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  1. 3acorns4Christy

    MyRide cover for a boy

    Anyone have a MyRide cover for a boy?
  2. 3acorns4Christy

    ISO BJCM Single Skin

    I am looking for a Baby Jogger City Mini Single Skin, in good condition.
  3. 3acorns4Christy

    need help with my 3 across

    So my need for 3 across in my car is leaving me a bit confused. I have a Mitsubishi Gallant, each seating position is pretty easy to install a seat. But there is a bit of a hump in the middle (luckly its wide so a seat easily fits on top and tightly) and the two outboard seats force the carseats...
  4. 3acorns4Christy

    Good deals on a CCO??

    I decided to I want to try a CCO, if anything Pia will fit in the seat for years to come. And should allow me to fit all three across easier. Either Henry in the CCO or Pia. Now for a good deal on one. Where might I find that....please? I still have to run it past DH but if the deal is sweet...
  5. 3acorns4Christy

    Radian Questions

    I am looking into buying a Radian for my car, it will primarily be used by Pia. So higher RF limit is moot point. But I can't decide which seat to get, with the head wings or not. For frame of refference she is even with the bottom slots on the MA's and on the second harness slot on the MR's...
  6. 3acorns4Christy

    5 carseats in a early 2000's Dodge Grand Caravan

    My neighbor needs some help figuring out the best way to do 5 seats in a early 2000's Grand Caravan. She has captain seats and the normal bench in the back. Her childrens ages are 6y, HBB 3y, Nautilus 6m, currently in a KF30 will be moving to a convertable soon. She's adding in two foster...
  7. 3acorns4Christy

    set if 2 nautilus at walmart

    for 275
  8. 3acorns4Christy

    New Nautilus Cover!!

    It's actually GREEN!!!!! and not girly!!! WAHOO!
  9. 3acorns4Christy

    ISO: Girly Comfortsport Cover

    Title says it all. Would like to buy for $10-$20.
  10. 3acorns4Christy

    Which infant seat

    I am going to buy a travel system for my cousin who is due Jan 1. My question is what seat will fit in my list. 30lbs or higher limit very easy to install very easy to adjust harness and buckle not too expensive (my budget is under 200, I would like around 150 for the whole system.) I haven't...
  11. 3acorns4Christy

    EXCITED New seats for me!

    We finally are getting money from our moving company for the seats they broke in our move (military move from Texas to here). I get to replace them! We really only need one seat, but are also getting the Graco Let's Go Turbo for later, we don't want to wait and miss that cover as DS is plane...
  12. 3acorns4Christy

    ISO MA Harness Buckle set

    My harness crotch buckle set isn't bucking, when it does it comes undone easily. I've cleaned it numerous times all according to the instructions, which has worked before. Joel hasn't spilled anything or had anything sticky in his seat. Nothing is on the tongs. It's just not working, called...
  13. 3acorns4Christy

    Decathalon Question

    My good friend has a 3yo, 35lbs, 39" son. He is in a Decathalon about a .5 inch away from being even with the top slots. She will be buying the Frontier when he outgrows it, but I have a question that needs answering for her. She still has the padding in the seat, it can be taken out right...
  14. 3acorns4Christy

    Need help deciding

    In a few months, I will be buying yet another car seat. This time it is for Sophia in our truck. She is almost 3 months, hoping to have it when she is around 5 months. Currently 10lbs, newborn sized everything still. I want it to either have an anti rebound bar or be able to tether. I am not...
  15. 3acorns4Christy

    Saturn Vue

    We will be in the market for a new car early spring time. This will be hopefully bought in EUC and will last us for several years to come, so our hope 6 years min. So by that time, buying Spring 09, we will have a 9 year old and a 6 year old. Meaning lots more stuff hauling around. So I don't...
  16. 3acorns4Christy

    My 3 across! 2 MA's and a Keyfit 30!

    My new Keyfit 30 came in tonight, I am so excited! I already had both my MA's in the car, both FF. I had them on both outboard seats, because I really didn't want those boys next to eachother. hehe. I thought, hmmm will the keyfit really fit between them. At first it didn't, had to move the MA's...
  17. 3acorns4Christy

    Which infant seat?

    We were going to be given a seat from my MIL, presuming it was a new in box BabyTrend seat. But since then it has been used numerous times and my SIL smokes severly in the car, we aren't smokers and Joel has lung issues that makes both dh and I want to steer clear of the seat. I am upset that...
  18. 3acorns4Christy

    My Fluffy Mail Came today

    Wahoo!!! We got it tonight and my ds helped me clean his MA so we could put it on. When we opened the box, I instantly became disappointed, my dh saw it on my face and peeped in the box. he laughed and said "your car not my truck". Joel then saw it and exclaimed how much he loved it. He...
  19. 3acorns4Christy

    BJCMS Questions

    I have been eyeing this stroller for a while now. I finally have the money to buy it. I was thinking of just getting a umbrella stroller but then I can't get the BJCMS which is what I really want. So I would love to see a few pics, can someone post a pic of how small it folds. The single...
  20. 3acorns4Christy

    Double Stroller

    Hey ladies, I need help deciding on a double stroller. I do light jogging, but right now the stroller will be used more for when I get together with my SIL about once or twice a month. My dh and I will be TTC this fall so by the time we might have another my son will be 3. I would like a Bob...

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