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    Question Would you turn him?

    My son will be 5 yo in 1 month. He is a happy rider rf in his sunshine kids radian. He is 35 pounds, 39 inches (3rd percentile). He has TON of room in his radian. My husband and I don't have preference about rf or ff. If he were your son, would you turn him ff?
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    News Incognito in Canada

    Incognitos are now solded in Canada on and!!!! 45$. :dance:
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    Does he 5 step?

    no answer
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    Question Incognito or nothing (Canada)

    If your 10,5 yo son was outgrowing all canadian boosters but was not 5-stepping, would you use an incognito???? Is it considered a car seat by Transport Canada? If yes, Am I right that I can legally bring one in Canada but I can't use it???
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    Target is closing.. Will you buy a seat there?

    I think that Target has some exclusive seats. Harmony cruz, scenera next, TB SS... Am I right? Do I forget some? I'm a little bit anxious that, as Canadians, we won't have access to these seats anymore. Will you (should I) buy one of theses seats just in case????? I'm wondering if the cruz...
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    Question Harmony dreamtime = olympian?

    Is the no back portion of the harmony dreamtime the same than the harmony olympian??? I saw some pictures and they look similar. Thanks!
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    Is car's headrest mandatory (ff Myride in Sienna)?

    So... DH doesn't want to rf anymore. DS3 is 2,5 years old. I'm REALLY REALLY sad. Nothing can't change his mind. I've turned my Myride ff this afternoon. It's in my 2010 Sienna, 2nd row. In the car's manual, it's written that after I install the top theter, I have to put the car's headrest...
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    Question Seat belt going up then down in a hbb

    Is it allowed? The seat belt locks if I pull it fast. Britax told me (and to some members here) that the seat belt is not obliged to be routed throught the belt guide. But..... i don't like that the seat belt has to go up then down. Is it safe?
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    Incognito in Canada?

    Does anyone know when (or if) the Incognito will be available in Canada?
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    ** NEW PICS** MIRACLE!!! Mazda5 3rd row booster compatibility! Please CHECK FIT

    Hi! Last week, I had a thread about the Compass B530 in my 2006 Mazda5, 3rd row. The lap belt was not as good as techs wanted it to be, I was more and more concerned about it so I've decided to try the B570. It's a MIRACLE.... The shoulder belt retracts FREELY, it touches my thorax's son...
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    Compliant booster

    Hi! I have received today from Amazon a True Fit Pathway B570. The DOM is 2011-03 :( I was wondering if boosters have to be compliant or the new 2012 regulation was only for rear-facing seats. If boosters have to be compliant too, how do I know if this booster is compliant? Thanks!
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    NEW PICS!!: Mazda5 3rd row: B530 check fit please!

    I've tried a lot of boosters this week-end and the compass B530 is the only one that COULD work in my 2006 Mazda5. The shoulder belt is caught a little bit when my son touches his feet 5-10 times. But if he moves less than that, it retracts. I've tried the Monterey, Parkway 2013, Nautilus...
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    Best hbb for Sienna 2010 (3rd row, middle)

    Hi, I've found a really good hbb for my Sienna (3rd row, middle seat) and I wanted to share it with all of you. As many of you know, the problem is that this middle seat is really narrow. I did a search in database and many members use only the literider when they need a booster (and a...
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    Kukuxumusu (Cdn Tire)

    I went to Cdn Tire today and I saw a new (to me) lbb: kukuxumusu. Does anyone know it? Does it provide a good fit? Thanks!
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    ASAP: ** PIC ADDED** Help me with my first 3 across attempt

    Hi, I will use a Toyota Echo 2003 instead of my Mazda5 for the next few days. I NEED to do a 3 across and it gonna be the first time that I try it... I will have around 1 hour to play with the seats before picking up my kids so I need to have a plan: KIDS: Ds2: 5 yo, 50 #, hasn't outgrown the...
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    Question Convertible rec please!

    Hi! A friend of mine asked me some recommandation for her 6 mo daughter. She is 20# and wears 9-12 months clothes. I don't know her height. Her son is 4,5 yo and over 50#. This is what she is looking for: 1- NON twisting harness (she has a AOE and hates it because of the harness...
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    Question If it was YOUR child...

    Ok, so I've read everything about the new 65# limit on the LATCH and the TT being mandatory in Canada. So, right now, I don't know if I should switch DS2 to a booster. He is 5 yo (since yesterday!) and 50#. He is in a Frontier (harness mode) in my 2006 Mazda5 and my 2010 Toyota Sienna. The...
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    Question S.E.A.T.S for kids (Ottawa)

    Hi! I've tried to send a email to S.E.A.T.S for kids canada. It looks like that this group is active but the mail adress is not accurate (I've received a failure notice). Is there anyone here involved in this group? How can I be in touch with them? Thanks!
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    Britax giveaway

    Britax has a Christmas giveaway too on facebook! Too bad, they exclude people from Quebec :(
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    GERD (acid reflux) and infant bucket

    Hi! This is my 4th child but my first time with the snugride35. All my other kids used to sleep really well and enjoy being in the bucket when we were riding. We were using the Peg Perego bucket. So, my new son is always sceeming in his bucket. If we do a 30 minutes ride, he will cry from the...

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