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  1. azgirl71

    News CONGRATS!!!!

    I would like to congratulate 2 of our members here..... JKA1217 is now a Instructor and nmb is now a Technician Jenny you did awesome teaching. Welcome to my team Nakia it was great finally meeting yo in person and I am so glad you finally were able to take a certification class :)
  2. azgirl71

    Southern Arizona CPST course.....

    April 20-23, 2011 Sierra Vista
  3. azgirl71

    For Sale Muzzy Spanish I&II

    I paid $500 for these. I opened one DVD and we watched it once. All the others DVD's are still sealed. I just don't have time and Tucker is in school all day. $155 obo shipping in the US Spanish I: DVD 1- Spanish 1-3 DVD 2- Spanish 4-6 DVD 3- Vocabulary building DVD 4- English version of...
  4. azgirl71

    Nikon Mount Sigma Lenses

    All gone
  5. azgirl71

    1999-2009 Color Pictorial....

    for car seats is now posted :D.,2009NP.pdf
  6. azgirl71

    Lifesaver's presentations

    I believe they now have them all posted if anyone is interested.
  7. azgirl71

    For Sale Brand new Regent Sahara cover

    I bought this as a spare cover for my Madison Regent. I just sold the Regent and they did not want the Saharah cover too. It has never been out of the plastic bag it came in. Comfot pads included too. $65 shipped OBO
  8. azgirl71

    2009 Latch MAnual owners

    For those of you with the 2009 LATCH manual. On page 328-329 is service bulletin 99-09-40-004A APR 05 Restraints - Child Seat Top Tether Attachment Kits. I do not have a copier that you lay the book on. I would have to tear out my pages to copy them. Could someone please copy this for me and...
  9. azgirl71

    For Sale License plate frame....not because I want to

    Well the fine state of AZ that I live in has decided that begining in JAnuary you can get a $130 fine if your license plate frame covers anypart of the word ARIZONA. We have over 50 different plate choices here, so they said they had to do this. They sell for $11.99 plus shipping. Asking $10...
  10. azgirl71

    For Sale NIB GoGo Kidz travelmate...never opened

    Title says it all. I bought this about a year ago. I paid full price for it $80 I believe. The invoice is actually still on the box. I have never even opened it. Asking $50 plus shipping. My zip is 85650 it will ship in a package size item. weight is 7 lbs. You can calculate postage here.
  11. azgirl71

    For Sale Pink Frontier

    SOLD!!! Thanks Becky! I have only used this for training. It has not been registered. I was hoping to use it for Tucker, but one it does not install well with the seatbelt in my Dodge Ram, two Tucker is still shy of 25 lbs at nearly 3 yo, tree I could use the money right now. I will have to...
  12. azgirl71

    Change for Britax Parts

    I usually browse Britax parts a couple times a month. Well I just went to browse and they now require a DOM for ordering parts.
  13. azgirl71

    For Sale Musty Spider stroller

    SOLD Well, I am not feeling the love for the Blue Musty Spider stroller I bought from Lovinwaves. I paid $136 shipped. Will sell for $110 shipped funded PayPal. You can use a CC, but you need to cover the fees. Probably about $3-$4. I only used this 2 times. One side of the frame is now...
  14. azgirl71

    NEW USAA Brochure

    I wanted to let you all know that USAA has a updated carseat installation guide available. It was updated in June 2008. You can order them here. Just click order publications. It is under vehicles. I have not read through it yet, but their info is usually pretty good. Best of all they are FREE!
  15. azgirl71

    Sears having some great sales

    I just got back from Sears where tucker got a entire new wardrobe for dirt cheap. Joe has the reciept or i could tell you the exact cost. He had a couple of theings on there too. I am going to guess $75 of the $152 bill was for tuckers clothes. I bought mostly 2 piece outfits, a few 3 piece...
  16. azgirl71

    For Sale 52 inch Retract-A Gate

    I have it listed on ebay right now. I love that this is not a hard gate for children to fall into. The website says it is great for pets too. 2 of my dogs scratch, so I did not try it with them.
  17. azgirl71

    In Search Of Seats for training

    Hi everyone. Most of you know by now that I am an instructor now. I am in need of the following training seats...I do not have a lot of money, but could cover shipping. I have already tried CL with no luck. Infant seats Convertible seats Combination seats T- SHileds OHS carseats Shield...
  18. azgirl71

    I have 21 auctions on Ebay right now, plus more

    I have to find a way to pay off my CC and PP credit so I am selling my Boyds and Bearinton bears. I have a lot of them listed right now , but still have another rubbermaid to go through. Here is a link to one of them. You all know how to find the others...LOL. I have not listed them yest, but...
  19. azgirl71

    I listed my MB Breeze on CL

    Mods please move this to swap if you feel it should be there and not here. I bought the Cabana Orange Breeze from Jools awhile back. I love it, but could not get used to the fixed front wheel. I broke down and bought a Plumb MB Urban. I took it ot the bike shop and had the tires treated. Whne...
  20. azgirl71

    For Sale 11 Pocket Change Diapers....Medium various colors

    11 Pocket Change Diapers....Medium various colors $75 shipped SOLD Well, now that Tucker has been potty training I have not use cloth in 3 weeks. I have 11 Pocket Change diapers in size medium. 2 Pocket Change inserts included with each diaper (1 flannel and 1 terry). These daipers are in EUC...

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