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  1. courtfrog2

    Car-Seat.Org 20th Anniversary Guestbook and Chat Thread

    This is so cool! Can't believe it's been this long!
  2. courtfrog2

    What RF seat to buy??

    Stats: Approx 37 inches tall. Torso sitting is approx 14 inches 23lbs... yes... this is correct Needs to be rear least until he gains weight He will be 8 years old when we get him, but teeny tiny. 12 month shorts fit him perfectly. I have a Radian that will go in Hubby's truck...
  3. courtfrog2

    Any techs near Toronto?

    I have a friend who will be needing help installing her RF car seat. She lives near Toronto. She is in Hong Kong until February adopting a little girl. The baby will be 1.5 when she comes home in February.
  4. courtfrog2

    I'm dreaming of a new cover!

    I told my DD1 that if they ever came out with a tie dyed cover I would have another baby! She's excited LOL.. The problem is DH is fixed and we are looking forward to grown kids... but it still would rock to have a tie dyed cover... maybe a frontier or a booster :p
  5. courtfrog2

    ISO: Maui Blue Britax Parkway

    I think my youngest is about to graduate from her Radian80 :crying: She's 7.5 so I guess I'm fine with it ;). Does anyone have a booster (Most likely the parkway in Maui) that would match a blue F150 truck. DH may agree if I can find something that matches his truck and is pretty (well, the...
  6. courtfrog2

    Radian 80 Foam question--Help

    I was taking the cover off of DD's Radian 80 seat (it's an 2008 model not SL) and noticed that a piece of the styrofoam was missing. It's a small piece, but I'm sure it's needed :rolleyes:. I have no idea where it's at or if it was even there. You'd think I would have noticed it the last time...
  7. courtfrog2

    ISO Frontier cow cover

    DD really wants a cow cover for her frontier 85. Also I think the cow would look awesome in my jeep. Anyone? I could trade the red cover if interested. I realize there is a very slim chance but thought I would ask anyways!
  8. courtfrog2

    Nook WiFi + 3G version

    This is the 2nd version I believe. I bought it about a year ago for my trip to China. Didn't have time to read after that. Then gave it to my dad and he liked it but is too "old" to figure it out... LOL. I can't go to his house daily to try and upload books from his very very slow computer...
  9. courtfrog2

    ISO: Banana Halloween Costume- for 10yo

    My middle daughter wants to be a banana for Halloween. I know this is a long shot, but thought I would check. She's in a size 10/12. My oldest is going as a sock monkey and they are convinced a banana will be perfect. Even a pair of yellow pants might work?? Any suggestions??
  10. courtfrog2

    Doll Graco Turbo Booster & double stroller

    Pics added in post #7 My daughter is finally willing to part with her Graco Turbo Booster that came with her doll a long time ago. It has a blue cover. In very good shape. She used it for a while with her american girl doll but now that we have the jeep and not the van, carseats in the jeep...
  11. courtfrog2

    For Sale Britax Regent Onyx

    I have a 10/07 Britax Regent in Onyx that I would love for someone to have. Excellent shape. This was one of the first seats I bought after becoming a tech. My older children used it for a long while and since then it's been sitting. Obviously no accident, no washing of the straps, and it's...
  12. courtfrog2

    ISO: Goodbyn lunchboxes (Bynto or Original)

    My older girls now want Goodbyn lunch boxes since the youngest got one for her Birthday. Just thought I would check here before I go out and buy them at full price. I JUST bought them lunchboxes and lots of containers... now they would rather have a Goodbyn. Doesn't matter if it has a...
  13. courtfrog2

    direct air made me check our booster (no back)...

    Obviously I knew we couldn't use it on the plane... I planned on stowing it. Nope they made us check it. Now I have visions of it being thrown :-(. It was only a harmony. Should I be worried?? DD is almost 7 so we thought the radian would be overkill. So here I sit in the terminal second...
  14. courtfrog2

    Need opinions on 5 point test for older DD's

    The girl in the blue (H) is 11 y/o and has been in a monterey up until now. Same with the girl in the green (E), who is 10. H is about 69lbs and about 1 or 2 inches away from being 4'9. Emily is about 4'6 or so and weighs 78lbs. I am trying them in a caravan, back seat. What do you think...
  15. courtfrog2

    RSTV size Large

    I have a size large RSTV (old style). Great shape. Just not getting much love here since she no longer goes to daycare after school. Any interest? $55 plus shipping, which shouldn't be too much since it's light.
  16. courtfrog2

    For sale- Radian 80 supercool cover

    It's not in terrible shape. Includes pads and stuff. Don't have a picture until I get home. Great for a spare. $25 plus shipping.
  17. courtfrog2

    In Search Of Diji games

    We found a diji game console for our 6 year old and am hoping to get her some games. Does anyone have any that they'd be willing to sell? Thanks!
  18. courtfrog2

    for sale: RSTV Old style- Size small

    Good shape. A little dingy from wearing it a lot, but never in accident or anything. Has everything with it- crotch strap never used, headrest never used, and tether strap rarely used. These never expire! $65 shipped
  19. courtfrog2

    rear facing in Element

    I just did a seat check today and installed a britax boulevard RF in an element. Installed fine, but my question is this: Is it okay to have the back seat reclined to give the 2.5 year old more leg room? The senior checkers said they thought the back seat has to be totally upright when a seat...
  20. courtfrog2

    ISO: boy preemie clothes and 1 cloth diaper for preemie

    Silly request so please do not laugh. My DD1 just got a reborn boy doll from my parents. Of course, it only came with one outfit and a she wants to change him. She has spend her saved $10 for two outfits at Walmart. Getting new outfits for a doll seems silly to me. Our salvation army has...

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