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    Yet Another Sienna versus Odyssey Thread (2015) Or...Maybe Sedona?

    I'm looking at getting a 2015 Sienna SE or a 2015 Odyssey EX-L. I REALLY like some aspects of each that the other lacks, yet have some concerns that I can't really address during a test drive. The Sienna SE looks a lot meaner. I'm used to driving lowered, aggressive looking vehicles with that...
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    Accident Last Night - Need to Replace Seats for 10, 6, & 2 yr olds

    I had an accident in my '12 Ford Flex last night. It's definitely not what I would call "severe" because we are all fine minus my minor aches. However, it doesn't meet Britax's "minor" list because the car couldn't be driven away. (I didn't have any Britax seats installed, but I thought it...
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    Ford Flex - 3 Across with 9yo, 5yo, 1yo?

    I just bought a 2012 Ford Flex. (LOVE IT, traded my '08 Mercedes R320 CDI for it) At the dealer, I tried to move over our car seats over to three across (never did 3 across in Benz, as it had captain's chairs.) I currently have 9 yr old in Diono Monterey booster, 5 yo in Radian XTSL, and 11...
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    Question Does The New Monterey Work for Anyone??

    I am reading here and on amazon about the seat belt threading and retraction issues. It's waaaay out of my way to go try one in person. It's for a 2008 R320. I had very happily decided on the Diono Monterey for my 7.5 yr old son after seeing a friend's 2010(?) Monterey. Now, I'm not so sure...
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    New Seats in New Car - 7 and 3 Yr Olds...Very Unsure

    Hi Everyone! We just bought a 2008 MB R320. (Second row captains chairs, third row has 2 seats, both with LATCH and top tethers.) I'm due in Jan., with #3. In my 2012 Jetta Sportwagen, my 7.5 year old rides in a Frontier 85 and my 3.5 yr old rides in a Radian RXT. These will puzzle with a...
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    Three Across in an R320/R350?

    We're about to buy a 2008/2009 Mercedes Benz R320 CDI. I'm not finding anything via the search about using the center seat in the second row. I don't normally need to use the middle seat, but will when we have company. As of January, I will have: 8 year old boy in Frontier 85 or can buy...
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    Jetta Sportwagen - 3 Across Configuration?

    Thank you! I'm so relieved and so thrilled! Here's the photo from the driver's side. In the end, I'll probably switch the Frontier and KeyFit to make it easier to buckle baby when I'm alone. There photo from the other side won't upload from the app. It's says it too large. :-/
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    Jetta Sportwagen - 3 Across Configuration?

    I have a 2012 VW Jetta Sportwagen. I'm newly pregnant and freaked out about managing this set-up. I have a daughter who will be newly 4 in a Diono RXT. My son will be 8 and is in a Frontier 85 or HB turbobooster, but I could change that, as needed. Plus newborn. What configurations...
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    Can You Confirm Radian vs. Diono Measurements?

    I KNOW it's in here somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm sorry. I need to know the difference in EXTERIOR measurements on the Diono RXT vs. the Radian XTSL. I have no spare space, so every mm counts, LOL. I thought I had read the Diono was 1.5" wider. Then, someone told me they're the same...
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    Any Deals Left on the Radian XTSL?

    The Diono is too wide for me...that 1.5" breaks the deal for me. I need to find a Radian XTSL. Would prefer a grey/black or red cover, but will take what I can get, if the sale is good enough. Any help, folks, is greatly appreciated. DD still fits in her 33lb. RF-limit Boulevard and it...
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    Current Radian Deals?

    I tried searching through a sea of threads, but am not finding anything below $215 right now. :( Anybody have any suggestions? I'd really prefer the Shadow, but would also do Eclipse or Nitro. Must be the XTSL. Thanks for any suggestions, folks!
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    Britax and Venison. Never Thought I'd Run Across This

    I was browsing forum on towing things....and I found this post. "Daddy, can I pet the deer?" And, as I read further, no, no kid was in the seat that trip. LOL
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    Cybex, Parkway or Monterey Next to Radian. Tight Fit!

    In my new car, 2011 Jetta SportWagen, I need to get three across....but one's an adult. (or sometimes boostered kid-friends.) DD, 28 months will be rearfacing in Radian. DS, 6, will mostly be in his Frontier 85. But, when we add an adult back there, we'll need to put DS in booster. I'm...
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    Rear Lower Side Airbags - Safe for 6 & 2 yos? VW Jetta SportWagen

    I need to make a decision, ASAP. :o I hate to hurry anyone, but any input you have is greatly appreciated!! I'm ready to buy or order a new Jetta SportWagen. ;) There's a local 2011 one, equipped like I want, with no "Rear Thorax air bags" option. Or, I can order a 2012 (no model year...
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    3 Across? Subaru Outback or VW Jetta....2009-2010

    I need to get in two car seats full time, but be able to fit the occasional adult in the back, too. Or a kid my son's age in booster. That would be nice too. My current seats are a Boulevard and a Frontier/Nautilus. With the set-up, there is no way of getting an adult in either an Outback or...
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    Five Yr Old....Secondary Seat that Gets Used a Lot?

    Hi all, After much back and forth a few months ago, I bought DS a Frontier. Then, I got a Frontier 85 for a steal on, so I sold the Frontier on craigslist. DS and I both LOVE the Frontier's fantastic. But, I am getting tired of un- and re-installing it between three...
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    Diarrhea in Boulevard.

    *sigh* My daughter just had wicked, blow-out diarrhea in her BV. I searched and searched the forum and can't figure out if I have any options other than replacing the bottom buckle. The harness straps didn't get dirty. But, the crotch buckle strap, cover, and bottom foam (around the buckle...
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    $30 Off Radian Seats at

    From the email they sent me: "...there's still time to save $30 on any Sunshine Kids car seat. Now until Tuesday July 13 at 11:59pm EST. Use coupon code 2UX4ST or come visit us in our stores." oops, I never finished typing the title. Sorry guys, that wasn't...
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    Used Parkway Booster?

    Hi all, Last week I posted about needing new seats for DS, as he has now officially outgrown his Boulevards. :( Well, I wrote that the price wasn't really important. :o Then, we had over $5k in unexpected car repairs this weekend. :eek::eek::eek::eek: I'm still going to buy the Frontier...
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    Next Seat Advice for 5 Yr Old and 16 Mo Old, Please!

    Next Seat Advice for 5 Yr Old, Please! **Updated 7/9** More questions in Post #13. Thanks!! I have a 5.5 yr old son who is 42 lbs, 44 inches tall and has a 16.5" seated shoulder height, perhaps a little over. I also have a 16 month old daughter who is 20 lbs, 31" tall with a 10.5" seated...

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