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  1. mum2two

    Pregnancy seat belt???

    On my local Facebook I saw this ad for a 10.00 hook that seems to split the lap belt with a hook under the seat so it's off the pregnant belly, is this safe???? It's not for me, but I was just curious if it's even safety tested? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. mum2two

    Current recs for infant seats?

    A friend asked me to post for her. She is buying an infant seat (not convertible) as a gift. Will be used in a Camry and Nissan Murano. Budget isn't a huge issue, but she doesn't want something like the Orbit etc. Suggestions, can be purchased online or in Salt Lake City.
  3. mum2two

    Is rear facing before age 1 not a law in every state?

    I'm reading a thread on reddit and a husband is upset that his wife won't rearface his 10 month old DD for driving as she prefers to drive her around in her Mazda MX5. They have a Subaru but the wife likes the muscle car and insists the baby is fine forward facing in the Mazda. I thought no...
  4. mum2two

    Helping a friend pick out a convertible, help please!

    My kiddo's are out of seats but a friend has a 16 month old who needs a new seat. Stats- 20.5 lbs, 30 inches, 16 months, of course will be rear facing. This is the first child for the couple. Drive a Hyundai Sante Fe. Budget around 200.00. Lives in Salt Lake City so quite a few local...
  5. mum2two

    Cleaning Puke from a FOONF?

    On another forum someone is trying to get the puke smell out of her FOONF, but because the cover can't be removed it still really smells bad, any suggestions.
  6. mum2two

    Sticky the thread with new latch limits

    Can you Sticky to the top of this forum the new latch limits and the great thread that Ketchupqueen did with all the vehicles etc????
  7. mum2two

    Middle row of Mazda 5- is there a clip system?

    On another board someone asked a parent how they fit 3 car seats in the 2nd row of a Mazda 5, the dad explained that there is a clip system and he used the latch connectors for the infant seat in the middle. The outboard positions used the seatbelt. Is this possible? Or is he borrowing latch...
  8. mum2two

    Can install BLVD in jumpseat of 2010 Odyssey?

    Can I put a Britax Boulevard in the jumpseat of a 2010 Odyssey? If I can do that safely, and seat an adult on each side, it would give me more room for luggage. Posting for a member on another board, she's traveling tomorrow.
  9. mum2two

    Is it OK to use Backless booster in 97 Buick?

    DD who is 9, is currently in the Turbo HBB in the IL's 97 Buick. She is about 56" tall, all legs which is why she still barely fits in the Turbo, but the way the seatbelt comes out it's getting close to not fitting. Will it be ok to have her sitting without the HBB, there really isn't much of a...
  10. mum2two

    Cougar Regent Cover & Ashley Floral Classic MA Cover

    The Cougar is sadly no longer needed....still in very good condition, no significant flaws and the elastic is still tight. Has the strap covers and belly pad. Asking 30.00 plus postage/paypal fees. Ashley Floral also in very good condition, elastic still tight. No belly pad or shoulder strap...
  11. mum2two

    Lots of LEAPSTER GAMES!!!

    I have the following games for sale, I have the original boxes or can ship just the game. All work on all Leapster systems, the Amusement Park one says works with Leapster and Leapster 2. Prices do not include shipping. If you buy more than one I'll discount each additional game by a 1.00...
  12. mum2two

    Ashley Floral Marathon Cover for sale

    Ashley Floral Marathon cover, no belly pad or shoulder strap covers. In good condition. 20.00 plus shipping.
  13. mum2two

    ? Re seatbelt placement install in Regent

    DD finally gained weight and I had to switch from Latch to the Short Belt Path.... I've posted pictures and my question is, the lap portion of the seatbelt which originates from the side of the car and behind the captains chair lays across the seatback handle (it's a manual handle used to...
  14. mum2two

    Is this forum on Tapatalk?

    Just downloaded tapatalk for another forum and it's awesome....but can't find this one on there a secret name that I'm not using to search????
  15. mum2two

    Xpost not getting any response- Parkway headrest issue

    A friend is using her Parkway for a trip today... but the headrest won't stay up...I looked at it and didn't see what the problem is.
  16. mum2two

    Urgent help on Parkway headrest not staying up

    A friend is using her Parkway for a trip tomorrow but the headrest won't stay up...I looked at it and didn't see what the problem is. Suggestions.
  17. mum2two

    BRU Sunday AD?? What did I see?

    I was looking at the ad's in the Sunday paper. The BRU/TRU ad showed a RF child, but it looked more like a Nautilus than the MyRide....but I couldn't tell. Nice to see a RF toddler, hope it was a RF seat.
  18. mum2two

    Cares harness worth the 75.00?

    I'm going to need one I think, DS is 4, 35lbs, 40", a Regent is waiting for him at destination so no point in bringing a seat. We'll be flying a number of times this year, so the individual rental idea isn't great. I like the idea that he'll be contained a little better than just the lapbelt on...
  19. mum2two

    My DD in her Monterey I got for 81.83!

    My DD in her Monterey I got for 81.83!-new pics please advise UPDATE: NEW PICS after I raised the back up a notch, what do you think now?? The lapbelt fit well before it was the shoulder strap that was the concern. In the second picture I had her lean away from the shoulder strap to see if she...
  20. mum2two

    Monterey booster score for 81.83!

    Saw a big box at Target tonight up on the risers by the swings/bouncy seats...intrigued when I see Sunshine's a Monterey and it's PINK....check the price, it's 81.83 (an online return). It's still in the trunk but I want to make sure it's still new with all the tags etc, but am...

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