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  1. christineka

    Recycling car seats and voc emissions

    I've got a local guy thwarting my efforts to collect expired car seats for recycling. He says that the voc emissions from recycling hard plastics is more of an environmental impact than filling the land fill. Anyone have any sort of research or study or other information on the impact of voc...
  2. christineka

    Cardiff headrest

    I bought one and it arrived today. For the cost, it should come assembled- or at least with more detailed instructions. I just shredded my finger (and applied neosporan and band-aid). This is the instruction guide...
  3. christineka

    SK/Diono Monterey Belt guides: what's out now?

    I'm borrowing the SK Monterey from 2010. I like it. It works well in my van with my kids. The shoulder belt guide is awesome. I'm sure the belt couldn't fall out. Is the current belt guide the same or different?
  4. christineka

    RideSafer Travel Vest Faqs- Do you believe them? Here are a few quotes: Check out the section on using the vest with booster. Basically, it's not approved, but we don't have any evidence showing that it's unsafe, but don't do it because it's not allowed, even if it's probably fine.
  5. christineka

    Hondai Tucson 3 across

    Age 3 and 4 forward-facing. Both tiny children, who will fit in pretty much any forward-facing seat. Add in a newborn baby. Current seats are: 2 original chases, a snugride 22, and a harmony youth booster (backless). They need seats to fit 3 across- as cheaply as possible.
  6. christineka

    A lifetime of car seats

    I posted a similar thread for my oldest daughter. My second daughter has been out of car seats for almost a year now, so I thought I'd make up a post of all of the car seats she's sat in over the years. I wasn't so obsessed with car seats back in the olden days, however and I didn't take very...
  7. christineka

    In Search Of purple probooster cover!

    Not sure what it's called, but I want the purple one! I have envy to trade or can just buy, but I'm looking for less than what it costs from Recaro. (If I have to shell out that much, I may as well buy new.) I'm also willing to just buy the whole seat for no more than around $55, so if you...
  8. christineka

    LATCH plus seatbelt and vehicle manufacturers

    Re: Nice work on the webinar today, Trudy! Since the webnar, I've been trying to find out from vehicle manufactueres, other than ford whether they would allow the use of both seatbelt and latch, if the car seat allows. So far, vw is the only company that has given me a response and it is in...
  9. christineka

    Best deal on FR85?

    I saw something yesterday about the frontier being under $200 somewhere, plus maybe there was a coupon code as well? Anyone have any ideas?
  10. christineka

    For Sale or Trade Have Envy Probooster Cover- looking for something else!

    I have a brand new envy cover. I have an aspen cover, which is softer. Both my son and daughter like aspen for the way it feels. I'm looking for something that feels the same. I know my son would prefer midnight. If the purple cover is soft, then my daughter would like that as well. I'm...
  11. christineka

    2011 vs 2013 recaro probooster comfort foam

    I have two 2011 and two 2013 proboosters. The 2011s are being sold. I'm swapping covers right now because someone wants the 2013 cover and I'm selling the 2011 seat. (Buyer is aware of dom and expiration.) The 2011 seat has kinda rubbery comfort foam that seems to be specially molded to the...
  12. christineka

    kmart's booster bundle

    Kmart is now offering bundles with backless boosters. You can get a backless booster AND sippy cups! Oh yeah, backless boosters are so appropriate for kids, who are still drinking out of sippy cups.
  13. christineka

    Evenflo's Parent Link Rep on rear-facing height limits

    As directed per Evenflo's facebook rep, I called evenflo's parent link to ask about using the triumph 65 rear-facing beyond 37 inches. I spoke with Amanda. She told me that as long as my daughter had at least an inch of shell above her head and her legs were comfortable, it is fine to...
  14. christineka

    Recaro on stabilizing probooster with pool noodles

    I asked and asked again. Finally, I was given an answer from Gayle. It is allowed to stuff sections of pool noodles under the sides of the probooster as long as the base of the seat does not lift up. Probooster is on my very short list of boosters :)
  15. christineka

    News The First Years' Unite Shipping date!

    I received a shipping notice of my First Year's Unite. Estimated ship date is May 15-25th. (I got a good deal, having preordered over 2 years ago, when on sale.)
  16. christineka

    Request for photos and feedback on boosters in sienna

    I need a booster for middle row, captain's chair. It has to have big wings and a top belt guide position of around 21 inches, so probably recaro vivo, probooster, monterey. Anything else? Peg booster maybe? Can I see some photos and hear some experiences with the seats? Is the probooster...
  17. christineka

    Is there any evidence of fatalities due to the use of the aoe as booster?

    I often read that the alpha omega (and clones) makes a "deadly" booster. I understand proper belt fit, etc, but is there any evidence to support this designation as a "deadly" booster? I have been saying "unsafe" or "ill-fitting" booster for years, but the jump to calling it "deadly" is hard...
  18. christineka

    Vehicle manuals and top tethering

    I asked for clarification from Britax on how to tether with the versa tether. I was told to do as the vehicle manufacturer directs. If there is no direction from the vehicle manufacturer, then go with the most direct route, which is usually around the headrest. I checked out my toyota sienna...
  19. christineka

    For Sale Red Diono cover, radian 80, and a maxi cosi Rodi

    I'm decluttering. I tried rotating the photos in photobucket. It works there! Item number 1 is a Diono Cover for the radian r120. It also fits on the r100. Comes with all pieces. No smoke or pets. $55 shipped or $40 plus shipping. All items are from a non-smoking family, no...
  20. christineka

    locking the belt after using the lockoff

    Should you lock your alr seatbelt after engaging the lockoff on the seat? Does it matter which brand seat it is? Are there any seats with lockoffs that forbid locking the seatbelt after engaging the lockoff?

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