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    Help - lost my manuals. Wondering what LATCH limits for my FF seats are?

    I'm having the seats installed in our new car Monday morning. The tech I spoke with wasn't sure of LATCH limit for GN or FF Radian XT. The car manual does not specify and I can't seem to find the restraint manuals....:confused: Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!:D
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    Is it safe to install a convertible seat in a 3rd row that doesn't have LATCH or tether points?

    We are about to buy a new car and have it narrowed down to a couple options. We love the Land Rover LR3 and intend on keeping all 3 kids in the second row for the most part. However, there will be many times when I need to use the 3rd row and the LR3's third row does not have tether anchors. Is...
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    Someone help me out with this! Please!!

    Okay, I came home with a new Radian XT for DS last night, and while my husband loved it, he DID NOT for one second buy the fact that the MA we have is about to expire. He laughed at me condescendingly as I tried explaining to him there are many plausible reasons for discontinuing the use of a...
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    How many inches do I need (width-wise) to install a Snugride/keyFit?

    In May, baby#3 will be here and I've been playing around with the seats to figure out how I'm going to fit 3 across. How many inches do I need to get an infant carrier in an outboard position? My oldest DS will be going from his MA to a Radian XT, and I was planning on keeping DS#2 in his MA...
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    Difference between Radian XT and XTSL?

    Unless I wasn't paying enough attention, I couldn't figure out the difference.:p Also, where to find the best deal on a Radian? Thanks!
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    Help! FIL is a stubborn mule . . .need seat suggestions ASAP

    Sorry, this is long (and whiny!) . . . My father-in-law, who loves to take my boys one day a week and is great with them, has a downfall. He's extremely financially secure and spends thousands of dollars on things that are important to him (i.e. Apple products, massage chairs, tech stuff...
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    Narrow infant carrier??

    I have a small SUV and my lease is not up for a year. Our third DC is due in May. It will be a tight squeeze with three across until I get my new car. Right now they are both in MAs but that definitely won't work with an infant seat (I don't think it will, at least). So . . . DS1 will be...
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    Harnessed boosters with best recline?

    In my car we've got two MAs and in DH's car, 2 Nautis. They get bad head slump in the Nautis and occasionally it happens in the MAs. DS 1 will need a new seat after the first of the year (it will be 6 yrs since manufacture). Eventually I will replace DS 2's as well ....wondering which...
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    If you could purchase ANY seat for a 5 year old (37 lbs). . .

    I'm not sure of the shelf life for the Britax MA, but we purchased it in May of 2004, so it's a little over 5 years old. DS has not outgrown it height or weight wise, but I was unsure of the expiration. Can it be found somewhere on the shell? Next question: if money were no object at all, what...
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    Anyone have carseat experience in Land Rover LR3?

    We are looking into my next car and have narrowed it down to Honda Pilot, Ford Flex and Land Rover LR3. We are leaning towards LR3 simply because, despite unavailable crash test information, the vehicle is extremely heavy with excellent visibility and sits up quite high, which I prefer. For me...

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