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    Classic Marathon

    We have 2 classics expiring soon. I see that Target has carried them, but they are out of stock. Does anyone know if they are temporarily out of stock or if they will get more in? We really like the seat and have 4 covers we love and hate to never use again :)
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    When do new Britax covers get released?

    We are ISO some extra covers and were wondering if new covers might be available in the near future. Anyone know when some new covers might be released? Thanks:D
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    Keens ...

    I have 4 boys I need to get Keens for this spring/summer. Where is the best deal right now? Any coupons, etc. Thanks in advance :D
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    Janie and Jack

    Anyone know when they will be having a sale or if there are any coupons out there???
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    HELP - Baby Jogger Elite Double, Valco Twin TriMode, Bob Duallie 12"

    I simply can NOT decide which I would like better and would be best for what we want it for:o I want a stroller that can handle a decent amount of quick walking/possibly a bit of jogging. I also want it for things like fairs, festivals, amusement parks. If it goes other places, great. We...
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    Just double checking... Is the belly pad necessary

    On a MA? My 5yo hates it and I wanted to double check if it is ok or not to remove it for him?
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    Anyone know where I can get an OSU (Ohio State) Marathon cover???

    Well, besides that place Toddler Teams. Thanks for any help!! I need to order this soon!!
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    Need that link re: booster

    I can't seem to find the link to the diagrams show when your child measures correctly to fit in just the seatbelt. Any help is greatly apreciated!
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    All you diaper bag lovers, what bags would match this?

    I just purchased this but my current diaper bags will not match at all. Any links to bags that you think would match?? :D
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    Anyone have the latest 15% off car seats or strollers BRU coupons??

    I did not get this last set and need to buy a seat and possibly a stroller. Thanks so much!!
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    Looking for a TCP code

    I have a rather large order I would like to place for TCP for my going on 4 boys, but I am reallly wanting a code to help with the cost. Anyone have one???:o Thanks so much!
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    Do you think I need another infant seat?

    I have #4 due at the end of May. The Snugride we have right now expires at the beginning of November. We are going back and forth on whether we need another infant seat or not. We do have a RA that can be used for a another year after the Snugride expires. But, are we not considering...
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    Question Having a 4th in May, adopting a 5th in a yr or 2--need advice Please....

    We have an 11yo in a seatbelt (just outgrew his Graco Airbooster) We have an almost 5yo in a MA We also have a 2yo in a RF MA We are expecting a 4th (another boy:rolleyes: lol) in May and are planning on him starting in our Snugride. It will probably just expire as he outgrows it. We also...
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    Tell me about the Joovy Groove and the Groove 2

    Just wondering if anyone has used these and knows anything about htem? Also, anyone know if they are tippy??
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    can't find the thread about Florida laws re age 4 in seatbelts...

    Anyone know where it is? I know I recently saw this discussed here somewhere. A friend of mine is visiting and she thinks she has to have her 4 year old in a seatbelt.
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    Got tired of waiting for a cute BOY Regent cover, so I

    just ordered an All Star Marathon on Amazon for 178.19!!!:D It is on sale for 237 and I had a 25% coupon and it worked to bring down the price. I REALLY want a Regent but am not thrilled with the cover offerings, even at the 209 sale price. So, maybe we will wait another year and see what other...
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    Anyone ever attached a strap to a Quest?

    I just got a '07 Quest. I love the stroller but miss the strap on my Volo. I know Mac is coming out with straps on their '08 Quest models.:( but I just loved the navy/crimson color and didn't want to chance it, plus I got a good deal. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried and...
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    Need Grey Marathon straps

    I am in need of some grey MA straps. I know I can get the from Britax but wondered if anyone knows of another place to get them? Thanks so much!!!!
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    Need your Stroller help for Disney!!!!!!!!!!

    We leave for WDW in less than a month and are so unsure as to what to bring with us to Disney. We will have our 3.5yo with us and our 9 mo old with us. We own a Peg Perego P3, a Mac Volo and a Mac Twin Techno. I love them all. I also have a Mei Tai that I may use some of the time--depending...
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    Where can I find an All Star Blue Cover?

    :confused:I just can't seem to find one of these covers except for through the Britax website. Anyone know of anywhere I can find one?

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