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  1. Kegracin

    Are there any new boosters coming?

    I keep watching the blog but are there any new boosters coming out?
  2. Kegracin

    Any new boosters coming out?

    Are we expecting any new boosters? I know there is a new cybex coming but anything else? Posted via Mobile Device
  3. Kegracin

    What to buy

    I need one more seat. Kids are : 6.5 needs to be harnessed has a frontier 5.5 she's 67lbs 48 inches currently in a frontier she's booster trained and for the most part fine in a booster (she's also has a crazy tall torso). Now here's the issue I have one fr85 that lives in grandmas edge...
  4. Kegracin

    Intel smart chest clip

    Hmmm....more fun after market products??
  5. Kegracin


    One of my friends just got this I'm waiting for him to respond to my questions be he claims it gets better gas milage then the Eco boost. Eta 28.8 he said was his best tank 25-27 is normal for him and he said that it has a smaller head rest in the back middle. it's the Eco diesel. I'm a...
  6. Kegracin

    Baby jogger city elite

    She's 45ish inches with a 17inch torso 25ish inches from bum to head she started to get wiggly if that helps any. Eta she's 4.5 at the top of the charts her 5.5 yr old brother who is average is 1inch shorter and at least 8lbs lighter.
  7. Kegracin

    Any one tried a Guide 65 in the third row of large GM SUV

    Has any one tried a guide 65 or one of its cousins RF in a Suburban/Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade.
  8. Kegracin

    FB Post from Srollerqueen re: Baby Jogger City Mini

    Does that have the numbers your looking for I can grab a picture of the tag as well.
  9. Kegracin

    What seat would you get?

    In DH's Explorer lives a FR90 and FR85. In my 03 Yukon I have and FR85sict and I need a second seat I just dont know what kind of seat I want....I'm leaning towards a booster. DD is 4 shes probably 44inches and 55lbs, DS is 5 hes 43inches and 42ish lbs (Hes a horrible booster rider and will...
  10. Kegracin

    Found--ISO Marathon 70 cover

    Found! Looking for a britax marathon 70 cover boy/GN colors.
  11. Kegracin

    Question Any one try a Recaro prosport/proformance sport in third row

    Any one have a prosport/ proformance sport in the third row of the 05 escalade/suburban/Yukon. I'm thinking all should have similar third rows.
  12. Kegracin

    Cheap onboard air 35s/onboard 35

    Safety 1st has two onboards and an onboard 35 in the hot deals section.
  13. Kegracin

    Question 1990 Ford Taurus convertible carseat?

    I agree. I should have added that in the original post, for nice tall boosters maybe a britax parkway but should your cars back seat be like my 01 the original booster I suggested might work and not upset the little people to much. Attached is a picture of my 10.5 yr old who is pushing 5ft...
  14. Kegracin

    Any one seen any sales on kids bogs?

    Any one seen any good sales on kids bogs?
  15. Kegracin

    best price for chicco travel system

    Any one seen any good chicco labor day sales?
  16. Kegracin

    Small buses CR options??

    So do I have more options for a LO on a small bus? Or is the Star harness the way to go on a small bus as well?
  17. Kegracin

    What strollers take two Onboard Air 35?

    The only one I'm finding is the Kolcraft contours double stroller, is there others? I didnt OB Air listed for the joovy frame stroller or the babytrend.
  18. Kegracin

    Question Maclaren Triumph or other??

    Not the best picture but she does fit she wears a size 5 top.
  19. Kegracin

    Cybex ruby vs Volo

    SIL wants me to find her a cheap umbrella stroller which one is preferred? I should add she doesn't want cheap cheap just something under $100 ish I guess. Oh and a shoulder they can carry it onto the train. (They have twins decided that two single umbrella strollers would be...
  20. Kegracin

    Can some one with a Truefit help me?

    I guess this is what they sent her

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