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    Need HBB recommendations- 2012 Honda Odyssey

    Hi, I have 5 year old twins that will be moving to HBB in the next 6 months, so I'm starting my search for the perfect boosters. They will be in the middle row, center and behind driver.
  2. J

    Question Minor accident: do I need to replace my clek fllo's?

    I was recently rear ended at low speed, no children were in the car, airbags did not deploy, there was minor damage to my rear bumper. I have two clek fllo's that were forward facing in the second row, do I need to replace them? I seem to have misplaced my manuals, I have been using them for...
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    Need an infant seat recommendation

    I'm trying to help my stepsister find an infant seat for her new baby, who was born yesterday. She doesn't have a car currently and this is her first child. She needs something that we can go to the store and grab quickly and cheaply. Her baby is full term but 5-13 and 17", so she's a little...
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    Need advice on convertible seats for my twins

    Hi, I have 9 month old twins who are about to outgrow their infant seats, so it's time to work a new car seat puzzle! I drive a 2005 gmc Yukon xl with captains chairs, my babies are 19.5 lbs and 30" & 24.5 lbs and 30.5"(per Dr office, standing height is still under 30"). They are currently...
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    Question Is the B-safe easy to install baseless?

    I am expecting twins and bought 2 b-safes on sale from Target's website because they were a great deal($132 for both). I really wanted another aton2 since I won one in a contest, but it is too expensive for my budget. All that is to say, we will have more people in our family than will fit in...
  6. J

    Price Check Cybex Aton 2

    I am trying to figure out what to charge for my new red cybex Aton 2. I opened the box to play with it but it has not been used. I had planned to use it, but since I found out I am having twins, I need to sell it to pay for 2 less expensive infant seats. Thank you!
  7. J

    Inexpensive Combo Seat

    I'm looking for an inexpensive high weight harness seat that can be installed in a lap belt only seat without a top tether. My kids occasionally ride in my mom's 2001 Dodge Ram (extended cab). My 5 yr old has been using an evenflo momentum, but he will soon be too tall for the harness. The 7 and...
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    Question Seatbelts with independent retractors?

    The kind where the belt is sewn to the buckle. Are these ever okay to use? I'm pretty sure the answer is no for harnessed seats, but what about boosters. Are there any boosters that allow it. We have a late 90's model single cab Chevy pickup and it has this type of seatbelt. Occasionally one of...
  9. J

    Question Where is the Y portion of the 86-y harness supposed to touch the seat?

    Should it be closer to the child, directly on top of the seat or slightly behind. Or does it not matter too much. I just got the 86-y to use with a hbb in the center of my 3rd row (05 Yukon xl).
  10. J

    Infinite slide- Is it outgrown?

    I'm have a hard time figuring out how much longer my 5 yr old could fit in the momentum. He is well below the top of the track, but the straps have to angle up to even reach the top of the track. Does he need to be below the strap at the top in a relaxed position, angled down. Or can the straps...
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    Question 5 yr old about to outgrow harnessed seats

    I took my 5 year old to the Dr the other day and he weighed 48.5 lbs. His regular seat is a maestro, I thought about switching seats with my 3 yr old who is now DD but he is almost too tall for the momentum. How do you tell for sure when they are too tall with the infinite slide?I really don't...
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    Question 86-Y, when do you need the heavy duty tether anchor?

    If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it, I wasn't sure where it should go. I'm considering a 86-Y for the 3rd row center of my '05 Yukon XL and wondered how long I could use the factory installed tether anchor and when it would have to be switched to the heavy duty one. It would be...
  13. J

    Question Can someone measure their BV70 or MA70 for me, pretty please?

    I need to know how wide the base is, is it the same all over or does it get wider in front or back? Also, about how high does the base sit up off of the vehicle seat installed? Thank you!
  14. J

    Probooster question

    I just got a new probooster for my 7 yr old and I was reading through the manual and found something odd. It says to never let your child slide under the belts, that you have to always buckle and rebuckle each time your child uses the seat. I have the seat in a tight spot were buckling is...
  15. J

    How is the MA 70 for FF?

    I'm just brainstorming seats that might fit in my 3rd row next to a Probooster. I had old MA's and the seat depth was pretty shallow FFing. The spreadsheet says the MA70 is 2 inches deeper. Has anyone tried it FF yet? How do you like it as a FFing seat? I'm wondering how long it would fit, is...
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    Need a narrow convertible or combo seat(maybe a radian)

    I need a narrow seat to fit in the 3rd row center of my 05 Yukon XL. There will be a booster on one side and my DD in a seatbelt on the other side. I currently have a Maestro there, it works but is tighter than I would like. The Maestro invades my DD's seat worse then the Nauti did even though...
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    Question Booster: Too tight to buckle?

    I just got a Vivo for my soon to be 7 yr old because he is such a floppy sleeper and I don't love the Big Kid DLX that we have( it fits well in the seat and on my child but I want more SIP & head support). The Vivo will fit there but just barely, it is tight enough that I can only buckle it...
  18. J

    Question Best Booster For Sleeping

    What booster is best for sleeping? My nearly 7 yr old folds in half when he falls asleep in his booster. He has always been a floppy sleeper, his head flopped in his SR22, MA65 both RF and FF, and (of course) his Nauti. It didn't bother me too much before but now that he is in a booster it is a...
  19. J

    Question Maxi Cosi Rodi XR

    How wide is it? Does it require head support like other Dorel boosters? Does it work well with shoulder belts that come out of the seat back? Is it 3-across friendly?
  20. J

    Question Stores that carry the Vivo

    Are there any B&M stores that carry the Recaro Vivo so I could try it out before buying?

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