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  1. mommycat

    Question Quick! Baby Trend Flex Loc in a 2010 Toyota Radford

    Have a family friend calling from the US trying to install a baby trend flex loc in a 2010 Toyota Radford. Any tips or tricks for either the car, the seat, or the combination? Anyone with a latch manual to see which seating positions have latch? Thanks!
  2. mommycat

    Question New regulations in NS??

    I am excruciatingly out of the loop so it's possible I missed something... Got a 3rd hand account in the Drs. office waiting room of a new law in NS that says babies must rear face till 2yo. Is there anything to this or did I get a garbled version of hear say about the AAP recs or similar? Thanks!
  3. mommycat

    Narrow European seats?

    A family member is expecting a third child. He has an Opel Astra 1 (1999 model). He will probably buy a van but in case I wanted to check for a potential 3-across. The older two are almost 5 and almost 2. They are both FF. Current seats are a Chicco of some sort and the other seat needs...
  4. mommycat

    Condor Airline - has anyone used a seat with them and if so, which one?

    Please and thank you. Just wondering which seats they (Condor) may have approved in the past!
  5. mommycat

    Question Info on: Ford Mondeo, Toyota Avensis, or Renault Laguna ?

    I am looking at rental cars for an upcoming trip and may have a choice in which vehicle I prefer. The options (all diesels, all supposedly 2011/2012 models) look to be: Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI SILVER X (115) Toyota Avensis 2.0 D4D LUNA (127) Renault Laguna 2.0 DCI EXPRESSION (130) Does anyone...
  6. mommycat

    Carkoon - anyone else see this article?

    Looks interesting, though a lot of testing left to go. I see potential issues with baby's arms getting in the way, etc. that they will need to evaluate. Here's their website...
  7. mommycat

    Would you use a booster on this trip?

    We are travelling to EU in July and I have been looking around for seat options for my 4yo DS. Most of the time we will be using public transport on this trip but I do need a seat for those times we ride in a car - it is not unlikely and may involve a 3-4 hr car ride right after our flight, so...
  8. mommycat

    FF seat for Condor flight... ?

    I am flying with Condor and they have specific dimensions the seat has to meet: Width 43 cm (16,9 inch) x depth of support base 45 cm (17,7 inch) x height 68 cm (26,7 inch) Any suggestions for a seat that might meet the Condor size restrictions? Does anyone know the dimensions on the Guide65...
  9. mommycat

    Calling the Cdn CSO CARES Harnesses...

    Can we get an update on where they are / supposed to be? I am looking for one for July. Please post an update if you have one of them and when it will be available again. Thanks!
  10. mommycat

    Harmony V7 - Install and other issues PLUS travel seat suggestions, please

    Hi all, I stopped in again to ask/update about the Harmony V7. I saw the previous threads but it looked like no one had installed yet? I picked up one of these thinking it would be a lovely seat to fly with this summer since it is narrow and light (yes I know, this was before I checked it out...
  11. mommycat

    Question Britax lockoff question

    Sorry for resurrecting an old news topic but I only just stumbled across this info now. I want to be sure I am getting this right. So, for the older (classic) seats Britax said you could use any combination of lockoffs: just one lockoff (either one, buckle side or far side) or both or none...
  12. mommycat

    Child w/ autism unbuckling Nauti chest clip and escaping...??

    I tried doing a search but didn't find much beyond velcro on the clip, butting over the harness or a backwards shirt. I will suggest the velcro but the child can do buttons and is old enough to pull off or lift up a shirt, so I'm not sure that's a solution. Am I missing something? Any new...
  13. mommycat

    Nova Scotia: Car Seat Check Stop and Information Session

    If you are a NS tech and are able and interested in lending a hand, please PM me! Car Seat Check Stop and Information Session Hosted by: Go As You Grow Kid's Gear in New Minas (Joint effort by Go As You Grow's technician, VESTED and Child Safety Link) Friday, June 17 · 2:00pm - 6:00pm...
  14. mommycat

    Good CPS segment on CBC's Maratime Noon today

    ETA - that was supposed to be segment in the title... :o The story was promoted as a "people are getting rid of their boosters too soon" story, but covered RF as long as possible, 5-step test (not named as such), tight installs, school buses, and some more stuff. You can listen to the...
  15. mommycat

    Question Nauti and UAS in booster mode?

    What was the final, FINAL answer on this? Was it different for Cdn Nautis vs the US? I have a friend converting her Nauti and her manual does not say that using UAS is an option, and I wasn't sure. Thanks! Cat
  16. mommycat

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    Thank you for following up on this, Gary. :thumbsup:
  17. mommycat

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    I only looked briefly at your linked doc, Pixels. I could interpret the EZ-On instructions two different ways. Option A - a la Debbie I am attaching a plot from the EZ-On instructions that I modified to show my understanding of the instructions from the plot and the "no more than 45 degrees"...
  18. mommycat

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    I would contact Ford and see if there is a possibility that predrilled locations exist in the floor panels, maybe under carpeting or something? Good luck.
  19. mommycat

    Tether Anchor Placement: Distance from Seat?

    I am not 100% sure as to the answer but I think it should be fine as long as it is an appropriate location wrt the plating etc as described in the E-Z-On instructions. Some hatchbacks/vans/SUVs do have tether locations on the roof or floor near the rear hatch opening so it seems like a potential...
  20. mommycat

    Nautilus 25%off for $187.49 at Canadian Tire

    The brown cover. :)

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