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  1. 2angels2love

    Ford Flex and Complete Air

    Does anybody have this car and this seat? I went and tried to install one today and I could get it pretty tight, but it was sitting on the plastic hinge covers of the seat. It also seems to have a big gap under the seat because of the way the base is so wide in the front and it hits on the hinge...
  2. 2angels2love

    In Search Of Cheap convertible

    DS is about to outgrow his scenera, so I really need a cheap spare that is good for ERF. I would like for it to have at least a year left, preferably 2 or so. I don't necessarily mind a girlish cover if it's not too girly. I just really need cheap. Let me know what you have! :)
  3. 2angels2love

    Why must they tease me?

    Browsing through the carseats on and I see that their weekly wow is the Sureride for $70. I got all excited cause DS needs another seat like yesterday. When you click on the link it takes you to a crib. Bummer. :(
  4. 2angels2love

    For Sale Radian RXT

    Brand new RXT in rugby. I got one of the BRU RA55's so I need to thin my carseat stash a little. 9/11 DOM. This is a lucky one and comes with a carry strap. :) It's still all wrapped up in its box, but I can take a picture if needed. $220 shipped.
  5. 2angels2love

    For Sale or Trade Frontier 85

    Rushmore cover. BNIB. The DOM is 5/2011. I really need an easy to install convertible, so I would love to trade for one. :) I would really like a MA70, but let me know what you have. Otherwise, I'll sell this for $190 shipped. I have lots of feedback on Diaperswappers under the same username.
  6. 2angels2love

    Why does BRU push those crazy 3 in 1 seats?

    It annoys me every time I go in. Invariably there will be a clueless parent and a BRU employee standing there telling them how it'll be the one and only seat they'll need. Today there was one poor mother with a 6 week old baby who was trying to find a seat since her infant carrier was expired. I...
  7. 2angels2love

    Question How upright can a radian be?

    This seems pretty upright. Is this okay? DS is 2 if that matters.
  8. 2angels2love

    In Search Of Complete Air

    Looking for a Complete Air in a GN or boyish color. I need it to have a relatively recent DOM since I'm planning to use it for awhile. :)
  9. 2angels2love

    Question Fraying buckle strap...should i call graco?

    Just noticed this the other day and I'm wondering if it's a problem that I need to call graco cs about. Both top and bottom have fraying, but the top has a huge ball of stuff hanging off.
  10. 2angels2love

    Questions about MR

    I am wondering if the MR has to be 100% on the seat of the car? I just got a Durango and really need to replace my GN with something that will fit on the back seat. Also, how does the MR fit bigger kids? Is it going to last me until my child is old enough for a booster? My son is just about...
  11. 2angels2love

    What to do?!?

    My son is 20 months, weighs 27 lbs, and is 34" tall. Right now I have him FF (:() in a Combi Victoria. This seat is okay, but it's huge and bulky, especially when it's RF. I wanna get him a new seat, I've heard some things about this seat, like no EPS foam, plus it's getting old, I got it in...

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