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  1. Jocey'sMommy

    Question Baby #4 on the way

    Baby #4 is due in June (I do typically deliver early though) and my now 1.5yr old also needs new seats. I have an 11yr old that 5 steps, a 5.5yr old who is boostered in a harmony defender (as of yesterday) and a 1.5 yr old currently in britax g4s (seats that are being replaced). We drive a 2008...
  2. Jocey'sMommy

    Question 2 part question - expecting baby #3

    We just found out we are expecting baby #3 and my 3yr old will be FFing by the time the new baby is here. I was thinking about handing down the 2 britax g4.0 seats we have to the new baby to be used from birth and go ahead and purchase a combination seat for my then almost 4yr old. 2...
  3. Jocey'sMommy

    New USED 7+ passenger vehicle shopping

    We are currently in the market for a used 7+ passenger vehicle. I am specifically looking for 2000-2005 model years. Right now there are only 2 kids but we have expansion plans. What is your short list for these year ranges? At the top of my list so far is another honda odyssey. My SO is very...
  4. Jocey'sMommy

    favorite infant seats

    We are ttc and have a chaperon BUT I am itching for a second seat and I am intrigued by a few of the newer seats on the market. What are your dream infant seats? Why do you like them? I have been looking at the nuna pipa, cybex, and b-safe 35 elite as always the pull of the coccoro is strong...
  5. Jocey'sMommy

    rear-facing tethers

    we have a saturn view. is gmc still allowing rf tethers? what about dodge? or should i just buy 2 britax anti-rebound bars?
  6. Jocey'sMommy

    are dealers still retrofitting tethers?

    ive heard some aren't anymore. I just got a 1998 Plymouth Voyager. Its not a pressing issue right now as i have one is a booster and one rear-facing but we might have ff in the car with us from time to time and the option would be nice
  7. Jocey'sMommy

    renting a 2014 sienna for our thanksgiving trek

    I don't like it. End of story. We have 2 children and 4 adults riding and it took me almost an hour to figure out carseat placement. Why on earth is there only one set of latch in the third row? We ended up not being able to latch dds sgl :'(
  8. Jocey'sMommy

    Britax Knight vs. Desert Palm Cover Colors

    it's more of a tan/gray irl
  9. Jocey'sMommy

    graco clones crotch buckle positions

    can either crotch buckle position be used rear-facing? can you use the cusion in either position? does the strap come from at or under the butt or at or in front of the butt or either per comfort?
  10. Jocey'sMommy

    new 7+ passenger vehicle help

    we will be buying a new used van/suv in the next yr. the odyssey is what all other suvs are competing with but so likes the idea of an suv so I figured I'd entertain the idea. top tethers in all seating positions required and center latch a plus. he likes the traverse/outlook right now and we do...
  11. Jocey'sMommy

    what's the evenflo suresafe?

    it just popped up on my newsfeed
  12. Jocey'sMommy

    New britax clicktight convertibles pre-order...

    any on preorder anywhere?? amazon?
  13. Jocey'sMommy

    help me replace my seats

    ok we were in a single car accident sat night and i have to replace our boulevard g4 and parkway sgl. would you just take the covers off the old ones and buy the exact same seats or try something different? we have a marathon and parkway sg in our second vehicle
  14. Jocey'sMommy

    insurance question . . . again ;)

    i have progressive. do they reimburse for whatever seat you buy as a replacement? or do they cut a check for the msrp for the seat(s) involved in the crash? tomorrow is going to be a fun fun day ....
  15. Jocey'sMommy

    convertibles- tallest?

    so which convertible on the market is the tallest? i am under the impression that the graco clones are but someone is arguing on fb that the rainer is. i looked up stats and posted them but at this point i just need professional help lol we're speaking specifically about the 4ever, clones...
  16. Jocey'sMommy

    Question britax convertible infant inserts. . .

    the manual states "the infant positioning pillow must be used with infants weighing UP TO 22lbs when using the child seat in a rear facing position. DO NOT use over 22 lbs or in a forward-facing position." ds is a lil over 19 lbs naked. so fully clothed and cloth diapered and shoes he's a lil...
  17. Jocey'sMommy

    what is this grace forever seat ..

    and where can i find a thread or info about it?
  18. Jocey'sMommy

    compatibility in 05 dodge stratus?

    i need bucket/convertible seat recommendations for a 8lbs 3 week old. latch is about 2 inches above the seat bite but the preferred method of installation. thanks :)
  19. Jocey'sMommy

    Question seat belt installs

    what's your favorite erf convertible for seatbelt installs? like almost idiot proof.
  20. Jocey'sMommy

    Question was there a recent safety 1st recall?

    df just said he saw a huge recall of safety 1st seats on fb .... but I know how old stuff can re-circulate there. thanks in advance :)

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