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    Chicco KidFit or Graco Turbobooster Grow

    ha yes :-) 47 inches, 47 pounds, very proportional!
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    Chicco KidFit or Graco Turbobooster Grow

    Right now he is at about 17 inches, he will be 8 years old in October
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    Chicco KidFit or Graco Turbobooster Grow

    if my son is 74 inches tall at 7.5 with a normal torso, the KidFit should last him long enough?
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    Chicco KidFit or Graco Turbobooster Grow

    Thank you, I just read the Skyline review, it says that it's not the most padded booster, which boosters (with UAS, even if more expensive)) would you say are more padded than the Skyline?
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    Chicco KidFit or Graco Turbobooster Grow

    Hi. Looking at the Chicco Kidfit (it's on sale) booster for a 7.5 year old, 47 lbs (and maybe a future booster rider when she is over 40 lbs and around 6), I like that it has a recline function to adjust to the backseat and my soon wants good headwings when he needs to rest. It seems well padded...
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    padded boosters

    Hi, which dedicated boosters are well padded, especially under the bum between the Evenflo Spectrum and Diono Cambria or Monterery and how do they compare to the Britax Parkway in terms of comfort?
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    Evenflo Spectrum booster

    Could anyone tell me the measure of how high the Spectrum sits (see picture) of show me a picture of the spectrum next to another booster to compare. It seems like it sits higher but want to confirm. Thank you
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    Clek Fllo vs Peg Forward Facing

    Hi, I know both the Fllo and peg Convertibles have the same harness height (about 17") but I also know that sometimes the shape, angle or structure of the seats can make a difference. Would anyone say that one of the two will last slightly longer than the other in terms of shoulder height or...
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    Britax Parkway vs Highpoint

    Hi, I was looking at the New Britax Highpoint, is it wider than the Parkway SGL, theres seem to be grey plastic on the sides that makes it more bulky. Any other differences?
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    Britax Frontier or Harmony Defender?

    Britax Frontier or Harmony Defender? 1) Which one is more comfy and more padded for a skinny kid's bum? 2) Which one will work best in booster mode? Thank you!
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    Peg Perego Convertible Install question

    Hi, I was wondering, is it normal or ok that when installed forward facing, the base of the Peg Perego Convertible doesn't have its weight evenly distributed? The pressure is all in the front of the base and the back touches the vehicle seat but I can slide my hand under the back. See pictures...
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    Sureride RF slots

    About the Sureride, if we can only use the 3 bottom slots for RF and the 3rd is 10,5 inches high that means that you can't put a kid who's more than like 11,5 inches shoulder height? I know the stap can be lower than the shoulders RF but how much lower can it be? Posted via Mobile Device
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    Low back booster question

    Hi, my friend has her 5 year old in a low back booster and his knees are not bent at a 90 degree angle, we were wondering if it was ok. If not why is it not ok? not safe or just less comfortable for the kid?
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    What to think about the Consumer Report tests?

    Hi car seat experts, I was wondering what to think about Consumer Report's crash test? For example, in booster mode, they rate the Nautilus as very good, but don't give a good score for the Frontier (and Pinnacle) and Defender for "Crash protection in belt/booster mode". That seems unexpected to...
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    Question Britax Frontier -Comfort of seat?

    Hi, I like the Click tight thing but am I the only one to have a problem with the comfort of the seat? Because of the Click tight compartment, the part where they sit is divided in 2 and so is the padding and it seems like the padding of the click tight compartment doesn't cover the crack and...

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