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    Will rigid latch on Clek Oobr work in a Ford Expedition 2017 EL?

    I had a rigid latch booster from Clek a while back that we could not get to fit into our Honda Pilot (I don't remember the exact problem - perhaps it did fit in one of the seats, but it was not the seat that that child needed to be in due to other kids' needs, etc....I can't recall). I returned...
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    Possibly looking for dedicated booster for 6 year old - Ford Expy 2017

    Hello, My just turned 6 year old is about 43lbs and 43" tall. He is currently in a Clek Fllo. I took it out the other day because it was filthy filthy, and 1. i can't get it back in and my dh is out of town for weeks and 2. it's filthy and I can't get it clean - on a side note does anyone...
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    In need of quick advice for AWD/4WD vehicle for family of 6

    We have a Ford Expedition EL XLT but long story short we are not happy with it and want to trade it in - like, today. Our kids are 12.5 (no booster etc.), 8 (booster), 5 (clek flo), and almost 2 (chicco nextfit zip rear facing). We need AWD/4WD for sure, as much cargo space as possible, all...
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    Need convertible seat for 1 year old - round 2

    Hello, So I bought a Clek Fllo for my 1 year old and went on a trip and he was so uncomfortable. :( He is right at the cutoff for the 'infant thingy' and also his head is a strange shape in that it is sort of bulbous in the back, and I think the way the headrest sits is just right where it...
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    Long and winding question - 2nd convertible for 1 year old

    I'm sort of thinking out loud here and maybe needing some advice. I have a one year old - not sure on exact measurements but he is probably 28-29" and 25 lbs. Huge head. Like off the charts huge. I am planning to put him into a Clek Fllo just as soon as I can get it ordered. He has been...
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    BMW 320i Xdrive versus audi A5 AWD 2013-ish

    Hello, My dh is looking for a new to him used car. He may be having a mid life crisis as he has determined he wants a luxury type car, sedan (due to gas mileage) and AWD because we live in SLC and he goes skiing a lot. He is looking at around 2013 because he can get that for the low 20s which...
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    Can't install Clek Oobr in 3rd row of Pilot

    Ugh, I'm so sad about this! I ended up getting a Clek Oobr for my 6 year old that I found on sale - last one. It was still a lot of $$ though, way more than I should spend, but I got really hung up on the safe fire retardant thing and ordered it. But it really needs to go in the 3rd row...
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    clek oobr - will the rigid latch work in my car?

    I am kind of interested in the Clek Oobr for my 6 year old. It would need to go in the third row of my pilot though - preferably on the passenger side. I am looking for measurements, etc. - but am a bit confused about the rigid latch and how I can know for sure if it will work there. I've...
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    Has anyone ordered from

    I have never seen/heard of this website but they have a good deal I'm looking at on a seat and I wondered if it's a reputable company.
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    Silly to get a Nextfit for a 3.5 year old ?

    I was originally trying to decide between a few different Gracos for my 3.5 year old, 36", 33lb boy. But I saw a deal where I can get a Nextfit for $239 plus a $100 gift certificate comes with it (someone posted here about this - at BB&B). so after tax that is around $160. I'm tempted but...
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    Help deciding!?

    Ok I think I have narrowed down our choices of carseats - and I have already gotten some great advice. We need to purchase at least 2 right now - but there is so much info out there I am having trouble deciding. Please help! Child 1 I'm not having much trouble on...just #2 & 3. In March there...
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    Chicco Kidfit - can you wash the whole cover?

    I am looking at this seat and my daughter really likes the pattern print of the zip cover - but can you remove the rest of the cover for washing, or just the zipped part? Thanks!
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    Is there a safety difference when there is a large price difference?

    I'm debating a few car seat purchases right now. I got some great suggestions in another thread about needing to fit 4 into my pilot. I am looking at the britax frontier vs. graco nautilus for my 3 year old. Is there a safety difference in comparisons like this or just features, etc. ? I'm...
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    4 kids in 2010 Honda Pilot

    Hello, I am currently trying to figure out how to do this and what seats to get as several of our current seats are expiring. I have 3 kids and one due in early March 2016. The new baby will be in a Chicco Keyfit. My 3 current kids are: 1. boy age 10, 83 lbs 59" 2. girl age 6, 46 lbs 46"...
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    Britax cover clasps broken...replace cover? replace seat?

    hello, We have a britax marathon from 2011. it seems that all of the little clasps that hold the cover onto the seat are gone, except two. So the cover keeps sliding all around and coming out of place. Is this a safety issue? If so, are folks usually successful trying to just replace...
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    Graco Nautilus from 2009 - can't find lock clips?

    Hi, I could use a little help! We have a Graco Nautilus from 2009. My daughter (6 yrs old, about 48" and ...45lb?) wants to sit in the 3rd row of our 2010 Pilot. This is fine with me, or will have to be, as we have 3 kids and one on the way so someone is going to have to sit back there at...
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    Booster recs for 6.5year old

    Hello, I'm new here and hoping for some advice. My DS is 6.5, about 49" and 55lbs or so. He is currently in a Radian, but I recently saw some discussions about whether or not a 5 pt harness is really safer for kids after a certain age/size. So I'm thinking about just going to a booster for...

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