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  1. AK Dad

    Aton Q Harness Difficult to tighten?

    Hi All, I just ordered an Aton Q for my sister, and had another Tech (instructor) down in Seattle meet up with her to do a check, and she told me the harness was extremely difficult to adjust - "It was doable, but bordering on impossible. Even I wrapped the tail around my hand to pull harder."...
  2. AK Dad

    New Midsize SUV ratings - IIHS small-overlap test

    Wow, I'm really, really disappointed in the Honda Pilot! We bought ours in '11 based on it being rated "good" in all of the tests at the time, but it failed spectacularly in the small-overlap. I find this really hard to understand since the Acura MDX, which is essentially the same vehicle (or...
  3. AK Dad

    Cybex Q-Fix -- anyone have one yet?

    Totally! Boosters are really annoying ... That was on my list also, and probably would have been a better choice, but I'm pretty much stuck with the Q-fix now based on the fact I paid out of pocket for shipping, which trust me is ridiculous to Anchorage. Had I bought this from Amazon with...
  4. AK Dad

    Cybex Q-Fix -- anyone have one yet?

    Anyone had hands-on one of these bad boys yet? Sadly, I'm returning the Oobr - just couldn't get my daughter to sit in it without slouching for some reason, so now I'm looking for something new. She's got a Parkway SGL, which I like, but I wanted to try something more "significant" feeling...
  5. AK Dad

    My new worry - oldest trying to kill her brother ...

    Just when I think I've got everything dialed-in I find something new to keep me awake at night! So, oldest is in a HBB now, and a couple of months ago she accidentally unbuckled her brother's Foonf next to her when she was getting out. Fortunately I caught it right away, and made sure to talk...
  6. AK Dad

    Gearhead + CPST = Tough Choices. Opinions?

    OK, so while I've got a couple of minutes I need to submit something for comment by the masses: I'm stuck in between my gearhead wants and desires and my safety advocate tendencies! I've been suppressing my gearhead side for the last 10 years for the sake of practicality, but I think I may...
  7. AK Dad

    Foonf + Go-go Babyz = Success (so far)

    Getting ready to lug the Foonf and a Radian RXT on a flight tomorrow evening, so just fitted the go-go Babyz up to the Foonf. Fits better than expected! The rigid latch points nest perfectly outside of the little "shelves" that the base sits on - makes it feel pretty solid.
  8. AK Dad

    Question Another tall driver/RFing kid vehicle rec. thread!

    OK, so my sister is getting married and her husband to be is 6'5", and since when they have kids it'll be my nieces and nephews, they'll be rear-facing until puberty! So, to avoid the pitfalls that I and a lot of people have made with getting vehicles with too little room for ERF and a tall...
  9. AK Dad

    Britax Convertible RF Height Limits - Shell vs. Headrest

    So, I just learned that I've been screwing this up! I didn't realize the RF height limit for Britax convertibles was 1" below top of seat shell and not the top of the headrest! I assume I'm not the only one who's made this mistake, so I'm posting to bring it to other people's attention, and...
  10. AK Dad

    Question FF Harness seat for Lexus 200h?

    I have a friend who has a Lexus 200h, and I didn't get much when searching "200h" -- does anyone have experience with this model? I think it's based on the Prius platform, but I'm guessing the roofline is lower (she's in a different state, so doing this long-distance.) Her son is 4.5yo and is...
  11. AK Dad

    Question Why hadn't I heard of this before? Baby Trend Inertia

    Just Killin' some time in BRU and just saw this - looks awesome! Rigid LATCH, Anti rebound bar, "inertia" system to decrease seat tip angle in a crash. Looks pretty sweet - wondering why I hadn't heard any of the normal "buzz" I would expect with something like this.
  12. AK Dad

    Convince me I need or don't need a new seat

    Too late! Here you go, this time all LATCH'd in and ready to roll (well, other than stowing the harness) ... About 4cm clearance Trying to get a shot of the buckle location, but it was pretty easy to get to, even with the FR85 right there ... Now for the bad news ... I actually couldn't...
  13. AK Dad

    Question Odyssey or SUV???

    I do, and I did! Of course, as any Alaska will tell you, not filmed in AK but in Roslyn, WA (hence "Roslyn('s) Cafe" in the opening credits ...) Well, here's our driveway the day after the incident: Yep :crying: Didn't get into any structure - just cosmetic sheet metal and plastic bumper...
  14. AK Dad

    Misrouted belt in ADAC crash test?

    So, my Deutsch is nicht sehr gut - anyone speak it well enough to see what they're doing in this video: Kindersitze im Test - YouTube Looks like an Aton 2, but it looks to me like they're misrouting the belt when the do the baseless install, right? Are the demo-ing that on purpose to show how...
  15. AK Dad

    Swedish car seat video

    Was just looking at the website for Sweden's equivalent of NHTSA. I don't speak Swedish, but thought the video at the bottom of the page was great! Thought some of you might enjoy it ... (also ironic that they've got the pic at the top of the page with a...
  16. AK Dad

    Question Ford Inflatable Seat Belts - any real-world results yet?

    Anybody heard anything? I know they're in so few vehicles so far that a study is a long way off, but I haven't even seen any anecdotal evidence of how well they may or may not be working yet in the real-world. I'm actually thinking a Parkway SGL with the SecureGuard clip and an inflatable...
  17. AK Dad

    O Canada! Help me understand your CPS world!

    So I've been sitting here trying to digest the awesome, outstanding, great, can't say enough good things about it, testing that Transport Canada did back in 2009 ... ... and at the same...
  18. AK Dad

    Question Britax "Click & Safe" not clicking

    I was just picking up the kids from preschool and one of the parents asked me if it was a safety issue if his "Click & Safe" harness quit clicking. Seems like it shouldn't, but does anyone know for sure what Britax says about it? He's not having any issue with it loosening or anything, and...
  19. AK Dad

    Going to be giving some infant seat recs. - comments on my list?

    OK, so I've had a couple of people asking recently for my recs on the best infant seat right now. Here's my short list - anything I'm missing? 1) KeyFit30 - excellent seat, no reservations about recommending, used it with my last two boys. 2) Britax Chaperone - adds rebound control and...
  20. AK Dad

    Great experience yesterday talking ERF w/ average parents!

    I helped out for a few hours yesterday at the Anchorage Kid's Day event where the Alaska Injury Prevention Center had a booth. Our primary focus was on booster-age kids, but we had more techs than demo seats, so when I was free I actively started conversations with as many parents of infants as...

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