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    Bubble Bum Information Needed

    We are getting ready to travel and have a car rental with our 10 year old. She does not pass the five step test yet, so we need a booster seat for her. I was planning on getting the Bubble Bum, but is the weight limit? The website says 57 inches for height limit but doesn't indicate weight...
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    Which would be better?

    We currently have a 1997 Cavalier 2 door and a 2011 Malibu. We have one DD and our current car seats are an Evenflo Maestro and a Frontier 85. DD is almost 46 inches tall and 45 lbs. She is on the last slot on the Maestro. The Maestro was a horrid install in the Cavalier so that is on the...
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    Can I put anything on the straps...

    of the Evenflo Maestro to protect my DD's neck. We tried it out in the store today and liked it for our secondary vehicle but she complained of the straps hurting her neck. Can I put anything on them?
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    Can the Evenflo Maestro hang over the seat at all?

    Also it doesn't have any padding on the straps, can I put baby socks on there to protect my daughter's neck? She said it hurt her.
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    Anyone install a Graco Nauti in...

    the center rear of a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab? I want to know if it will fit before I order it?
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    Question on install of a Frontier 85?

    When using in harness mode, installed with the seatbelt and tether, does it have to be installed where there is a headrest or can it be installed without on?
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    Need advice.

    My daughter is currently 40.75 inches tall and 38 pounds. She is 3 years 8 months old. She is forward facing in two Britax Marathons (not the new 70lbs ones). I plan to keep her harnessed as long as possible so we will be moving her to Frontier 85s. My question is when would you move her...
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    Britax Marathon (old) install ? for 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Ext Cab

    I read some new information tonight that made me suspect I don't have my DD's MA installed correctly in our truck. We have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Ext Cab. It has LATCH in the center rear which is wear her seat is installed ff'ing. The seat is in there rock solid, however I have some...
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    Question about installing a Maestro in a 98 Civic.

    We are planning on buying a Maestro to put in our 1998 Honda Civic. DD will rarely be in there so it is really a back up seat, but I want to make sure that it can be installed there. The car obviously doesn't have LATCH so can the Maestro be installed without the top tether or is it required...
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    Britax Frontier 85 in center rear of 03 Chevy Silverado 2500HD?

    Anyone know the the Frontier 85 fits in the center rear of a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD? Shortly we are planning on replacing DD's Marathons with Frontier 85s for our main vehicles. I know it will fit in our new 2011 Malibu, but I wonder if it will fit in the truck? Anyone know? There isn't...
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    Buying a 2007 Chevy Equinox, now I have questions about the carseat install?

    This weekend we are going to buy a new to us car, a 2007 Chevy Equinox. DD is currently in 2 Britax Marathons, FF'ing. I have a couple of questions.... 1) Does the 07 Equinox have LATCH in the center rear? 2) Has anyone had any issues I should know about ahead of time installed a MA in the...
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    Some Radian XTSL Install Questions

    Today I turned my DD back to rf'ing. She doesn't have a whole lot of weight left before she outgrows her Marathons. For height I measured about an inch and a 1.4 of torso growth room. That being said when we need to I am considering replacing her Marathons with Radian XTSLs to keep her rf'ing...
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    Question about 3 across in Pontiac Sunfire

    My friend need's new seats for her two DD's. She is also expecting a boy in August and is borrowed a newer Graco Snugride for him. So my question is....would you be able to fit an Evenflo Maestro then a Graco Snugride, then a second Evenflo Maestro in the rear seat? It is a 2000 Sunfire, 2...
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    Question about install of Marathon in extended car pick-up.

    I tested the FF install of our Marathon in our 2003 Silverado Ext-Cab pick-up and the seat is against the glass in the back. I assume this isn't safe. Did anyone else have issues with this? Did you have to change seats? What seats work FF in that type of vehicle?
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    Was there ever any further clarification on the safety of...

    Britax Marathons in the FF mode after the Canadian crash tests? I am curious because we are currently using them on the RF mode but I want to know more info so I can prepare to purchase new seats if necessary.
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    2003 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab-Need advice for forward facing seat

    Okay so I just tried DD's Britax Marathon in the FF position too see if it would fit for when she needs to be turned. It doesn't fit in the center rear....well it does but the top is tightly against the back window and I don't like that at all. In an accident the force of the seat going...
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    Anyone install a Radian XTSL in.....

    a 98 Civic and/or an 03 Silverado Ext Cab, both center rear? I am thinking about replacing our Marathons with these in light of all the recent crash test info and want to make sure they would fit in our vehicles.
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    Extended rear-facing question.

    My DD is currently rear facing in a Marathon. Well actually 2 one in each vehicle. Both of them go up to 35lbs rear facing and I plan to keep her that way. Now here is the question. I know that there is a new seat that rear faces to 45lbs. Would you replace her Marathons with those once she...
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    Need advice about traveling.

    DH and I are planning a trip to Disney World next October after DD turns 3. DD is currently rf'ing in a MA (well 2, one in each car) and we plan to keep her rf'ing as long as possible. We do plan to fly down and she has never been on a plane. The flight is under 3 hours. We are struggling...
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    Anyone instal a MA (rf or ff) in the center rear of the new Nissan Cube?

    I am thinking about buying one of these maybe next year but my concern is that Chaeli would still be rear facing in her Marathon. Would her MA fit in the center rear or would I have to install outboard? I am really nervous about installing outboard but it does have side curtain airbags so that...

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