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  1. gsdguenter

    Question Used SUV, conversion or minivan for 6

    Can anyone recommend a good option for a used SUV, conversion van, or minivan (in that order of preference)? Riders- 6 total 2 adults 1 3 yr old ff 1 6 yr old in hbb 2 7 yr olds in nbbs I don't know budget but I can ask. I just know it would be used. Obviously they'll all grow up...
  2. gsdguenter

    Question Side facing seats

    Sorry in advance if this is long or scattered...I'm so frustrated right now! So, my dad just bought a Mercedes van that he retrofitted as a camper. He bought two captains chairs that go sideways behind the driver and front passenger seats. There are a few issues: 1. They are side facing...
  3. gsdguenter

    Seats Galore

    Trying to help fund my trip to SC to play in the IWFL All-Star game. Anyway, here are some seats I'm willing to part with. Ask for more details on each one :-) Frontier 85 blue - dom 5/12 Clek Foonf (the pink Paul frank one) Clek Ozzi (camo and black covers) - Dom 5/11/11 Clek Oobr (Paul...
  4. gsdguenter

    Traveling/flying with a 5 and 6 yr old

    I found out I was selected for the 2nd team IWFL All-Stars (women's pro tackle football) to represent the eastern conference and will be flying to Charlotte, NC at the end of July :-) Championship Week is in Rock Hill, SC. Anyway... I have a few travel questions, as I am flying with my mom and...
  5. gsdguenter

    In an accident

    First off, everyone's ok! I rear ended someone on my way home from PT today right in front of the state trooper's barracks (lovely, huh). Air bags didn't deploy (either her Nissan Sentra, or my Kia Sedona) but her whole rear bumper was ripped off. My hood and right front bumper are dented...
  6. gsdguenter

    Double stroller help please

    I'm posting on behalf of my cousin. He and his wife have aniridia (legally blind but have some vision - VERY limited). They have 3 kids, the oldest is 5 and isn't part of this question. They need a stroller to accommodate their 3 yr old, very petite daughter who has low tone and other special...
  7. gsdguenter

    Car Seat Playdate

    I was thinking of inviting LO's classmates over for a car seat check play date. Has anyone ever done this? Think it would be a good idea? I'd have it at my house and stress that people need to RSVP so I can be prepared. It would be pre-k and k kids. Parents would have to stay to...
  8. gsdguenter

    Oobr and TFP

    Both are in VGUC and bought from other members here. They just don't fit me needs and I have to de-stash. I wanted to love the Oobr more than I do. My DD has now outgrown the TFP rf so I have no need for it. I'll take pictures for those who are interested. Obviously nothing wrong with the...
  9. gsdguenter

    App not recognizing ive read something

    And its driving me crazy. How do I report this? You know, the little number shows up in the corner of the app saying how many thread your are subscribed to have not yet been read. So, you gi read each thread and then the number disappears. Well my numbers are dissipating and my OCD is...
  10. gsdguenter

    Babytrend Expedition

    Anyone know if the only infant seat that fits with the Babytrend Expedition is the Flex-loc? A friend of mine bought an expedition on CL for her upcoming baby, but wanted a Graco infant seat. From my brief searching online it seems only Babytrend infant seat is compatible.
  11. gsdguenter

    For Sale or Trade True Fit and True Fit Premier

    Selling a True Fit Premier that expires 4/20/18. In very very good used condition. I've listed it on my local CL for $120. As much as I'd love to trade, I need to sell only. Let me know if my prices are off. I'll add pictures as soon as I delete some from my account. My attachment limits...
  12. gsdguenter

    Question Yup, another is this outgrown threaf

    DD1 is 4 yrs 10 mon and 41 lbs. I was really hoping to rf to 5, but I'm thinking this might be outgrown. She still will rf in the MT in my van, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and flip her in DHs and my mom's car. Any thoughts?
  13. gsdguenter

    Good Deal on BOB? It's a BOB Duallie sport for $280. I'm supposed to go look at it next weekend. I have a MBUD that I've been running with but I wanted to see if this would work better. It will be for running 5-10K. Not for shopping or anything.
  14. gsdguenter

    Narrow seat solution pretty please

    My friend has a 2004 Honda Civic and is trying to get a three across in the back seat. All the kids are around 4 (like just turned 4 I think) and she insists on putting them all in boosters. I suggested harnessed seats but didn't get too far. So, she's looking for a third seat to go with the...
  15. gsdguenter

    toodler board for B-Agile

    Anyone know if this works on the B-Agile? Or, for that matter, which buggy board type thingy works well on the B-Agile?
  16. gsdguenter

    Help with putting RN back together

    Needed new harness straps for my xt but now I can't get one of the through the buckle! Help please :-)
  17. gsdguenter

    In Search Of Radian Harnesses

    Radian Harnesses - Actually Memory Foam I need to replace the harnesses on my XT and XTSL due to puke issues I was too lazy to clean and now there's no going back lol I couldn't find them on the Diono website, but I thought they were replaceable . . . ETA: I just bought them from Diono, but...
  18. gsdguenter

    For Sale or Trade LeapPad - Green - EUC

    It was a Chanukah flop and there is no need to keep it around. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post pictures. I bought it as a bundle from Walmart online for $139.94. It includes an AC adapter, never used but opened from box, and the game "LeapFrog Explorer & LeapPad Learning...
  19. gsdguenter

    I've got mail!!!!!

    My TF from and my Ozzi from nbd came today :-). The Ozzi is for later use but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up . . . So, we tried them out: Dd1 in the Ozzi. She technically meets the minimums (40lbs exactly) but still rides rfing. No way could she handle a booster, let...
  20. gsdguenter

    RSTV and Booster?

    I think I know the answer so please don't laugh, but could you use the RSTV with a nbb? I did read the manual and couldn't find anything saying not to, but it did mention twice to position the child's rump on the vehicle seat. I suppose if they were on the vehicle seat they wouldn't be on a...

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