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  1. melniemi

    RodiFix vs MFix

    Looking for a booster for my 6yo. He's 43", 42#. Any input on either of these? Thanks!
  2. melniemi

    Cybex M-Fix

    Any reviews? I'm considering this for my 6yo, 45", 40ish pounds. Thanks!
  3. melniemi

    Best booster for Ody +1 seat?

    Looking for a booster for an Ody center row center seat. Side seats need to slide to rear entrance so narrow is best. I'd like latch so it's not tippy but that's not crucial. Recaro Probooster fits but tips. Performance booster is too wide and seat is too deep for him anyway. Any thought?
  4. melniemi

    3 across in a camry

    Looking to help someone out. She has 2 kids harnessed in the cosco combo seats and needs to fit a rear facing between them. I suggested the SureRide. She asked about the Guide 65. Any recs? Thanks
  5. melniemi

    For Sale Brooks Ravenna4

    I bought these and can't return them, store is 3 hours away. Anyway, I've tried to wear them 2-3 times for 10-15 min each time and they don't work. Darn plantars fasciitis. Anyway, paid $115, asking $75 shipped. Size 8.
  6. melniemi

    In Search Of Popples

    Any one have any in great condition they want to get rid of? Thanks
  7. melniemi

    Favorite booster for petite kid

    I'm going to need a seat for my lil guy in a month. It'll be used in my hubby's truck sporadically but as often as 3x/week for 4 months. Then almost never. Price isn't an issue. I want something that will fit him well and have great side impact protection. I love the Recaro Performance Booster...
  8. melniemi

    For Sale AG Bitty Baby dress

    It matches the clothes the bitty twins come in. Like new, worn only a couple times. No stains or tears. Size 6/6x. $25 shipped OBO.
  9. melniemi

    In Search Of Little boy barbie

    I'M trying to find this for my kids. Anyone have one to get rid of?
  10. melniemi

    For Sale Beitax convertible harness

    ITs from my bv70. Same as other "70" convertibles according to Britax. Harness, crotch buckle, hugs, chest clip. Great spare set. Never washed. No accidents. $25 shipped
  11. melniemi

    For Sale Fr90 cover

    Here's a pic. Like brand new.
  12. melniemi

    Enough room to buckle a booster 3rd row 2011 Odyssey?

    In the third row I fit a performance booster passenger side with an incognito center and a lite rider driver side. Vivo fit drivers side too but have less shoulder room for center kid. Any seat should fit where the performance booster is. It's wide.
  13. melniemi

    Rear facing seat in Spain

    MY sister needs a seat for her 12 month old. He's a pretty big boy but I'm sure she will rf him for at least a year. She's hoping for a cheaper priced seat. Any recommendations?
  14. melniemi

    For Sale Fr90 cover

    I have a like new red FR90 cover set. Any interest?
  15. melniemi

    Little Tikes booster

    Is this the one that goes really tall but is fairly narrow?
  16. melniemi

    3 across new sienna

    Can you install a car seat in the middle of the middle row of the new siennas?
  17. melniemi

    In Search Of Lilo and Stitch

    MY son wants the Leroy stuffed animal from Lilo and Stitch. Of course, I can't find it. He's certain Santa will bring it. Anyone have one they can part with? Also interested in the Leroy and Stitch DVD. Thanks!
  18. melniemi

    Question Complete Air it narrow?

    Is it narrow enough for 3 across in an Equinox? Other seats will be keyfit and unknown convertible. Would a sure ride or defender be a better choice? It's for a 4.5yo forward facing. Thanks!
  19. melniemi

    In Search Of Kids bogs size 1

    IN good condition. Thanks!
  20. melniemi

    Free Purple ospw cover

    My one want it? It's in beautiful shape but my ospw expired in dec. I know some people make quilts, busy books, pouches, etc with old covers so I thought I'd ask before throwing it out. :). Free for shipping.

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