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    Need a tv

    So we have been using R's old tv, it's like 24 inches, for a long while now. But tonight there's a black band at the top of the tv so I know it's time for a new tv. My old tv was an expensive Samsung, it was like 8+ years, pretty clear and the sound was nice. I believe it was a 720P, as is the...
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    New another seat, Frontier too small??

    SO I suggested a Britax Frontier to a friend for his almost 4 yr old. The child is big, in every way. I believe he is about 60lbs, tall and wide. They say he doesn't fit in the seat, that his logs go over the cup holders and they don't want to buy a seat that won't last. I don't really...
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    Question Help, time sensitive.

    My ex wanted recommendation for his son. I suggested the Graco Nautilus Elite and the Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight, he drives a 2011 hyundai sonata. I would like to know if the Frontier will fit in this car, and I'm kind of recalling that you have to use the tether and have a headrest behind...
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    Question Possible seat belt issue

    When R was taking off her seat belt (front seat) I noticed there was a crack, here's a pic Mine Hers
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    looking for a car seat a friend

    The child is newly 3 yrs, 39in and 39lbs, not sure of the car. Below are your recommendations, which out of those would most likely be the easiest install, generally fit in most cars. Combinations/Harnessed Boosters (forward facing with harness or as a booster without harness) Evenflo...
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    Best infant seat in Prius C

    Easiest install and one where the passenger seat isn't moved all the way up. Is there a better option than a Chicco Key Fit 30, which is what they have.
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    DST settings

    This happens every year at this time. I keep getting a flashing DST setting, usually it flashes like 3-5 times, every time I come on and it could do this for a week or a couple weeks. But now it does it way too long, I counted 36 times. Is there something I need to do?
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    So many new car seats, need rec

    Friend needs a second seat for child care. All I know now is the child is about to be 2, 40lbs and tall. I should have a torso height later on today, but recs on a very inexpensive, higher height and weight limit appreciated. Oh and something that can be used with out the tether hook, if possible.
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    Whooa, what's with the big giant ads?

    They just appeared, takes up the whole screen and I have to scroll down to get to the forums.
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    Older kids in front seat

    So R just turned 12, is 62 inches and 122lbs. She sits in the back but has been harassing me about when she can sit in the front, cause, you know ALLLL her friends sit in the front :rolleyes: I told her 15 :o she said it was 13, I looked it up and it's 13. What is the recommended age? There...
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    Recaro Performance Booster $92.99 on KidsWoot

    Is this a good deal on Recaro Performance Booster?
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    Total Girl camis

    What happened? Not cool to get rid of something of decent quality. JCP sold these and they are really nice, nice material, nice fit, didn't ride up and had a shelf inside. They stopped selling them :eek: I have yet to find a cami to fit R with a shelf inside, they don't make them for girls. As...
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    BenBat YummiGo Booster Seat & Storage

    This is cute.
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    Big ads

    I have two big ads on my page and have to scroll down to see the threads, never had to do that before. Using Chrome.
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    Kids Woot-GyroBowl-$9.99
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    Need a convertible

    Baby is 6mo and 22lbs. Car is 2010 Sonata. Encouraging RF as long as possible, so something with high weight limit, easy to install and take in consideration the child may always be "big". He's not really fat, just solid. TIA
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    Self installing car seats?

    Has anyone seen these?
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    Incognito Kid-Positioning Seat

    What's the deal with these? I have been on the site everyday twice a day since Genevieve posted and everyday it says coming soon and now it says out of stock. I'm thinking this is one of those things that's going to be really hard to get an I'm pretty sure I really need one :(
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    New 5-step pics

    I'm uploading new pics. I don't think the shoulder belt fits right, if she moves I think it will cut into her neck more. As I mentioned in another thread I would like to keep her in the booster until she's 10.

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