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    Random infant seat question

    Am I the only person on the planet who just doesn't like infant seats? I mean, they are great for the little bitty newborns, but beyond that, I'm just not a fan. I think they are heavy and awkward to carry, and I'd just much rather prefer to use a sling or stroller when out of the car. I...
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    Love when people are receptive

    Today during a playdate, I carpooled with another nanny to the park in her car. I got the baby I watch all in snug and tight and noticed that the little girl she watches (23 months) had very loose straps and the chest clip at the belly. I just calmly made mention of it and told her how she could...
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    Problem with Snugride straps

    Okay, does anyone else have this problem? I watch a 4.5 month old that is in a SR and using the bottom slots. She is about .5 of an inch below the top slots but no matter how tight I pull the straps, they are having a hard time staying on her shoulders because of how far below her shoulders...
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    I see you changed your signature to say that Piper is RF again?! Is that because of the belt stalk issues? (BTW: I have those too :mad: ) If so, how is she liking it?
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    Car seat date question

    Does anyone know the last year that Graco made the Comfort sport with the one piece chest clip? Thanks!
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    Wizards on sale

    Just wanted to let anyone know that the Britax Wizards are on sale for $135 online at BRU. I know that they are a year or two old, but still a huge bargain for someone not planning on passing it down, yet needing a seat for a 2-3 year old :)
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    Jenny (Scatterbunny)

    Just checking to see if you are around. I haven't seen you posting in awhile, so I'm just tracking you down ;) :p Hope all is well. I miss your expertise around here.
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    Dreaming of Speed

    I brought this over here, because I didn't want to get too off topic in the other Forum :) Anyway, one of the women on there has a young child and husband, and the life coach was trying to show her that when she 'drives' her life, she is also 'driving' her son and husband along with her. So...
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    How are your DH/SO's about child safety?

    I mean, I know of course that they are probably all great with their own family, but I'm wondering about other people. I was wondering this because my boyfriend came home tonight and told me that one of his bosses at work just bought a booster for her daughter, who is 20 months and 28 pounds...
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    Just wanting to see how your week of classes went? Are you officially a Tech now? :D
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    Washing Britax Car Seat covers!

    Give me the rundown again. What do I wash it in? Which cycle? Regular Laundry Detergent? Also, I hang dry it, right? Does anyone know how long it usually takes to dry completely? I want to make sure that I leave enough time to dry before I'll be needing it again. Thanks :)
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    Anyone here have a 1998 Mazda 626?

    Or any other similar year? After all the drama convincing the Dealership to install the tether anchor, they installed it today IN THE MIDDLE even though I specifically told them (and they wrote it down) that I wanted it on the Rear, Driver's side. The buckle stalks are too close together in...
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    Booster or Combination seat?

    Help me out here girls. I've been someone who has only used Britax convertibles, so I need some suggestions. I have a MA, which I love and is going no where ;) Here's the dilemma: I am going to start taking a 7 year old and 8 year old to dance classes two evenings a week. (Different days, so...
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    Jenny (Scatterbunny)

    How did your call/fax to Mazda go today? I'm hoping they were receptive. I got a call over the weekend from my dealership that the part is en route to them, and I'll be expecting installation later this week :) Hope you're getting the same kind of luck! Didn't you have to sell your Husky due...
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    Quick Help! Part Number and Pics needed!

    I posted a few days ago to get the part number for a 1998 Mazda 626 to get a tether anchor installed at a Dealership. They are giving me the hardest time. Telling me that Mazda dealerships have never installed those, my part number is fake, etc, etc. :mad: The guy doesn't believe that Mazda...
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    Rebekah (Skaterbabs!)

    Can I ask another favor of you? (And your LATCH Manual) ;) I went to the Mazda dealership today and inquired about getting a Top Tether anchor installed in my Mazda 626. The Parts Guy informed me that "unless your car already comes with them, you are out of luck, because we don't add them...
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    Question for Techs!

    I am wondering if any of you Techs know of any contacts in Austin? I just got a new car and I'm really pulling hair out trying to install my RF MA :( I have never had these kinds of problems before. I am going to check all of the links for a Tech here, but I thought I'd ask for personal...
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    Mazda installing tether anchors?

    Does anyone have any experience with Mazda dealerships installing tether anchors for free? My car has officially been deemed a "total loss" after my accident last month, so I'm on the lookout for a nice, used car. I had really good luck with the Ford dealerships installing a free Tether anchor...
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    RF recline question

    I know that for RF, the angle of recline can't be greater than 45 degrees. But is there a minimum angle that it can be? :confused: Since my wreck I have been driving a rental car (2004 Mitsubishi Gallant) and have just been installing my MA RF with the seatbelt. I decided to use latch today...
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    Family Car Seat Frustrations

    I have to post this on here because I know you guys all understand my frustration. Its going to get long. My boyfriend and I volunteered to take my two nieces (ages 4 and 10) for a week for their parents to make a trip to Mexico. The 10 year old doesn't need a booster anymore but the 4 year...

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