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    '08 Odyssey and Baby #5

    Just found out baby #5 is on the way and I'm already starting to stress about fitting everyone in the car, lol! I just updated my siggy with the current stats of my kids. Ideally I would like to have the 3 girls in the back, but obviously the Frontier is out of the question to fit back there...
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    '02 Toyota Celica with deep bucket seats

    I'm trying to help out my brother and SIL find a seat to fit their 40lb 3.5 year old son in a Celica. He mostly rides in a FF MyRide in their minivan (Town and Country I believe) so this is a backup seat. They have tried a lot already, the MyRide, Maestro, Cosco combination, Nautilus and 1...
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    Help with 3 across 3rd row '08 Odyssey

    I'm trying to figure out if I can make 3 across work with my current seats or if I will need to buy a new one. My kids stats are current in my siggy. I would like to do 3 across in my 3rd row for a trip this summer to leave a captains seat open for a possible 3rd adult. We are also TTC #5...
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    Cheapest deal with BRU trade in or Target 20%?

    I'm looking to get the cheapest seat I can get and I have both of these options available. It would very rarely used and stay at the grandparents house. I do think I need something that harnesses longer than 40lbs though so the scenera is out. It could be a convertible or a combination (or FF...
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    Narrow HBB for 3rd row Odyssey?

    Odyssey is a 2008 model. I'm planning on switching my 6 year old to a booster full time this summer, she currently rides in a Turbo booster in DH's car to go to school in the morning. We will be taking a long car trip and if possible I would like to put my 3 girls all in the 3rd row to leave...
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    What do stores do with recalled car seats?

    I'm specifically referring to the recent Chaperone recall. I ordered one from Amazon last Thursday, it was delivered to my door last Friday morning (way faster than I thought it would!) then later on Friday Britax announced the recall, of which the car seat that had just been delivered was a...
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    Is this Chaperone older?

    I found this on albeebaby and I'm just wondering if it is going to be older since it is so much cheaper than the other ones. It probably doesn't matter too much since this may be our last baby or if we do have one more it...
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    Infant car seat, B-Safe, Chaperone, or other?

    We are due with baby #4 in May (so we still have time :)) I have a Graco snugride 22 that with a DOM of 11/06 so it will expire at the end of next year. It is a very girly color (Giselle, pink and black) so if we are having a boy this time we will definitely get a new infant car seat. If it is...
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    Gate checking car seat with no kids?

    This question is for my SIL who will be traveling this weekend. Long story, but she is driving to get her almost 4 year old twins this weekend and is flying back without them. So she'll be driving with their 2 car seats (Graco Nautilus's) and will be flying back with the car seats but no kids...
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    Road tirp with 6 kids in Odyssey

    Road trip with 6 kids in Odyssey So my friend and I are contemplating a crazy road trip from SoCal to Texas next month. It is not definite yet, but I thought I'd ask on here to see if it would even be possible to fit all 6 kids in my '08 Odyssey with the current car seats we have. Ages and...
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    RF Radian Odyssey 8th seat?

    I did a search, but didn't quite find what I was looking for. I was hoping for a picture of a RF Radian in the middle seat of the 2nd row of an Odyssey (ours is an '08 if that makes a difference). And any tips would be great too! I installed it there yesterday and it looked great, I was...
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    Pics of my DD's last day ERF (at 43lbs!)

    Hopefully these pictures don't come out too big, they looked fine in the preview, but let me know if I need to change them. A little background on our ERF journey, I had fully planned on keeping her RF for as long as possible. But that came much quicker than I had anticipated when she was...
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    2 RF tether spots in 2nd row of Odyssey?

    I'm going to be receiving my new XTSL on Tuesday and I'm really excited to be able to RF my DD1 again! But for some reason the thought hadn't occurred to me until today that I only know of 1 RF tether spot in the 2nd row from this tutorial. I currently have DD2 in a RF Marathon in the...
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    Question Has anyone put a child over 40lbs RF in XTSL?

    I'm hoping to receive my new XTSL this week and I'm really hoping to put my DD1 RF in it. She is definitely over 40lbs, and I know technically the XTSL goes to 45lbs. I'm just worried about actually getting her in there! She's not chubby just solid! She has already expressed to me that she...
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    Radian mesh?

    I'm fairly certain I am going to be buying a new XTSL when it comes out, but I'm curious about the mesh on the Radians. Is it similar to the Frontier mesh? We have a pink sky Frontier and the mesh is horrible! DD doesn't like how it feels on her legs and it is just piling and looks almost...
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    potty accident in car seat question

    My 2 1/2 year old DD has done great with potty training... until today :( She had an accident in her Frontier so I changed her clothes and put a light blanket down to cover the spot. She then had another accident in the car seat immediately after. I'm not sure if she was just drinking a ton...
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    What seat to bring for 2 1/2 year old?

    Hi I'm a long time lurker, 1st time poster. ketchupqueen did a check for me a little over a month ago so I've even met someone here :) So I'm possibly going to be taking a 3 hour flight with my 2 girls at the end of the month. DD1 is 2 1/2 and just under 40lbs and DD2 just turned 1 and is...

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