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  1. tl01

    2015 Sienna video

    Anyone think that at 5:36 in this video... That the third row looks like maybe it has one more set of LATCH points and hence maybe another tether! Would be a good move on their part obviously!
  2. tl01

    Car seats and my kids are always so frustrating! Pics of 4 ever...

    My kids have long torsos and my oldest is pretty tall so seats are outgrown more quickly than I would prefer. DS2 gets carsick so we had to turn him early and then he goes off outgrowing the foonf by height just when he turned 4. He has so much trouble staying asleep in the car and cries when...
  3. tl01

    4ever in recline mode pics

    My post that I just made disappeared I believe... So here it is again... I went and tested the Graco 4 ever. I am looking for something with more recline than the frontiers. DS2 has outgrown most convertibles that would have more recline. How much time do you think he has left? He's about...
  4. tl01

    Forward facing recline Graco 4ever

    Has anyone seen how many recline positions there are for forward facing and how does the recline compare to that of say the various Frontier seats. DS1 tends to need a little more recline than the frontiers can give him but he has outgrown most convertibles.
  5. tl01

    Which minivan?

    Which minivan... New or used is widest in the 3rd row? My friend needs to fit two infant seats, one rear facing child, and 3 boosters. How is the previous gen sienna compared to the current odyssey?
  6. tl01

    Cardiff Headrest

    Got a Cardiff headrest for DS1 since he is now in a NBB. He still sleeps in the car on long drives. We set it up today and DS1 put the flaps down and took a nap on the way to dinner. I'm not sure that he loves it yet though. He said it puts his neck at a strange angle. I'm thinking this is...
  7. tl01

    Deep NBB with latch

    I guess the title says it all. Looking for a nice deep no back booster that also has latch.
  8. tl01

    Cardiff headrest

    Has anyone bought one? Used it? What are your thoughts?
  9. tl01

    2015 Kia Sedona

    So it looks like the 2015 Kia Sedona has been released. It looks like a decent minivan so far. Of course I'm wondering how many tether anchors it has:). Here are a few pics of it from a blog I was reading. Kia has traditionally been priced lower than Honda and Toyota do it will be...
  10. tl01

    Three seats in third row of current ody.

    I'd love to hear what seat combinations you have done in the third row... Or two seats and one 5 stepper. Thanks!
  11. tl01

    Not comfy in a booster

    DS1 complains of leg pain on longer drives... Like longer than an hour. I know we can put something under his legs and we tried that awhile ago and it was pretty annoying. The styrofoam cooler was pretty noisy and shredded up all over the place. He is currently in a pwsgl. Is there...
  12. tl01

    Recaro performance booster

    Anyone know the seat depth of this booster? The info I have seen online doesn't seem right when I see the seat in pics compared to the 2013 parkway sgl.
  13. tl01


    Is the bottom of this booster totally smooth? Do you think there's any way you could harm a vehicle seat with it? My dad got a new car and is a slight bit whacky... (As he had always been about cars) and he thinks that giving my son rides in his nb turbo booster is going to harm his seats. I...
  14. tl01

    Two safest seating positions in a minivan?

    What would you say are the two safest seating positions in an 8 person minivan?
  15. tl01

    Blvd 70 lock off question

    Please refresh my memory... And September 2010 Blvd 70... Was it part of the lockoff advisory? Do you have to use one or both lockoffs?
  16. tl01

    Sureride question

    My friend was installing her sureride last night and she broke what looks like the strap that connects the latch strap to the seat. She was doing a seat belt install and the belt was tangled in the latch strap. I assume there's no reason she can't continue using the seat right?
  17. tl01

    Tango Parkway 2013

    Anyone know if it is red or orange?
  18. tl01

    Seat belt extenders

    Are these permitted with boosters? Are there any rules about using extenders with car seats? I don't recall anything about them in the tech curriculum.
  19. tl01

    2014 Odyssey earns Top Safety Pick Plus

    The mid cycle refresh Odyssey earned top honors in the IIHS crash tests. The tests included the new small overlap crash test where it earned a Good rating. It is the first minivan to earn these honors. Btw... Watching the video of the small overlap is a little scary. I can see why it is hard...
  20. tl01

    Best Price on a Frontier 90

    Anyone know of any deals on a Frontier 90? My friend is looking for one. Thanks!

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