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    Question New car seat suggestions

    I am looking for a slim convertible or 3 in 1 (like because seem to be lower profile and easier to load RF kids into) for baby #5 1 yr old, about 19 lbs and 30-34" tall. Want to RF as long as possible. My kids are light and long torsoed. I want it to fit in the middle row center position in an 8...
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    Question used mini van help

    I need help researching which minivan might be a good fit for our growing family. I prefer 8 passenger, but am open to 7 since I know I options will be limited with our budget of no more than $12,000. We will have 5 kids. 2 RF (one in bucket for now). 2 FF and one in either a low back booster or...
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    Question SK radian latch limit

    Am wondering wondering what the latch limits are on sunshine kids radian installed in 03 town & country. I can't recall where I found the information for my other car seat.
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    Question Ff or rf 3 yr old

    Trying to get my vehicle set up for winter. Would you feel safe FF a 3 yr old who is 27 lbs and almost 36 inches? Trying to decide how I feel about turning her. Any statistics or data? Trying to fit a high back booster, a FF seat, another either Ff or rf seat and an infant seat in and still have...
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    Question Latch limits?

    We have a 2003 Chrysler town & country van. . . Wondering what latch limits are with either a graco infant 35 or a graco my size70 rf or ff. convertible probably for my 27 lb 3yr old, but sometimes my 40 lb ff 5 yr old. Would I need to limit seat to only 3 yr using it, or would she be too heavy...
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    Question How to safely remove mold from straps and carseat cover?

    Is there a safe way to remove mold from harness straps and cover?
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    Question SureRide?s puzzling 3 across

    Does anybody know how a FF SureRide puzzles with either a hbb or a FF mysize70? For a three across. Does the SureRide fit kids who have almost outgrown the radian by torso height? She barely fits in radian, but still fits in my size. However I can't use the my size outboard because it hits the...
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    Question How to get access to list in swap?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this ?. What do I need to do in order to be able to list items in swap?
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    Question Need HBB with lift up arms

    (I have a 2003 Chrysler Town & Country and am trying to get 3 across the back bench seat.) I started a post here: I got the Evenflo LX with lift up arms to work in this position, but don't like how shallow the headrest is. Are there any other...
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    Question parkway sgl & 3 across

    (I have a 2003 Chrysler Town & Country and am trying to get 3 across the back bench seat.) I started a post here: . . . but now I need to know about the Britax Parkway SGL. I ordered one on NBD to try in my 3 across outboard position, but my DD...
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    Question Britax frontier 85 harness?

    I've been told that the Britax frontier 85 harness can only be adjusted by uninstalling the seat? Can somebody please explain? Does it depend on your vehicle headrest or something.
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    Question FF or convertible with adj harness

    I am wanting to know what seats are out there that have the harness height adjustable without uninstalling the FF seat. (I have diff kids, diff days of the week for daycare.) I would also like a seat that is 19" is less wide or has a narrow back and sits up high so that it will puzzle in between...
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    Question Which covers can be used on a sR35?

    I am wondering if I can use any of my spare SS1 covers on my new Graco SnugRide35? Do I need to call the company or do you think I can just try and see if they looked lined up to the harness holes? Anybody have any experience. I don't think either the SS1 or SR35 have pedicfoam in them if that...
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    Question Britax seat widths at differing points?

    External Seat Width: says 19 ext shoulder width at widest point? ext bottom of seat width at widest point? ext width of base under portion of seat? (Convertible Britax seats)
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    Question What seats is the classic MA cover compatible with?

    What seats is the classic Britax Marathon 65 cover compatible with? I have 2 that I am debating on what to do with. Can I buy anything currently on the market that they will work on?
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    Question Difference between Britax Parkway SG & SGL

    What is the difference between the britax parkway SG and SGL models? Do they have decent cushion/padding under bottom?
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    Question Help on deciding prices on carseats

    I am going to list a few of my infant carseats on our local facebook page. 1. Graco SnugRide22 with 2 extra covers that has 1-2 yrs left on it. 2. Graco Safeseat30 that has a little over 1 yr left on it. What should I list them for. I figure since they are infant seats, most people around here...
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    Graco size4Me / booster / 3 across?

    I have an '03 Chrysler Town & Country that I installed the Size4Me both RF and FF on captains chair with latch. (No noodles needed RF in any position yet.) The head rest has to be removed to install FF all the way up. Nice RF install and can be all the way up without interfering with driver...
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    Question graco turbo booster w/pedic foam?

    Does anybody have a graco HBB with pedic luxury foam that can tell me the model# manuf date so that I can order a replacement cover with pedic foam for my regular booster?
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    Question another double stroller ?

    Does anybody have the Joovy Scooter x2 stroller? I am considering it as one of my options. I need a stroller that I can keep in the back of my van that does not block my view that I can lift in and out and has plenty of storage. Seats need to recline almost flat and would like to be able to use...

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