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    Suggestions for next car seat please

    I'm having a hard time narrowing down which seat to purchase next. We have a seat expiring in September and we'll need a replacement, but I'm not sure which child to buy for. Stats are current in siggy, we drive a '13 Ody. Open to anything, budget isn't necessarily an issue. My concerns with...
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    Still looking for boyish 2010 SK Radian XT cover

    (aka, not a diono cover) I would prefer the ventura cover, let me know if you have one for sale or for trade (I have petal to trade).
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    MTOs 'choosing the right carseat for your child'

    WHY is it still so out of date? Why is the mto still making mention of a 20lb minimum for forward facing? PLEASE, someone help me understand this ... I'm tired of people citing the mto as a reference and reason to turn their infant forward facing!
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    Question 2013 Odyssey in the snow?

    We always have had winter tires on our cars (we live in Canada) but this is our first winter with our Odyssey and we're wondering how it will fare? Any tips, experiences, etc would be appreciated!
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    In Search Of Rxt Ventura Cover

    Looking for a Ventura cover for a 2010 radian xt - I have 2 boys and my rxt seats have flora/petal/malibu covers (not that that really matters since my son has been in the flora for 2+yrs now). I'm in Ontario, but will pay shipping :)
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    RF seat falling over

    Asking for someone: RF safety 1st seat (not sure of model, but can clarify later if needed) is falling over in a 2009 Dodge Journey. Seatbelt install. Any explanations or possible solutions? Thanks!
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    Which van for a 4 kid family?

    I know, I know.... a popular question! However, with 4 kids I'm noticing that van choices may be slightly different b/c our ability to be flexible with seating is less, lol! We're in the market for a new van and of course our top 4 contenders are the Odyssey, Sienna, Sedona, and Caravan. There...
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    UPPA Baby Mesa coming to Canada?

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I come up with nothing in the search. Is the Mesa coming to Canada? If so, does anyone know when possibly? Will the limits be the same? Baby #4 is due end of July and I'm in need of a new infant bucket seat. Well, I've actually been considering...
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    2 RF seats in a Cobalt?

    Posting for someone else :) They have an '06 Cobalt and have a 14m RF (centre I believe). She is 16lbs and they are due with #2 in February-ish and would like to keep #1 RF (and she likely wouldn't even be close to FF minimums anyway). Both parents are tall and it's a tight squeeze. They have...
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    I know my 3yo is safe FF, but pls convince me!

    I know we get a lot of these posts around here ... and I knew I would eventually post the same question one day, but I need some reassurance! My YDD just turned 3 and is RF in her XTSL (stats are in my siggy for all 3). My goal was to RF her until at least 3yo, but my ODD is in a TB and she...
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    Airbag questions

    I quite frequently will bf my DS in the front seat since our backseat is full of carseat ;) However, it got me thinking: what will cause them to deploy? * Does the car have to be started? What about accessories (ie heat, lights, radio, etc) on but not started? * Does it have to be in gear (or...
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    Question Can someone please tell me all about over-rotation?

    How does it happen? What happens when a seat over rotates? What are the risks of over rotation? How can it be prevented or minimized?
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    Can you remove HUGS for new Britax seats?

    Title says it all - just wondering if you can remove the HUGS when RF in the new Britax convertables just as you can for the older models.
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    Does the petal XTSL cover fade?

    Title says it all! I think we're all aware of the Malibu cover's fading issues (I have 2 myself) so I replaced it with a Petal cover for a discounted price after complaining to SKJP about it and I'm hoping I don't have the same issue with it fading too! I know some fading is normal, but please...
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    I'm begging ...

    on hands and knees! :o Does anyone know if a Radian and a new Britax convertable puzzle well?!? Do they puzzle better/worse than the old Britax? :love: Would LOVE some pics too if anyone has 'em!
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    Why would I not get a RA 55? Does it puzzle?

    Does it really matter if it has lower top slots if I never plan to have an older/larger child FF in it? I have 2 RNs if I need higher top slots and would use those for a FF child anyway. I have 2 MAs and the only things I don't like about them are the RF weight limit (30lbs - CDN) and they...
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    HUH?!? Graco Canada's Website Why can't Graco Canada use pictures of the Snugride 35, the My Ride, and the Nautilus for the links to infant seats, convertables, and combination/booster seats? Using these old seat pics makes us look light years behind the times "up here" ;)...
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    Can someone solve this Nautilus mystery for me?

    So I was in Canadian Tire tonight and decided to make a pit stop in the carseat section (remembering that the GN was on sale last week). They had a fuzzy brown one with what looked like stars/flower type shapes within the fabric. Which pattern is this? Has Canada always had this pattern? How...
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    Feeling apprehensive about putting DD in 3rd row...

    We have a 3 across in a Kia Rondo, but we have a 3rd row. The 3rd row can only accomodate boosters (or the CCO which I don't have as I"m in Canada) so moving ODD is the only choice if I move someone. Our 3 across is driving me mental and I want them split up! However, I'll deal with it if it...
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    Graco Nautilus on sale!

    I was reading the Canadian Tire flyer tonight and noticed the GN was on sale for $179! Not sure if it's across country, but I'm in Ontario :) I promptly messaged my friend who needs 2!

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