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  1. racesmom

    Ugh! I can't find a hbb to work for ds *and* my car.

    Never mind We'll figure it out. Thanks anyway.
  2. racesmom

    In Search Of Britax Roundabout

    Both of mine are about to expire and this really is my fave for a quick back up seat for my day care kids. If anyone has one that's accident free and still has some time left on it PLMK. And, LMK a price, shipping is to 52806. Thanks!
  3. racesmom

    I need a certified tech in the St. Louis area, PLEASE.

    I have an online friend with 6 kids. She was recently hit and had to replace all seats and her vehicle. She has a bunch of Radians in a Ford 9 passenger E-150 van and can't seem to get them tight enough. She had Radians before, so is familiar with how they install. Right now, she's not even...
  4. racesmom

    FFS: Older Snug Ride cover

    I destroyed a 2000 Freecycle'd Snug Ride yesterday, but decided to keep the cover. It's in good used condition. Red and green plaid. It's a little dusty from sitting in my garage for a couple months, and has a little milk on it. Looks like it would wash up nicely. I also kept the sun shade, but...
  5. racesmom

    Opinions on Radian XT use, please.

    I am looking to move my almost 5 y/o out of his Wizards. He's just at or slightly above the top harness setting, 17" torso best I can measure, 46 lbs. His Radian XT arrived today. It took a little work, but installed solid in the center lap belt of my '95 Saturn. My question is about how long ds...
  6. racesmom

    Question Best price for a in stock Radian?

    I'm finding $219 everywhere. Any cheaper? In stock please. Thanks!
  7. racesmom

    Vent Chrysler will no longer install free tether anchors

    After several phone calls to Chrysler HQ this is the final verdict re: my friend needing anchors in her '96 T&C. They did offer her a discount, but that will not usually be the case. I'll cross post this in my original post.
  8. racesmom

    Tether anchor install ? in a T&C

    Tether anchor install ? in a T&C **Update in #8 I have an online mom looking to get an anchor installed in a '96 T&C. The dealer told her the installation is no longer free. My purple tether book still says it should be free. I did give her the service bulletin #, but the dealer said that's...
  9. racesmom

    Anyone know if two Regents will fit?

    I have a friend looking to fit two Regents on the 2nd row bench seat of a 2000-2001 Sienna. She has one, but would like to know if another will fit. Anyone know? TIA.
  10. racesmom

    What seat is this?

    **Update** What seat is this? **Ok, I finally got to look at it last night. They were late so I only had about 5 minutes. It's a Safety 1st Intera. She bought it in a box with a backless booster??? They had it installed RF passenger outboard, belt not locked. :mad: It did install fine, but I...
  11. racesmom

    Evenflo Triumph Recall
  12. racesmom

    Anyone around to help with this? She'll be here in an hour or so. The manual isn't available online. I can't get through to Dorel. Thanks!!
  13. racesmom

    Quick! AO LATCH

    A mom approached me at church last night needing help with her AO RF. She had the seat belt through the RF belt path, up over the legs, then back through the belt path. :eek: I did figure out how to get the belt under the cover. It was an ok install, but took some work. I'm not sure they...
  14. racesmom

    Parkway issues???

    I have two online friends that recently bought Parkway boosters. 6 y/o in a newer Suburban, 8 y/o in a (I forget) van. Both girls complain about sliding forward, being uncomfortable and hating the Parkway. Both moms have tried to work with the girls to show them how to sit back yet their bum...
  15. racesmom

    Best special needs seat for FF child??

    Child is quickly approaching the RF limit on his AO. Mom was planning on a Regent once he's FF, but she's wondering if his low muscle tone would cause issues with the Regent. He rode FF in his AO a couple months ago (one trip in a rental) and hated it. I've not worked hands on enough with the...
  16. racesmom

    FF Radian installation in a Suburban

    I have an online friend that is in serious need of getting a FF Radian to fit in the center lap belt/3rd row bench of her '04 Suburban for her 2 y/o. She'll have a BPB on each side. She's due in 6 weeks, so needs it all figured out and installed before then. She and I are both concerned about...
  17. racesmom

    Adding a bench seat to a van question

    The mom I'm trying to help, that's expecting twins making them an 8 passenger family, was wondering if the captain chairs in her T&C could safely be replaced with a 3 belt bench seat. Her kids are young so could climb over the seat to access the back row. Her thinking is this would save them...
  18. racesmom

    Need 8 passenger or more vehicles, please.

    I have a mom that is expecting twins looking for a family vehicle that will hold 8 or more. When the twins are born they'll have 6 kids, plus the two parents. Right now they have one in a harnessed seat, two in boosters and one in the l/s. They currently have a T&C van, but it only seats 7...
  19. racesmom

    International flights, can someone help?

    There's a question posted on Diaper Pin and I don't know the answer. I would think flights leaving from the US would be fine, but really need more info. Thanks!
  20. racesmom

    Need a Regent

    I have an online friend in need of a Regent asap. Anyone know where to find one in stock? Thanks!!!

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