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    Car Seat Segment on the Marilyn Denis Show

    I think this aired yesterday? Not sure I saw a link on FaceBook. Anyone care to comment? The video is here
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    Scenera on sale at walmart!

    $59.97.... Great deal if you need one.
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    Price check... Beco 4th Gen

    Just wondering what it is worth and if there is any interest in it. Thanks!
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    Classic Marathon Allie cover....

    EEUC. Not sure what to ask for it... anyone interested? I can have it shipped from texas next friday.
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    Pool Noodles

    Just a friendly reminder... pool noodles are on clearance now at most stores. I bough a bunch of them for 94 cents each at Superstore. Might not be a bad idea to stock up now for winter ;). I'm sure the cashier thought I was some sort of pool noodle hoarder :p.
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    Something good from Sunshine Kids

    I know SKJP has come under a lot of fire here recently. I just wanted to post that I have had a good experience with them in regards to one of my seats losing stickers. They sent me stickers last year but now a few more of the original ones have fell off. They are replacing the seat free of...
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    Need a tech in Grand Prairie

    Just wondering if anyone is in the area. An old friend of mine needs help. Thanks,
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    Walmart deal!

    69.97 for the Scenera lx.... 40 lbs rfing :thumbsup:
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    News Infant padding on TruFit

    It was discussed previously (can't find thread) that the new TF manuals don't restrict use of infant padding past 22lbs providing child is still rfing. I called LC this morning to see if a friend of mine could use her padding on an older model. I was informed (after CSR put me on hold to verify)...
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    TFP orange strap...

    We are talking about the TFP (recent to Canada) on the Canadian forum and the short length of the orange pigtail strap. On our seats it is mounted to the outside of the seat and is so short that it causes the UAS strap to bunch up/pull away from the lock-off. Do the American seats also have this...
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    Price Check Allie cover for MA

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to sell my Allie cover locally and thought I would ask if anyone here needs/wants it. What would it be worth? It is in excellent condition.
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    News Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Seat, Base Release Handle

    Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Seat, Base Release Handle TP 14566 – Public Notice Child Restraint Systems 2010-P01 E February 5, 2010 Road Safety Information: 1-800-333-0371 1-800-333-0371 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Where is the KeyFit made?

    I can't seem to find an answer for this but I keep getting asked. So, where is it made?
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    Help with Kefit questions please...

    I'm hoping someone has encountered this... I was showing some soon to be parents the installation of the seat without the base. I looked for a locking clip and there isn't one and the manual doesn't seem to address how to lock the vehicle belt (the vehicle had older cinching latch plates that...
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    Looking for a higher end SUV....

    that has 3 sets of LATCH in the second row and that all three sets of LATCH are centred (as in no off centre LATCH). Thanks!
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    Graco SafeSeat Sale

    Just thought I would let everyone know that has the Portica SafeSeat for $159.99 and Nov.9th to Nov.22nd it will be up to $25 off. includes standard UPS shipping (7-10 business days) in their prices :thumbsup:. Graco SafeSeat Portica
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    LATCH Lookup please ~ 2010 Sante Fe

    Seem to have misplaced my LATCH manual... In the 2010 Hyundai Sante Fe, is their centre LATCH available?
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    CRST in the Oakville area....

    A retailer in Oakville would like to hold a clinic this weekend and they are looking for volunteers. Please PM me for more information if you are free. TIA!
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    What is this?

    Found this last night.... is this the research we heard a bit about in the spring? Research Testing - Child Protection Crash Research
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    Rear tethering in Honda Element??

    Can anyone tell me if there is an appropriate place to rear tether (Swedish style) in a Honda Element (2006 model)? TIA!!

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