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  1. aisraeltax

    Question 2018 Mercedes GLC - installing rear facing car seat w/ Clek Foonf

    We had to get a new car (after 11.5 years...I miss my old car so much). The Foonf installs very easy, and well; however, there are no lower anchors in this car. my other car had lower anchors in front of all the seats (not the anchors in the seats...our new car has that...I'm referred to the...
  2. aisraeltax

    need advice re: one year old with Down Syndrome

    we have 3 seats right now. 1. Britax Chaperone 2. combi coccoro 3. Clek Ffonf baby boy just turned one and has been in the Britax Chaperone to date. He has been slumping forward the last few weeks (he's approximately 17 lbs). It has concerned me enough that I tried the Combi again, but...
  3. aisraeltax

    5 children/sedan vehicle. wwyd?

    i am asking this question for a friend b/c i honestly do not know what to tell her. please do not suggest a new vehicle; i do not think that is possible at this point in time (and was my first thought). if this were your scenario and you had no means to obtain a new vehicle, how would...
  4. aisraeltax

    Britax Multitech

    selling the Britax Multitech b/c my 6 year old is ready to ride forward facing. My 3.5 year old, who I was hoping to get another few years out of with this car seat, refuses to ride rear facing. I have done everything I can and I just can not manage him, my stress, and the dangers of him...
  5. aisraeltax

    HUGE problem w/ 2 year old undoing chest clip in Radian XT

    i need some serious help. this 2 year old is my spirited child. my 5 year old would have never considered doing this...just wasn't on his radar. the 2 year old thinks it is hilarious. i am about to have a heart attack. any advice on what i can do? products that, though after market, may...
  6. aisraeltax

    Looking to replace my Radian XT for 2 year old

    We have decided to order a Swedish seat for our 5 year old...he will stay in it until our 2 year old (currently 30 lbs.) is 40 lbs and out of whatever seat he ends up in until then. At that point, my older kid (probably around 7 will use whatever seat my 2 year old has used for the last 2...
  7. aisraeltax

    Britax Multi-Tech or Britax Two Way Elite

    can someone tell me the major differences in these car seats? I am looking at rear facing a 40 lb. 5 year old and would like to use it rear facing as long as possible. I found the Two Way Elite a bit more attractive bc it seems to have a similar design on the bottom of hte seat as the...
  8. aisraeltax

    Question Kia sedona latch limitations fite britax ma and blvd

    Friend has these seats....2008 kia Thanks
  9. aisraeltax

    comparison of internal width for high back boosters

    a friend of mine has a dd who is complaining that her Recaro is "too tight" (in the shoulder area). is there a thread or link that someone has comparing the internal width (around the shoulders) of high back boosters? my friend really wants to avoid going to a low back booster but her daughter...
  10. aisraeltax

    Prius 2 seats - 2 rear facing seats - any chance for a Radian?

    (i did search archives but all the threads i saw were referring to infant seats). we are considering a Prius. we have 2 Radian XT's (one XTSL). I am wondering if there is any chance of getting the Radians rear facing in the car? One son is age 5 right now in his XTSL (he's 42 lbs.). the...
  11. aisraeltax

    Lincoln navigator 2008

    c someone tell me the latch limitations for this car..and does the britax frontier provide limitations...trying to tell a friend with this seat and car how long she can use the latch. Thanks
  12. aisraeltax

    my cool doctor wants car seat safety info. for her website

    and asked me to help. im ecstatic. yesterday Elliott Pediatrics had an advertisement in Parenting NH about car seat safety. the ad was horrible. :( so, help me give my dr. some links :) thanks!
  13. aisraeltax

    decathalon - head position

    i have a friend who has a Britax Decathalon. she has a very small 2 year old girl (not sure her weight but a tiny 2 year old..think she is 32 inches though). my friend is concerned that her head is close to the top of the seat. can someone tell me the height rule for the decatholon? is it...
  14. aisraeltax

    Mercedes C230 Kompressor car seat install issues

    i tried to put 2 different car seats in my husband's car today. he wanted to take his car to the dealership and wanted to take our 4 year old with him. We have an extra My Ride so i tried that. Im my car, our kids are rear facing, but my son never rides in his car, and at this age, i didnt have...
  15. aisraeltax

    Tori and Dean - car seats improperly used in SO MANY ways

    anyone watch this show? im wondering if they get a lot of emails, gently suggesting that they have a certified car seat tech look at their car seat install, and perhaps even have it on the show, that this could be turned into a good thing instead of what it is right now. Apparently the straps...
  16. aisraeltax

    is a locking clip ok w/ a Radian?

    a friend of a friend is trying to install a Radian using her seat belts (long distance) and is referring to the locking clip. i dont know anything about locking clips, as i have never used them. are they ok w/ the Radian? not sure why she isnt using the LATCH. not sure yet what car she has.
  17. aisraeltax

    2005 Subaru Forester and Radian XTSL..can they like each other?

    sooo many Radian questions. a friend has a Subaru Forester and im trying to figure out if she can get the XTSL in her car. seems some Foresters can, but hers is a 2005 and i didnt see any of those mentioned. tia
  18. aisraeltax

    Albee baby having a crazy sale right now

    $120 off Regent, BV, and Marathon car seats. not all of course and better if you have a girl. ;) thought i would share.
  19. aisraeltax

    any seat higher harness than Nautilus?

    a friend of mine has a 4 year old that is about 55 lbs and is on the last slot of the Graco Nautilus (just turned 4 in December). She would like to keep him in a 5 pt there anything that will allow her to do so?
  20. aisraeltax

    best rear facing video

    im looking for the best rear facing video on but the ones i have found mention "1 year and 20 lbs" early thinking this isnt the best video b/c i would like to use a video that doesnt talk about the minimum. can anyone help? ill use the ones i found if i cant find...

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