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  1. zavyirsdaddy


    Not sure where else to ask but I have an individual I care for that has Down’s syndrome and is about 4’5”. She refuses to wear her seatbelt correctly and her feet hang down and don’t come close to the floor. Is there anything safety wise I could do for her? She’s around 145lbs.
  2. zavyirsdaddy

    Question 2016 Ford Focus st

    I need recommendations for a convertible seat that has a no retread harness. It’ll be used for a 17 lbs 9 month old and a 27 lb 18 month old and a 28lb 2 1/2 year old, all rearfacing. Not looking to spend a lot of money as it’s a back up seat. We generally use extend 2 fits in our truck. I’m...
  3. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Extend 2 fit

    Before I start playing with my seats, does anyone know if 3 extend 2 fits will fit in a 2016 Ford Focus st hatchback? I can do either 2 rf and 1 ff or 2 ff and 1 rf.
  4. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Sonus or guide 65 sport?

    Baby is 12 months, about 20lbs and rfing. He’s 90+% for height.
  5. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Infant seat

    Ok, so my wife doesn’t like the stroller that comes with the sonti (already purchased) so we are returning it. I’m in the market for an infant seat for a baby around $120 or so (over is ok if not too much). Current stats are 20 3/4in long and 8lbs 12oz. She’s 2 months old. I’m not able to...
  6. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Car seats and coats

    I know coats aren’t ok in car seats other than something like a fleece. I was wondering if this would be ok?
  7. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Tech help

    Could a tech please message me?
  8. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Harnessed seat for 6 year old

    I’m looking for a narrow harnessed seat for a 42lb 6 year old. A booster is not an option - she’s not ready. I need to put her in the 3rd 40 side in a 2014 Lincoln Navigator. Thank you for you help!
  9. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Sorry for all the questions

    We've never had a baby so small so I'm at a loss with our granddaughter. Is this seat good for preemies? She's currently 4lb 1oz. And is already home and passed her car seat test. She's in foster care currently but will be coming to live with us so we need to prepare. Thank you!
  10. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Extend to fit with 4lb preemie?

    Has anyone tried an extend to fit with a 4lb preemie? Our granddaughter will be coming to live with us soon and we own 2, hoping to not have to buy something else, but we will if needed.
  11. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Where oh where can it be? Tether anchor.

    I can't locate the top tether anchor point for the 3rd row in my 2014 Lincoln Navigator. Can anyone help? It has the picture indicating the anchor point, but there is no where for me to connect it.
  12. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Seating arrangements.

    Who would you put where? 2014 Lincoln Navigator Seats available: 2 cosco scenera next Graco extend 2 fit Radian rxt My ride 65 Frontier 85 Kids: 8 month old (rf) 20 month old (rf) 5 year old (ff) 12 year old 14 year old Occasional 11 year old.
  13. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Do you own a scenera next?

    Could you please take a pic of the outside bottom so I can see how the straps are routed through? I took mine apart to wash and can't remember which slots they go through now. Thank you!
  14. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Preemie

    Looks like my granddaughter will be a preemie. Her brother and sister were around 3lbs each. I'm looking for car seat recommendations. I drive a 2012 Dodge Journey and my wife has a 2013 Dodge Dart. Current seats in the journey are a myride 65 (rfing), frontier 85, and extend 2 fit (rfing)...
  15. zavyirsdaddy

    New seat

    Just wanted to share that we FINALLY picked a new seat and got it today :-) This is my grandson, he's 5 months old.
  16. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Multi-child seat

    Is there a good seat that can be used for multiple kids? Meaning - easy to change the straps? It would be used for a 16 month old and a 4 month old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. zavyirsdaddy

    Question 2013 Honda Pilot

    I'm going to look at a pilot tomorrow. My question is, are the seats I have compatible? 4 month old in an evenflo bucket 16 month old rf in a scenera 5 year old in either a radian rxt or frontier 85. The 4 month old will likely move to a scenera soon. I also have a 12 year old and 13 year...
  18. zavyirsdaddy

    Question What seat?

    I'm helping my daughter pick a seat for my grandson. He's currently in an evenflo embrace or radian rxt in my vehicle. He's 3 months old, about 13lbs and 25" long. He's 85% for height and 20th for weight. So I imagine he's going to be a tall skinny kid (like my boys). She drives a 99 Acura...
  19. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Boulevards

    Does anyone know the width of 2 rf boulevards and 1 ff boulevard? Would they work in a Dodge Dart? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. zavyirsdaddy

    Question Ride safer travel vest

    Is the travel vest as safe as a 5-pt harness? I'm trying to puzzle a 3 across in a Dodge Dart and I think it'll work if I do a booster seat plus the travel vest. The child is 5 and 40lbs and about 43" tall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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