Are there any convenience or safety features you prefer? Have you passed the convertible to a younger child, or has this child outgrown it? I'm not sure which combination seats might be shallower, but the Graco...
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    How Does This Look?

    Looks like it might be too much. Britax allows 3 inches of front overhang. I copied the following from their FAQs. Harness Mode It is important that the base of the child seat rests completely flat on the vehicle seat with no side overhang. As seen in the illustration, it is permissible to...
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    "Piddle pad" safety issue

    It may not have been the most kosher, but I did use a thin puppy pad to wrap around my kid a few times during potty training. It was the thinnest thing I could think of and I knew it was temporary, so I made the choice to risk it. Not sure what admins might think of recommending such things, as...
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    High back booster in 2019 chrysler pacifica

    Double-check your manual, but my 2017 hybrid allows the 3rd row head restraints to be folded down when installing a seat. I didn't have a HBB when playing in a Pacifica before purchase, but a 4Ever in booster mode fit nicely around the folded headrests. I believe the Diono boosters require...
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    High back booster for non-removable headrest that causes a gap

    My kid of similar size and age just went from harness to backless booster without issue. We did go back to the harness for a long road trip, and have a Pioneer that can be used in such situations as a HBB in the future. If your child is compliant, I'd give a backless a try, especially if the...
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    Grow and go Sprint level line

    That generally means it can be installed more upright than the line for older babies or toddlers. So no, for a 1-year-old, you can install it more upright. Here's the CarSeatBlog review that illustrates this idea...
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    use of child safety seats in 15-passenger vans

    Exactly what vehicle do you have? My brother and his family have a 10-passenger Transit van, and it worked for them because they only had one rear-facer at the time. You could only put RF seats in the row right behind the driver or on the single seat by the door. The single seat would present a...
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    Britax Frontier with click tight - height limit?

    Are you sure the harness is raised as far as possible? My 7-year-old is probably just about at the 48" mark now, wear a size 6 shirt, and they ride in a Pioneer. I just had to adjust it up to the notch around 17.5", so there should be a few more notches to go before the max height of about 20.5"...
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    Rear Anchor 2003 Honda Odyssey

    You could call your local dealership, as they are likely who will need to install it. Hopefully someone with a LATCH manual can give you more detailed information!
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    High back booster that fits in 2021 Toyota Camry SE

    I had a Corolla with the non-removable head restraints, and they certainly can be annoying! We were looking for a FF harnessed seat and found the Britax ones worked. I really don't know about boosters, but maybe that will give you an idea if you see both in a store. Otherwise, I'd go with KQ's...
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    Seat belt buckle cover?

    My puppy unbuckled herself once (3rd row Pacifica), but I don't think you need wo worry about a puppy unbuckling the buckle way on the other side of the 3rd row. My puppy is bigger than yours will ever be, and I don't think she could put the pressure at the correct angle to unbuckle a buckle...

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