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  1. Twinklefae

    Help for Twins in Germany

    Hi - I am trying to help an online friend choose seats for her upcoming twins. She is trying to avoid buying capsules, but I'm not familiar enough with the rear facing Group 0+(?) and Group 1 seats to advise whether or not potential preemies would fit. This is her current top choice...
  2. Twinklefae

    Photo Help!

    So kat_shoshin and I are doing a powerpoint presentation about Child Passenger safety at the local library on Saturday. We are still looking for a few photos to round out the presentation and were hoping for some help! Things we are looking for: -Same seat installed at 30* rear facing and 45*...
  3. Twinklefae


    If anyone in the HRM is looking a tech to help with seat installation, we will be having a clinic in Lower Sackville tomorrow from 1:30 - 3:30. There are some spots for drop ins, but book an appt to be sure! Register for an appointment by emailing: or calling...
  4. Twinklefae

    Other inexpensive boosters?

    I know that everyone recommends the Turbobooster as a good, inexpensive booster. However, we ran into a situation the other week where apparently they are all sold out. Everywhere. (Or were.) What's another booster you would recommend? (This was an urgent situation, 42lbs kid in an old...
  5. Twinklefae

    Even Graco can't do it right!

    I was checking out the Graco Turbo Elite for an online friend the other day and watched the little sales video. There is not one screw in the armrests in the ENTIRE thing. In fact they go out of their way to make it look like they are...
  6. Twinklefae

    In Search Of MR cover - Sonata

    I'm looking for a Sonata cover for my MyRide. My parents bought the seat and since Sonata was sold out at the time, they got Streamers. I'm not a fan. :p I'm in Canada, which I realize can make shipping a pain :thumbsdown:, so heads up.
  7. Twinklefae

    Latch Manual Look up - 2006 Dodge Caravan

    A fellow tech and I are trying to help a woman put 5 kids in the back of a Dodge Caravan and we have read the Caravan's manual and are confused about the rear bench top tether. Can you share it between two car seats? There are two LATCH/UAS positions, and the manual indicates that you can use...
  8. Twinklefae

    3 in 1 help!

    I need to know where to look for the stickers on a Cosco Alpha Omega 'Luxe seat OR what years that seat was produced. We are on the hunt for an expiry date.
  9. Twinklefae

    What is ICBC and why are they offering 'safety ratings'?

    In a conversation on another board, someone was saying that ICBC rates car seats, giving a 'safety rating'. Not surprisingly Britax rates well. What is this, and what's the deal?
  10. Twinklefae

    1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager Tether locations

    I'm looking for photos of tether anchors in a 99 Grand Voyager or it's clones. We just bought the parts and my husband can do the work. For starters, the dealership told him that we don't have the spots to do it, so they are no help. If anyone has pics of the anchors installed, or, even more...
  11. Twinklefae

    1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager- Tether anchors?

    We've just been gifted a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager by my IL's. This is great as it means that I can take all the daycare kids out at the same time - once I have tether anchors installed. What is the part number I need, and how many would the dealer ship do for free? If they won't do it for...
  12. Twinklefae

    Could you look at your booster/manual for me?

    Does your booster list 4 years old as a minimum age? My friend's TurboBooster has it on the seat.
  13. Twinklefae

    New Jersey Booster Law?

    Did this recently change? All I can find on their website is 8 or 80lbs, but a woman on another board says her ped said that it recently changed to 4'9"?
  14. Twinklefae

    Question Baby Trend Flex Loc Expiry?

    What's the expiry on the Baby Trend Flex Loc seat?
  15. Twinklefae

    Just to double check:

    I was able to re-install the seat one of my daycare kids uses today. It's a brown Safety 1st 3-in-1, with a regular harness that needs threading. No idea on the date of manufacture, but she will be three in April, so I'd guess sometime in 2007. It expires in 2015. It has a 30lb rf'ing limit...
  16. Twinklefae

    Halifax, NS CRST Course Did you get the email?

    So my bff and I are both signed up for CRST in HRM which is meant to begin on Sunday. Kim Mundle, who is organizing it, said she would email the place and more details. Neither of us has got the email, and we're both worried about it. Has anyone else gotten it? Should we call her? Is this...

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