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  1. Simplysomething

    Question ignore list: the app

    Is there a way to edit the ignore list via the app (android)?
  2. Simplysomething

    Question polls and the app

    So, viewing the forum in the app ---when you view polls they show as a pie graph vs bar graph in full version of site. I like the pie chart. Is there a way that maybe I'm view poll results in pie form in the full desktop version of the site?
  3. Simplysomething

    chat issues

    Chat room keeps booting me. And other people. Who aren't near me. Who aren't me. Who probably haven't angered the chat gods as much as I have. Any ideas?
  4. Simplysomething


    A few minutes ago (around 23:07) I tried to get to the forum and got this message: I tried to load it again and it worked right way, I don't know if this was on my end or what. But it was a new one for me.
  5. Simplysomething

    Random time outs

    I've just been experiencing them, just about every time I try to load a post.
  6. Simplysomething

    Chat down, did I miss an announcement?

    I'm going over the announcement threads to see if I missed any thing about a planned outage for an upgrade, or whatever, today/tonight. Since chat kicked us all out about an hour ago.
  7. Simplysomething

    Techs in chat

    On occasion (rarely, but it does happen), people will come into chat and ask a car-seat question. On the forums, you can tell who a tech is by their green name. In the chat room, unless there is a special event (or you're in there messing with settings), there are only two colors Blue and...
  8. Simplysomething

    Ads in the chat room

    When you go to the chat room using the chat room link on the little toolbar thingy, it has three or so ads just below the chat box. The ads are fine, I get their purpose, etc. But, if you're in chat, and you accidentally click on one of these ads, it loads in the window/tab you're in...
  9. Simplysomething

    group membership, invisibility mode...

    Note: If there have been announcements regarding these things, I apologize for having missed them, because I do try to read all the important stuff. First, I noticed that it said "car seat fanatic" under my name instead of benefactor. I have not messed with the user group, and my subscription...
  10. Simplysomething

    Rep, in the user CP

    On the user CP, a couple of my rep clicks are showing as a greyed out box, instead of the green box. I thought maybe that it was because of the forum they were in, one started in the CMC and was moved to the SCM, and the other is a CMC thread. But then I've got other rep clicks that are in the...
  11. Simplysomething

    Chatroom, and the "door"

    ETA: Mystery solved, apparently benefactors, sponsors and some techs have it. So, I swear, Admin popped into chat today, and while there, said something about creating a thread in the feedback forum about "the door", the door is what allows members to create rooms in chat. It turns out a few...
  12. Simplysomething

    Chatroom, and the "door"

    Stop posting on this one, and see the one with the poll.
  13. Simplysomething

    chat suggestions?

    So, in chat--we brought up the fact that in user created rooms you could not see when another person was typing. You fiddled and couldn't find a setting for that. That's cool. Here's another thing: Is there a way to get the chat PM's to blink or make noise, when they're minimized? Maybe?
  14. Simplysomething

    chat issue

    I was able to chat earlier today, using this computer, and haven't had any changes to java or anything since then. I just tried to go into chat, but when I try it does this: Is this something wrong on my end, or does chat hate me now? ;)
  15. Simplysomething

    posting links to other places

    Since some people can't remember that links and discussions about craiglists ads, blogs, etc are supposed to be in the private parts of the forum-- one suggestion is to make the coffee break forum moderated as well. Which I know creates additional work for the volunteers, but would prevent them...
  16. Simplysomething

    Question accidently thanking posts?

    So, I'm reading a thread where another member has thanked posts and then posted that she didn't intend to thank those posts (she probably meant to hit quote). If we accidentally thank a post, and want to have the thanks removed, what should we do? I know that I have reported the post in the...
  17. Simplysomething

    swap suggestion

    Really! So, apparently, it's really really difficult to figure out how to gain access to the swap forums...even with the sticky post on top of the forums that actually explains it. How about making the announcement REALLY REALLY BIG and REALLY REALLY RED. Or, have it pop up before people...
  18. Simplysomething

    turbobooster peeve

    It's almost certain that I'll end up getting ds2 a turbo booster when he outgrows the fpsvd (yay for short torso'd kids). Yet...the only thing I can find in highback lately are the pink ones. And so, I am peeved. Granted, I've looked in all of...uh, three places. But three weeks ago, they...
  19. Simplysomething

    What is a clooseout?

    I think this is feedback. But it could just be a question. (I also think this has been brought up before, but I can't remember) I am assuming it's a closeout, and it looks like it's a prefix--so not a typo by the poster/sponsor. Is it intentional? To thwart a search engine or something? I...
  20. Simplysomething

    Orientation change

    I notice the usernames and whatnot have gone to the side of the post, rather than the top of the post. I like this. That's feedback! ;) Oh! Is this new? If I click the rep icon on my own post, it tells me how much rep I've got, and how much the post has received. Even if it isn't new, I just...

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