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    Radian 3rxt

    How well does this seat work as a booster? Can it possibly hold a kid anywhere nesr 110 pounds? We are trying to fit a newly 7 year old who weighs 44 pounds. It seems like her shoulders are squished by the ear wings. What are we missing?
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    Foot rests?

    My old van (447,000 miles) had damage to the leather seat backs from kids propping up their feet. Their feet fall asleep in their forward facing seats. Ages 11,6, 5 and have outgrown radian’s rear facing by height. I got a new van yesterday and would like to prevent the same damage. Any ideas...
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    SUV with low seats in third row

    Looking for an suv with three rows of seats. So many models seem to have a third row of seats where the seats are basically on the floor. In checking to see if my 11 year old can 5 step test in those back rows, her knees are near her chest. Her feet are on the floor, but most of her thigh is...
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    Last minute travel need

    My youngest is 10.5yo, 57.5", and 84 pounds. We are flying in a couple of days and need to travel with only carry on luggage. I had been planning to bring along our Graco TurboBooster TakeAlong for her to use in the rental car. Now that we are using carryon luggage, I am not sure I can fit that...
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    Britax frontier overhang vehicle seat?

    Is it ok to use a britax frontier in a seating position where the frontier is deeper than the vehicle seat?
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    Travel booster question

    My dd will be 9 at the end of June. She is 53" tall and 70 lbs. We will be traveling next week and driving a rental car at our destination. In the past we have taken the foldable travel booster to put in the overhead bin on the plane, but her seated height now makes her too tall for it. We have...
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    Sheet for vehicle seat protection?

    Is it ok to put a sheet under Diono radian seats in a borrowed car?
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    Vehicle seat belt against neck

    My mom has an Enclave. She has seats in it for her 5 grand daughters. The addition of the 5th one means that my oldest now has to sit in the middle of the back row. That position doesn’t have clips to position the shoulder belt off of her neck like the side positions do. Is there a safe after...
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    Radian replacement

    Between my sister’s vehicle , my mom’s vehicle, and mine we have 7 radians in use for our kids. One seat is about to expire and we need to replace it. I guess because of the recent recall, we can’t find one. What other seat might we like? Other than safety obviously, our key needs are long term...
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    No rolled towel with Radians?

    My sister rented a car tonight for a road trip tomorrow. She installed her two radians rear facing in the back. The one on the passenger side installed well. The one in the center wasn't as secure because the boot seemed to be interfering with some hard plastic things in a couple of places at...
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    Gap behind Frontier

    My mom has a new to her Enclave. The center row bucket seats have non adjustable head rests. I am trying to install a Britax Frontier to be used in harness mode for my DD5 who is 45" and 40lbs. Does it matter if there is a gap between the Frontier and the vehicle seat? I know for some boosters...
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    Travel Seat Advice Please

    We are planning to travel this summer and I am trying to decide my best plan for car seats. We will be flying (5 hour flights) and renting a car at our destination. Most days of the trip we will have 2 hours or so of driving, but 2 days will have 7-8 hours of driving during the day. My kids...
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    Rear facing tether in third row

    Can I use the bracket on the lower back of a center row seat intended to tether a forward facing child in that seat to tether a radian installed rf in the third row?
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    Maxi Cosi booster questions?

    We are moving our oldest child to a booster seat today. We have 5 seats purchased and in our home to try. The Maxi Cosi Rodi AP seat is the top contender at the moment. We just have a couple questions. Does this booster require a vehicle headrest behind it? It so, is it ok if the booster touches...
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    Does this booster fit?

    Is this fit ok? It seems like the lap belt is maybe too low on her lap? [/URL][/IMG]
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    Really struggling with choosing our first booster.

    My oldest is 8.5yo, 52", and 74lbs. She has outgrown her Frontier by height and we need to move her to a booster. The Frontier works for her as a booster, but I have need a seat for her in another car and plan to move the Frontier there as a booster. We were out looking today and sitting in...
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    More booster advice please

    I have more booster questions. Sorry and thank you so much for your help. So I have a DD8 who is 52.5" tall, 74lbs, and seated height of 19". I also have DD5.5 who is 46" tall and 39.8lbs without shoes. The short phrasing of the question is... Part 1 - What are my booster options for my...
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    Britax Frontier outgrown harness?

    My DD8 is 52-53" tall and weighs 74 pounds. She is certainly more trunk than legs, but I don't have a seated trunk measurement on her. She rides harnessed in a Britax Frontier 90. It has the click tight install. I noticed tonight that her shoulders are even with the harness again and went to...
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    Any other narrow seats?

    My girls have spent a lot of time in Radians and my niece now rides in them in most vehicles. I have a Truefit for my niece in my van, but it expires next month. We need to buy something new for her. I do have kids 3 across in my van, so the narrow shape of the Radians appeals. But before we...
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    Booster advice for travel

    Hi. I have two girls. My oldest is 8.5yo, 50", 70lbs. She rides in the harness in a Britax Frontier at home. My youngest is 5.5yo, 45", 39.5lbs. She rides ff in a harness in a Radian at home. We will be traveling to Disney World in March with my in laws. We will use Disney transportation the...

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