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    SS1 base - never used

    I have a SS1 base that we had purchased for MIL when DD1 was born that sat in a box for 2 years. We took it out for the sitter when DD2 was born but changed sitters so it's been sitting here, unused. DOM 10/19/2007 Never installed. No accidents. Stored in DH's old bedroom at MIL's until Dec...
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    Enable me.. double strollers

    BJ 2010 City Mini Double, Mac Twin Triumph or Joovy Ultralight Caboose. DD1 is 3, DD2 is 5 months. Requirements: Must be light enough to lug up the stairs at Penn Station, fit into a standard trunk/back of a smaller SUV and durable. Leaning towards either teh Twin Triumph or the BJCMD So...
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    Replacing my Safeseat

    I had purchased another Safeseat last May because we still had 2 bases. We started using the seat in October when DD2 arrived and in that time the handle has, IMO, become looser as time's gone by and the seat now gets stuck in the base on occasion. And one of my 3 bases the labels have fallen...
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    I'm officially a tech!!!!!!!!

    Just logged in to Safekids website to find that it's already been updated and I am officially now a CPST :D I learned so much from the course even though I have been lurking around these parts for a couple of years now. I am so grateful for all that I learned here because it made certain things...
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    Help for friend in Ireland

    I have a friend in Ireland who is looking to replace he Cabriofix infant seat with a convertible seat. She doesn't own her own vehicle and the seat will be used primarily in taxis and her parent's car, so needs to be easy to install. It also would be used for travel both within Europe and to...
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    CPST course next week

    and I feel like I"m going to hurl. I don't know why I am so nervous. I've volunteered at checks, I know a lot more than many going in to the class. I was excited about going until this weekend. Now, anxiety is kicking in. What should I bring with me, what if I am late, what if a, b, c, d...
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    I am utterly baffled

    at how this could have happened. Some may recall me posting here before about my sitter getting in an accident with my seat and me needing to find a replacement. We ended up getting a TrueFit for DD1 to use at her house. We stopped going to this provider for care and picked up the seat...
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    What would you get?

    Currently, I have DD in a BLVD in my car (2010 Kia Forte) and am due in a couple weeks with #2. #2 will be in a safeseat. I also have a MyRide in DH's truck and a TrueFit with the sitter. I was able to help out at a check yesterday and the lead tech helped reinstall the seat from passenger...
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    Combi Shuttle on Zulilly for 99.99 You have to register, but they have Papaya, Blush and Periwinkle listed They also have the Wasabi and Mandarin Hero High CHairs for 84.99 and doorway jumpers 39.99
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    Infant seats

    OK so, we have to get a new infant seat since we're expecting again. Our safeseat and 1 base were crashed by our DCP a few months ago. Since DD was nearly 2 we replaced it with a Truefit (she could still fit in it now at 28 months by both height and weight) . I have another SafeSeat base and...
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    Seat for infant with severe hydrocephalus

    I am asking this for a friend who had a child in late October who was born with severe hydrocephalus. He is currently in an infant bucket but will need to switch over to a convertible within coming months. At 4 months old: his head is 54cm in circumference, and carries about 3 extra pounds of...
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    Infant bucket for an 02 Tiburon?

    A friend's cousin is expecting her first child and her main vehicle is a 2002 Tiburon. Any recommendations for a seat? What is the smallest infant bucket that would potentially fit? I suggested possibly going with a small convertible but she really wants the infant bucket first. Correction...
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    Sitter's car totalled

    Our sitter's car was totalled on Saturday and our unoccupied Safeseat was in her vehicle. I already got the seat back to have it destroyed (pending outcome of who is at fault for the accident) but now we'll need to replace her seat. DD is about 21lbs and will be 2 in February. Sitter will need...
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    Normal for tether to loosen?

    Today we had a minor incident and I am a bit concerned about DD's Boulevard now. We were travleling about 45mph and a Suburban in front of us lost his entire wheel, I slammed on my brakes and we stopped pretty hard when it happened. The wheel bounced into the opposing lane of traffic where it...
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    Need backup seat

    I need a backup seat for our second vehicle. We have a Scenera but can not get a good install with it in our 91 Caddy so I'm going to use it for SIL/MIL for their house or if we happen to fly anywhere since it's lightweight. So, now we will need another seat for the Caddy. It has a shoulder/lap...
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    Scenera install help

    Hi, We picked up a scenera as a backup seat to keep in our commuter car. It's a rarely used car for her we just need the seat basically for "just in case" scenarios or if our main vehicle is in the shop. The car is a 91 Cadillac Seville. I can get a rock solid install FF but can not get one...
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    Need suggestions

    My sitter mentioned today that she wanted to get her 3yo DD a new seat. They currently have an OHS and she wants something a bit smaller. Ideally would like to see R in a 5 pt as long as possible. R is about 33 lbs, mom wasn't sure of height but she's at the 90th percentile for height, but...

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