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    Vest options?

    Trying to help a friend with a disabled child who is outgrowing hi harnessed seat. I will repost her questions to me because I don't know anything about vests. Her child is 11 years old but still a bit under 65 pounds. EZ on vest? Baby Safety Car Vest? I recommended to Britax Pinnacle, because...
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    Newborn twins in a Subaru Outback

    My friends are expecting twins and I am trying to help them find infant car seats with bases that we can fit in the back of their Subaru Outback. They are set on seats with bases and not starting out with convertibles. He is pretty tall, and can't drive with the seat all the way forward, so we...
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    Need a Narrow HBB

    My 8.5 year old, 52 pounds just outgrew the harness on the Graco Nautilus, so we switched it to booster mode. The way the seatbelts sit in our Subaru Legacy she is having lots of trouble buckling in. It is even difficult for me to buckle her in without crawling through the other side. She has a...
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    Question Keyfit or snugride

    Hopping for an infant carrier. I looked at the key fit and the snug ride 30 today. I don't know what vehicle they will have (if any) and I am still considering just buying the Myride 65 instead of the infant seat. Is one of these easier to install with/ without a base, do any of them have...
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    Convertible for infant

    I am shopping for a seat for my unborn niece. They do not want an infant seat, nor do they own a car, but only a (sigh) small motorhome type vehicle. I am trying my best to make this right for them, but you can only do so much. I haven't seen the vehicle, so I don't know exactly what I'm...
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    Bubble Bum? or something else?

    We need something to get us from the car rental company at the airport to Cost-co or Walmart (less than a mile away). 6yo,40# in a Nautilis fulltime and training in a SK Monterey. We will buy a HBB and leave it at Grandpa's house, it's Maui and we rarely drive at all while we are there. I can...
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    Question My ride 65

    Am unfamiliar with this seat. I have a friend who is having a tough time installing it. Not sure what the Problem is. I am going to help her tomorrow so I'm looking over the manual. We will be rf a 2 yo 25ish pound little one in the mid row of a Kia van. There is latch. My question is the...
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    Nautilus buckle issues?

    Has anyone had issues with the buckles on the Nautilus? I have one that is about a year old and it buckles and unbuckles without an issue. The release is a push down type. The new one is 2 weeks old and has a push in release. I have to put the buckle in and wiggle it around and push in and...
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    The Maestro fits!!!

    For everyone who has followed my 2001 Nissan Frontier seat compatibility issues I got the Maestro today and was able to install it outboard! The middle lap belt still doesn't work and I have to twist the belt stalk 3 times, but it is in! I am now guessing the Nauti might install outboard too...
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    Will Target let me try an install or just BRU?

    I need to try a Maestro in my truck, but my BRU does not stock them, and I don't know anyone who has one. The Nautilus is a flop :(. The Maestro is shipping site to store at Walmart next week, but I am worried it won't fit either. Do you know if Baby Depot, WalMart or Target will let me try...
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    Long belt stalk install issues

    I have 7 carseats and one child. (2 Boulevards, 1 Marathon, 2 Nautilis, 1 Monterey and a Maestro) And yet I still can't transport her safely in our 2001 Nissan Frontier crew cab :( She is 5y10m, 35# (on a good day with shoes and wet hair), torso 16.5inches. Until last week she was middle...
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    Best deal on a Maestro?

    Measured today at 16.5 inch torso, so the Boulevard is officially out. We scored one Black Friday Nautilis for 99, but for now she is boostered in the other car until we get another seat :( Fortunately we are both off work until Tues and she is a reasonably mature booster rider (but only 35#)...
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    Ok we have been keeping tabs on our torso height and evidently as measured today we have officially outgrown the Boulevard by height. She is 35 pounds 5 years 10 months and torso height of 16.5 inches. She is in a Nautilis in Grandmas car (home from school)2 days a week. We just bought...
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    Question Should the belt look scrunched in the booster beltpath

    Sorry I am new to boosters. We got a Monterey today and it seems to fit my daughter nicely. But when I put her in the 2011 Subaru Legacy the lap shoulder belt is completely folded/ wadded/ scrunched into the belt path area on the buckle side. It positions the belt nicely across her lap and does...
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    Question Booster pic feedback

    Trying out my friend's seats just to get an idea of how different boosters fit. This is an evvenflow hbb. Hard to see the belt because she has dark clothes but the lap belt looks high to me? It is fully on their sons belly :( he has a lbb that fits across his hips so I am telling them to use...
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    Will a Monterey fit a 5.5 yo 38 pounds

    Looking at some great prices on the SK Monterey, but most have recommended the GracoTurbo booster for my 5.5 yo because she is on the small side 38#, 15.5inch torso, 42 inches. She will be using it for a couple of short trips a week. The Monterey looks like a nicer seat, but if the...
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    Is there a backless booster rated under 40 pounds?

    Let me preface by saying I have been dealing with this 24 year old mother with car seats for 4 years now and they are not very open, I don't think they turned her forward facing at 9 months... but I'm not positive. I work with 'grandpa' who like myself is a firefighter paramedic. We...
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    carpool booster

    My 5.5 year old is going to be transported 2 miles twice a week after kindergarten by a friend. She is 42.5 inches and 37 pounds. She is FF in a Britax Boulevard and a Graco Nautilis. I plan on keeping her harnessed, but I'm wondering if I can booster her for this carpool or because of her...
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    Regal Lager Solution X-Fix Plus?

    The Regal Lager Solution X-Fix Plus retails for $200 plus and is on sale for $92.50 at right now. I am shopping for my petite 5.5 year old who is soon to outgrow her Britax BV. I will keep her harnessed in the Graco Nautilis most of the time, but we need a booster for a 2 mile...
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    High back vs backless booster

    My friend is moving her 50 pound 5.5 year old into a booster. She asked me if she could get the backless one and I can't give the reason for why she wants a HBB. Could someone refresh me please. She has a newer med sized SUV... I don't remember what it is off hand.

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