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  1. msuarez919

    Question Britax Frayed Strap Issues, Again. PLEASE HELP.

    So I have gone through 2 Advocate 70 CS's, 2 Frontier 85's and now a Frontier 85 SICT. They all have the same issue. I purchased the first Advocate 70 back in November 2010 and the Frontier 85 in January 2011. Early March I noticed significant fraying on the F85's harness tightening strap and...
  2. msuarez919

    Frontier 85 vs. Frontier 85 SICT

    Here's my review from Amazon. It presupposes that you are familiar with the F85 and want to know more about the SICT. If you're even slightly debating the SICT (Side Impact Cushion Technology), I think there is obviously some merit to Britax's technology. I'm no car crash expert but it seems...
  3. msuarez919

    Phil & Teds Hammerhead Bundle for $449 plus shipping at zulily

    Includes Hammerhead stroller, doubles kit, double storm cover, double sun cover and Thirsty Work universal bottle holder.
  4. msuarez919

    Britax Frontier 85 SICT shipped for $240 from Amazon!

    This is the lowest price I've seen so far. And from Amazon! Also has Amazon's pre-price guarantee that if the price goes down before the ship date, you'll be reimbursed the difference. Not that the price would go down, it's only $31 more than the regular Frontier 85! If you're in the market for...
  5. msuarez919

    Question Has Anyone Purchased From

    I'm looking to upgrade my son's Frontier 85 to the new Frontier 85 SICT and they have the best price online. It's a B & M store in Sacramento that also sells their inventory online. I'm worried about purchasing from a store/website I've never heard of and purchasing something that's a pre-order...
  6. msuarez919

    Frayed Strap (pics) and Britax Customer Service

    Just wanted to take a second to RAVE about Britax customer service. I had heard it's who picks up the phone that makes the difference but after 3 calls with 3 different CS reps, I only got competent, get your situation handled kind of people. I initially called because I had noticed some fraying...
  7. msuarez919

    Question Which Stroller Would You Get?

    The first: It's barely been used by grandparents. She said she thought it was a 2005 but I'm thinking from comparing pics that it's a 2004. She says it's a 10 cosmetically and like I said, barely used by the child's grandparents. Not sure of...
  8. msuarez919

    Question What Do You Think About Buying Strollers On Ebay, Reputable or Not?

    I'm not really talking about individuals who are selling a stroller their child has outgrown but the huge power sellers who mostly sell baby gear. I've heard that some people get items that have serial numbers removed so that the manufacturer warranty is void. Why? It seems so shady and makes me...
  9. msuarez919

    Question Need some Peg Perego stroller help!!! Opinions please!!!

    I have a Chicco Capri/C6 and I really like it. It's done me well but I've started taking some long walks with my 2 kids and the almost 4 year old is having a hard time keeping up. I imagine as it gets hotter, this will become an even bigger issue. So I've started looking at stroller boards that...
  10. msuarez919

    Is this right? New to installing Frontier 85...

    So I went with the long belt path install and got it rock solid -- but it looked a bit crooked due to the fact that it took and an act of God to get the thing in there by myself. The seatbelt *just* made it to the buckle and it took a bit of bouncing (and cursing and grunting...) towards the...
  11. msuarez919

    Recaro ProSPORT vs. Britax Frontier 85? Help?!

    I was lucky enough to win a Recaro ProSPORT harness to booster for my almost 4 year old. He was very close to outgrowing his Britax MA and I had planned on purchasing a Britax Frontier 85 for him soon (I've been so happy with the Britax seats we've purchased for both of our kids, it's what I'm...
  12. msuarez919

    Question Do I have rear side airbags or rear head curtain airbags in my 2003 Nissan Altima SE?

    Specs say these features are optional. Several sources online state that the rear side airbag seams are very hard to find/see. I'm not even sure what I should be looking for regarding the rear head curtain airbags (not even sure what they are!). Where are these features located in the car (if in...
  13. msuarez919

    Question Help! What's the Best Way To Arrange 2 Car Seats (one RF, one FF)?

    I have an older car (a 1998 Honda Accord) which has no rear side airbags and have the car seats installed next to the doors. This worries me to no end. Is there a better way to set up the car seats (especially for my FF 4 year old) that might be safer? Here's my info: 10 month old RF in a...
  14. msuarez919

    Black Friday 2010

    Will there be any Britax (the new 70 models) sales going on for Black Friday this year? Did anyone see Britax go on sale last BF (either online or in store)? Thanks!
  15. msuarez919

    Is $277.05 the cheapest I can get a Britax Advocate 70 CS?

    So and are having a Britax Sale with 22% off all new model carseats (plus no tax and free shipping). In addition, you can use (which I've never used before :confused:) to receive 4% back on this purchase (but only through Here's the...
  16. msuarez919

    Is Britax's Advocate 70 CS "Side Impact Cushion Technology" Really Worth the Extra $$$?

    Any thoughts? I keep going back and forth between the Boulevard 70 and the Advocate 70 CS (and I could care less about the CS because A. I don't need it and B. the two I've gotten my hands on didn't click to let me know my child was harnessed tightly enough)... Is this (the side impact cushion...
  17. msuarez919

    Question Any Britax Cowmooflage Users Out There?

    I need some help deciding if the cowmooflage cover is right for me. After months of research I've finally decided to purchase another Britax (the first is a classic Marathon with a granite cover that my 3 year old son has been using) for my 9 month old daughter and this time, I'm going big and...

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