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  1. capeKO71

    Evenflo coupon

    fyi - evenflo has coupons on each of their product pages for $5 off an evenflo car seat. I just used 8 of them at walmart last night for some seats I needed for my program (didn't have time to wholesale order them). Just thought I'd pass it on!
  2. capeKO71

    Check-up Event, October 16th, Hyannis, MA

    To any techs... if you want to join us, please let me know. We will have a senior checker on-site for sign-offs. To anyone else - if you want to come get your car seat checked, feel free to come! Saturday, October 16th, 10 - 1 @ Tracy VW in Hyannis (Route 132, across from the Christmas Tree...
  3. capeKO71

    SKJP Monterey... leather...

    Have you guys seen this? I searched and didn't find a post... You can't tell me they had a lot of requests for this? Not to mention its BLACK leather. hot is all I can think. not to mention crazy amounts...
  4. capeKO71

    Joovy & snug & go...

    Thought it is interesting that Joovy is now marketing the snug & go... it's shown in a Maxi Cosi & Britax seat on the Joovy website. I can't imagine Dorel & Britax being overly joyed with this... It's a great idea for the joovy... because their strollers are very upright... but to be marketing...
  5. capeKO71

    Ronald McDonald's Hope Charities Commercial...

    I love this charity. they do great work. I just WISH they wouldn't have shown a bunch of 3-4 year olds riding in a 10 passenger van without boosters! They do have seatbelts on... but half of them have the belt going across their face... clearly they are too little! rant over. Just annoying...
  6. capeKO71

    ad campaign with misuse?

    Are these two seats in these campaigns marathons or roundabouts?
  7. capeKO71

    For sale: Clek Olli in Camo

    I have the seat, and the blue bag, but I'm missing the travel strap (to carry it). $50 shipped east coast, $60 shipped west coast. our current car does not have latch... and I prefer the fit of the Harmony when I have a child in a backless...
  8. capeKO71

    For Sale: Radian XTLS - 3/10 mfr date

    Hi all - I have a Bently Radian XTLS with mfr date 3/10. I'm just not using it. $210 shipped east coast. $225 shipped West Coast. I took some photos but they are horribly blurry... I'll try taking them again. It does have a few scratches on the bottom just from sitting on the pavement here...
  9. capeKO71

    Amazon has the True Fit Recline for $128 w/ free shipping The First Years True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat: Baby Good deal if you're looking for it...
  10. capeKO71

    Need some kids car seat photos

    Hi all - I am creating a brochure for our car seat program. I have photos of my kids... but they are on EVERYTHING... lol. We've used these same photos over and over again... I was hoping to freshen things up a bit. I'm specifically looking for the following: Newborn in an infant seat Older...
  11. capeKO71

    Need creative help... car seat mini-presentation

    I need a quick clip, that speaks to why we use car seats... possibly a crash test, or one of those euro ads that really has impact. We're receiving a nice sized award in two weeks, and I'm supposed to supply the guy giving us the award with something he can drop into a power point... any...
  12. capeKO71

    For Sale Marathon Cover and Roundabout Cover

    Hi all - these were donated to our car seat program at the center I work at ( and frankly, none of our clients use britax - so I thought the smart thing to do would be sell them and purchase a scenera - which we can always use. Marathon Cover - I forget what they called...
  13. capeKO71

    Anyone going to check out the live chat with NHSTA?

    I think it's being done through Twitter... Evenflo has info on it on facebook... I'm on my iPhone or I'd post more info... Just wondering if anyone was going to lurk a bit. It's from 2-3 today and all about child passenger safety...
  14. capeKO71

    texting while driving - facebook

    Just created this... more just because I'm tired of seeing everyone do it - and because it's a nice reminder to myself! So if you're on facebook - do me a favor and join this group - and then spread it around. :) thanks...
  15. capeKO71

    Maestro vs. Generations 65 Photos

    Just thought some of you would be interested in this... didn't see this comparison in photos... and honestly, the Maestro really surprised me. I received it today and I most definitely will be buying these vs. the Generations for our local program. So the stats: Maestro - harnesses from...
  16. capeKO71

    Quinny 3 Wheel Buzz $274 at toys r us

    fyi - use code TRUS95 on the Quinny 3 wheel buzz and it goes from $550 to $275! good deal! i thnk albeebaby has prices close to this - but not even this low.
  17. capeKO71

    ISO: Chariot Cougar 1 (or the Trek older models) single stroller/trailer

    I think this is our best bet for my son's up coming surgery... he'll need his leg out... so a regular stroller just won't work. and I just can't imagine pushing a wheel chair the whole time... -Kate
  18. capeKO71

    hmmm... I love the trunki... love the idea of this... but...

    not sure I love the execution...
  19. capeKO71

    Trade me your seat for...

    So I could really use a low profile seat for my son who is having this leg surgery... easy to get in and out of, and has a descent recline or at least a comfortable sleeping positioning. He's perfect in a booster - so the right booster could work too - but here's what I'm really looking for -...
  20. capeKO71

    this is interesting...

    YouTube - Best baby carrier - works better than baby slings and backp

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